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  1. Possibility of choice best thing it the life.. Im donging too many thing on too many platforms, to be obsessed to do everything low level myself. I just want to be user, not admin. For me tool would have higher value and even economy will work better.. tool could be developed by people which actually want to do it low level and can invest more time to cover some corner cases.. and with such tool i would be able to make it next time quicker without re-reading guides and making and searching some my years old flawed notes etc.
  2. Well im not robot, so lots of oportunities to make mistake, even if wouldnt be lazy to lowlevel things.. there has to be some tool to do all of it at once, or at least change letter and enable log in to.. registry keys and some other text files, i can fix by the hand. I just checked Paragon it has such option, but at least old version (im doing it on retro PIII machine) not working well, i cant boot.. and it freeze at log screen or right it after, so there has to be something else. Otherwise i would rather make reinstall. Is there some proven tool to hide partitions? im not have Linux yet on this machine (grub has that virtual replacing partition numbers) So i would need to hidden some partitions before install to make new install C, or i would have to install all in virtual machine and copy installation.
  3. Thanks, i checked all the links, but its lots of manual work, i did it the past through some simple procedure, i dont remember details system was still stable and errors where only minotr. There has to be some tool for it, maybe some Paragon tools. I thing that i also so something like it in some version of Partition magic, but im not sure if it would be possible from boot cd. I remember that i was fixing patches with Registry desktop because there is replace all possibility and there also has to be some tool to just search and replace all string in all files some.. if you will just search for X: and replace it with C:
  4. Thanks, i will try it. There is some detailed info to these: http://www.mdgx.com/msdos.htm
  5. Sorry i forgot add negative word - its not moving, its simply dead..
  6. Thanks, i will try it, it look like XP+ Plus, any experience with Windows 2000? XP is booting thanks, do you think that make sense to try WinXP fix for Win2000? For Win2000 it's giving error 0xc000007b, too. It's working for Windows 2000, too.
  7. Hello, i need port my Win 2000 and XP installation from Super Socket 7 machine to Pentium III machinem. Im used to use for it Paragon WinPE tools, where is just option to Adjust for new HW, where some generic MS drivers are used instead of specific ones and i can boot on new HW. Problem is that HW is probably too old to make it working with my Paragon WinPE cds, i can only boot Linux based and there is not HW adjust option. Win based boot cds, im getting this error: CDboot: Cannot boot from CD- Code: 5 So i would need other tool. I cant even boot to Safe mode, because of some Super Socket 7 ATA drivers.. so im getting bluescreens. I have quite configured system, so i dont want to complete reinstalls.
  8. Hello, i have problem with Gigabyte Z370 MB, PS/2 mouse its not working in Win10 (1909), in Win7, WinXP Linux is working.. PS/2 keyboard its working, im using PS2 to 2x PS/2 combo cable. In device manager i see PS/2 mouse, but cursor is not moving. USB3 mouse - Razer is working fine. When i remove it, about reboot its back. I tried this: https://hitech-us.com/articles/entry/303/PS/2-mouse-is-not-working-on-Windows-10 // No change. Any ideas?
  9. Thanks, did you tested them personally?
  10. Hello, im searching for Intel USB3 for Z370 i hoped that it would be easy as for Z370, but it seems that Intel is trying to cut off even Windows 7. Hardware ID: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_A36D&SUBSYS_50071458&REV_10
  11. Hello, i migrated fine from Z97 to Z390 with on Windows 7 64 bit, i only have one unknown musing driver Hardware id is ACPI\PNP0000, does someone now what it is and have some driver or null driver for it?
  12. Hmm, im not aware that Dell made own USB controller, try to post Device manager Hardware IDs. Otherwise Windows 98 pass through look at this: https://www.win-raid.com/t6017f53-Windows-SE-on-Modern-Hardware-5.html#msg105571
  13. This not MB types its just machine name, to you have google manual and see mb specs details. If you mean, that ports are just black, no blue.. it doesnt means anything they are / could be just probably connected to some UBS3 controller, its normal.. parent controller is important, no just port color visual. Intel USB3 controller has possiblity of lots USB2 ports. Here are X99 specs for Intel stuff: https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/81761/intel-x99-chipset.html up to 6 USB3 ports and up to 14 USB2 ports. - all of these are using Intel USB3 drivers. So far i never saw X99 board with native USB2 onboard controller.
  14. First of all without MB name / specs.. nobody can say. If it has only USB3 controllers, what is probably they simply arent backward compatible without drivers and there are only XP+ drivers, and for Intel only WIn7+
  15. Has it PCI slot, or only PCI-E? If PCI one it would be cheaper, if PCI-E there are also USB2 controllers.
  16. Which drivers are best these VIA USB2 cards? What about VIA USB2 PCI-E cards, they exists too..
  17. Ok, after adjust that Regfile is working, but it working by other way that enhancers for modern Window, you have to right click on drive or folder. Its possible to adjust it to make it working for Desktop too and white space on Explorer window ( to open same folder as is in Explorer currently open)?
  18. Ok thanks, i before just created *.reg file with text above and imported it.. maybe it need some header etc.
  19. If this should work on desktop and within Explorer on right mouse, its not working for me..
  20. Thanks, otherwise it seems that WinTop has not sorting and process killing possibility, so its really task manager.
  21. I tried both, but they both need not working without KernelEx, so im still looking for some other solution, if there is something better than - mplayerc_20081005_win9x.exe
  22. Hmm, is same as with version which i already have it hasnt memory stats, or i dunno how to turn them on.
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