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  1. well still not working my msbatch.ini is after all changes the one below
  2. Ok I followed your advice and copyied the the extra lines. I also copy the whole OPKinstall section to make sure I have them all (ofcouse I edit the key there and productid) But still asking for the Eula and name etc..... So it seems to be not working at all. in some post on this forum I see Bachus had the same problem but after the OPKinstall "way" he solve it. I dunno why it aint working. This is really weird. My test install is still running (VMware) so need to wait longer untill I can say the Logon part.
  3. well if you check my inf file above then you will see I highlight the part that add registry entries for the key etc.. but still not workin maybe I did something wrong I dunno. And the second one is for welcome screen.. the code that are posted in that thread I also have it in my inf file. I don't think it is the welcome screen. That welcome screen refers to that annoying thing when you start up windows for the first time...
  4. first of all thanks for the links. Second thanks for all your reply I'll start to do the research again since the test iso I have tried not working. [edit]
  5. Ok after searching the forum and on google no one really comfirm they have a working copy of unattended window 98 install (Please do not reply with msg like win98 is old or no one will use win98.. things like that). So with this topic I really want to bring up the discussion again how to make a windows 98 unattended install? Hier are 3 main point I get stuck off: 1. I have try the OPKinstall section in the msbatch file without suces. 2. Does anyone know how to bypass the login screen automaticly after you windows install sucefully? 3. Is RunOnceEx working with windows 98 or I need to work wi
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