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  1. To get AOL to run on Win x64 & connect to the internet, you have to go to keyword beta at AOL and download ACS 4.0 beta. This will install 64bit drivers win miniport drivers. Regards, Ron
  2. I've had no problems with Win X64. The only drivers I can't find are for my Kodak digital camera, my TV wonder tuner/capture, probably my Canon scanner, and an old Intel web cam. Printers installed okay I'm surprised at digital cameras...none are available even for new cameras. I'm using my Kodak on my old Win XP system but I'd really like it under Win x64. Ditto TV Tuners. Zip available even new. Regards, Ron
  3. Go to keyword Beta and the home page lists ACS 4.0 toward the bottom of the page. I think you can also Control Program/Add delete programs & uninstall AOL Connectivity Service (with AOL 9.0 closed). Then the next time you load AOL there's a small acsetup.exc that will go to the internet & download ACS 4.0 & install it for you. Then go to Device Manager/View/Show Hidden Devices and under Network Adapters, you will see a number of winminiports installed. I'm not sure which is the 64 bit driver one that allows AOL to work, though Regards, Ron
  4. Success. Turns out the latest AOL cd-rom install did not install a 64bit winminiport, so it means no 64 bit driver was available to connect to the internet. AOL 9.0 installs AOL Connectivity Service (ACS) 3.0 from the cd-rom. I was told to download a Beta ACS 4.0. When I did this, I was able to connect to the internet and both AOL 8.0 and 9.0 are now working well under Win x64. Regards, Ron
  5. Unlike Win XP, Win x64 will not allow me to share some of the folders on my C drive, both read & write. My Programs for sure, & I believe Documents & Settings as well. Is there any way to override this. I need to be able to copy files into these folders without having to go backdoor copying them into temp and then cutting them into My Programs. Regards, Ron
  6. I'm using Power Tools which works only in conjunction with AOL. It has some amazing functions, too many to list, except two. It has an awesome way of cataloging web sites in a structured way, as well as a custom phase editor which lets you create structured text. Both utilize an interface similar to Windows explorer...hierarical folders, but with ability to add URL's & comments. Both use MS Access database Using this over the past 5 years, I've got over 5000 web sites catalogued and perhaps a similar number of text items. I'm totally locked into AOL/Power Tools. Switching to another ISP is out of the question. Hence, I've either got to figure out how to get AOL to connect to the internet under Win x64, or revert back to Win XP. If I had known this when I was ordering my parts, and if it turns out there's no fix coming in the near future, I would have ordered another copy of Win XP, rather than Win x64, and waited for AOl to make up their mind on support. I'm still not giving up hope I can get AOL 9.0 client to work with their stand alone beta browser. I've got posts and emails out & should have a full understanding of the situation in another week Regards, Ron
  7. Success. I found a Windows x64 driver at the Intel site for any modem that uses their 536EP modem chipset. A lot of generic modems use this chip. If you have Win 98 or XP, use device manager to look at your modem specs to see if it says Intel 536EP. If it does, you can put that card in your AMD 64, download the driver & unzip it, and then control panel/add new hardware, and point it to the unzipped folder. It should install; check device manager to see that's it's working. http://downloadfinder.intel.com/scripts-df...09&submit=Go%21 Regards, Ron
  8. After much spinning of wheels, I've concluded that AOL 9.0, although it will install under Win 64, can't connect to the internet, giving a message to that effect upon loading. However one can browse mail and do all functions not involving http requests. AOL tech support is vastly confused on this and had me reinstalling win x64, running webutil, defragging, etc all to no avail. I've concluded it's in the way 9.0 uses it's own modified IE 6.0 browser. I was hoping that the AOL beta browser for x64 might solve this. I downloaded it and it does work stand alone just as Internet Explorer or Firebox would, but it was of no help it letting me get to it upon launching 9.0 and I'm wondering what it provides that IE, Firefox etc doesn't. 1. Is the above correct....AOL 9.0 does not work under Win x64? 2. There is no way to integrate the beta 64 bit browser into 9.0? 3. Shouldn't AOL provide some guidance for people buying AMD/Intel 64 bit systems with some forward looking statement about this. I bought Win x64 operating system with my system. If AOL 9.0 won't work with it now & for an indefinite time, it's a showstopper for me as AOL along with Power Tools is my key interface to the internet. I have 4 years invested in cataloguing web sites and using Power Tools Phase Editor to structure various text and can't make a change away from AOL & Power Tools. I've got to make a strategic choice whether to forget Win x64 and revert back to Win XP before I go any further installing other applications (all of which work okay so far) and cutting over to my new system. Without guidance from AOL, I'm flying blind. Thanks & regards, Ron
  9. Has anybody successfully installed a dial up modem under Windows x64? I tried adding my old generic Intel chip based modem and Win x64 said it couldn't find a driver. I've looked in lots of forums and at US Robotics, Intel, and Conent modem sites for drivers and cant find any references at all. Regards, Ron
  10. I looked into this & bought an AMD 3700. Turns out dual core is advantageous if either you have heavy multi tasking of high cpu load applications simultaneously, eg burning DVDs while image editing/capturing OR your application is programmed to utilize mutli-threading (most applications, including most games are not programmed for this). This is why AMD recommends single core for gaming, and suggest dual core for users with heavy content creation or other heavy multitasking applications. What little high usage cpu multi tasking I could do, such as backup or adaware or virus scan while doing other things, I can do while at lunch or overnight. If you don't have the narrow multi usage environment above, dual core can actually be slower due to overhead. Hence my decision to go with single core, at least for a couple years until I see how multi thread programming is implemented in games, MS Office, etc. Also, dual core prices should come down substantially over next year or two. Regards, Ron
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