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  1. Greetintgs. First of all, I'm new to making unattended CDs. I've come across a problem that I couldn't find solution. After creating my unattended CD, (I used the guide, and nLite), i installed MS Virtual PC 2004 trial. I´ve set up the VM and started the installation (running through ISO image). The problem comes after the GUI Installation. It finishes with no errors, but after restarting, it shows a BSOD that is so quick that almost i couldn't read it, I tried to catch the screen pausing the emulation and the screen says that Windows found an error and must be restarted and to use chkdsk and blah blah blah... Well, that's all the info i can give by now, if you need more info, just reply. Thanks a lot.
  2. Thanks for the advice guys, i think i'll stick with win xp pro, anyways, maybe someday when i buy a new computer i will install it just to test it.... Thanks!! Seph
  3. Hi there! I'm new here, but i've been reading your post like 2 or 3 months ago. Tomorrow i'm going to format my hard drive because i wanted to quit Linux from my system, i had a dual boot with Mandrake Linux 9.0/Windows XP Pro. I wanted to get back the space Linux was using and the HDDs also needed some cleaning... I wanted to ask what are the pro/cons of Windows Server 2003, because i'm considering installing it with the workstation guide in the home page, i also want to know if i can run certain programs (specifically Warcraft 3, Office XP, Counter Strike, Messenger, Windows Media Player and stuff), i'm going to tell you my specs: AMD K6-2 500 mHz, Soyo MoBo (don't remember the model right now), 128 MB Ram, 15 GB Maxtor and 20GB Samsung HDDs, Sound Blaster PCI 128, NVidia GeForce 2 MX400 32 MB. I know it is not THE machine, but it has been fatihful... And it runs Warcraft 3 very smooth !!! Thanks for the help you could provide me!!! Seph
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