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  1. I have the same problem .. i have try to find the Windows AIK .. but it say it isnt correct .. i tried with my native language there is Danish .. and uninstall it and try the english version. After that i try search manually after the Imagex end the osc file .. and both this it says Wrong file .. Im doing it on Windows 7 SP1 x64 - So maybe you can tell exactly what folder i should should to at least get the correct imagex and oscdmg file
  2. You cant .. It take the timestamps from the actually clg files ... You need to make a new one but why is it important to let it show dates ?
  3. Hello I was using this toolk that time you was release it .. i now want to hear is it possible to make it updated to WinPE 3.0 ?
  4. Help help with a Scenario for my Netbook and Multiboot. 1. First i want to say, i have use this site in a long time, and was actually this site, there make me begin with unattended Windows XP in the Very Early days of my life. ...Nahh maybe not. but at least like 4-5 years as i recall. - And i know not everything about the MBR etc but i know much enough to think a multiboot with a linux core system would not work as i want to . More because i actually have never use Linux distribution , more than on my PS3 where i have Yellow Dog, but this isnt something advance to install. 2. Im say from start i could maybe not write prober english , so if there is something people dont quite understand the meaning with, i will try to get the correct way to write it. All non english native spoken persons know what i mean Here it goes : I have a Acer Netbook with Pre-Install Windows XP Home Edition, and normally i would just wipe it of the harddrive, including delete the recovery partition. But as most know the netbooks is almost allways without DVD/CD drive .. And yes it has USB and have install Windows 7 from it, and Windows Vista also, but this isnt the problem, as i state in the start i know how this work with MBR and Bootsectors. And Usually Windows 7 has this good feature that it actually dont touch the 1 sector on harddrive even i partition the drive with win 7 and install it via Bootdevice. - Normally what i recall this only happen if you start the installer from inside Windows XP example. The even it isnt a upgrade is still not toch the bootsector. But as some migt have notice moblin is made "especially" to atom cores, and i have tried it from USB bootdeviceand i actually like it muchs, especially when i just want to use the internet and nothing more, there is even Windows XP to much power Consuming. And i would like it to be part of my bootoption but i dont know eactly what i have to do to make a grubloader actually start the program, if i dont let the moblin install the bootsector that it ask me if i should do when i install it. My Laptops Scenarios is this. 1. Primary (NON ACTIVE) windows XP repair / reinstall partition made by ACER 2. Primary (Active) Windows XP 3. Logical Partition (This way it dont touch my bootsector when deploy via Win2008 or manual install via USB) 4. EXT2/EXT3 i dont exactly know but it wold only go for ext3 when i wanted to install 5. Swap for Mobilon or maybe its the other way around .. Swap first EXT3 second , thats not important. Issue 4 and 5 is the way i want it setup, i have 1-3 as ishould be, but i tryied the easyBCD even the Beta latest 2.xx and actually it doenst make a diffrence because it just load the Grub Loader, but i am afraid if i make the Grub Dos availible it just do the thing i dont want to , but put it self in the first sector of the harddrive, then its to trouble to make a "Alt+F10" to make the rescure/reinstall partition normal again. So if i want to chose from Windows Boot Manager to load lets first say Grub Loader because i believe no matter what it should be install, so i can make a chain loader for the Moblin OS from there .. What would the command be from chainloader to load the 4 Partition according to my scenario ? Hope people can help me , or understand what i have written. Thanks in advance.
  5. Svend Rugaard


    If you read topics and use search function you might find solution . why/what to do .. But its a "old" thing now ... but as the 1.2 version state in the screen where the WIM filter is suppose to be installed , nuhi has actually make a link to the WAIK download that you need to download first and install, and the as there also is writen that you need to copy the wimfltr.xxx to the root of your vlite folder. And after that you should be able to start vlite after press "install wimfilter" .. but ime you shouldnt use a software wich you dont have a clue to install .... if you cant take the time to read about how to install, you probaly dont read about how to use the software.
  6. Latest Steam Client works. Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.x Football Manager 2009 works
  7. No They Aint .. there is ways to get around this .. and its with MS own Tools, so its not even with 3 parts programming .. so its just matter how to use these tools together, and what tools to use .. I know this because this is especially the OEM manufactures there use these tools, its even provided by MS it self, so it bypass any WGA restrictions ..
  8. No Its not OEM...at all... THX for reply... If it isnt OEM at all , then you have the Retail edition and there should be both x64 and x86 media in .. bought you probaly dont know it , but you can buy OEM versions without its "restricted" to one company .. like dell, asus and so .. the diffrence is you just dont get support for it if its not about safety like Virus and so.
  9. LOL .. Thats WAAAAAY old .. try to go in here .. http://www.nliteos.com/ It is also stated in the top that it is oldversion .. And he didnt hijack your threat he just told what is correct .. you are using a version you not even can use and there missing like 100 options than the newest.
  10. I have seen this a problem many times with the 4 GB problem .. But somehow i have never have this issue and i have 6 GB RAM .. Not even in XP i have got this as i also have read many places .. But a thing i know is this issue was fix WAAAAY before SP1 was release .. i think it was 6 month before or something. My System is : nForce 6 Chipset 2 x 2 GB Ram Module and 2 x 1 GB Ram Module Processor is AMD 6000+ x64 x2 Processor And i have never got any blue screen with this issue in a installation even both a Vista Gold homepremium - Ultimate x32 + x64 and Windows XP SP2. So as i thought that time, when my friend has this issue i was sure its matter of hardware compatible work together issue .. and its look like it, because when he upgrade he bought same mainboard as me and same RAM and after that he hasnt got problems.
  11. You could install Windows Live Mail , it would make it work again .. but you can also after you install that go in to file assoiations and choose that IE are the "Primary" reader off that file type .. but as i remember in vlite, it actually stated that you cant remove Outlook in case you want to read that file format.
  12. Thanks Friend. I will try this now .. I just finish my new Win XP with SP3 Integrated (Danish) with your nLite, it works like a charm, but i just needed to boot in XP to get the Corp Key to Funciton but, i read that was something with the Vista and just test it in VM machine and installed flawless .. however, when i it is install application it says it need admin rights even i have make my User Admin , but i guess it doesnt count as admin because it is made pre and not just in the welcome screen ?
  13. WinFuture Iso Builder, has this option , even it isnt "Up-to-Sp3" datet, but i use this as a alternative, until nlite is working with this.
  14. Hello. I have use vlite with out anyproblems before, also without load problems, i have even vlite and make a SP1 integratation with x64 vista without problems. My System Specs Windows Vista Home Premium x64 with SP1 integration (Was integrated with Vlite also) Its Genuine 6 GB Ram Plenty of Free Space. over 200 GB out of the 1 TB i almost have. Danish "Born with it not integrated" The problem came the other day, because i found out that SP1 i have integrated it a "Test" build even it should suppose to be Final Release. But anyway, i have then come to that conclusion i would make a new one with the newly official SP1 Wave 1 for x64 integration even the version i had integrated should be that, but i have maybe in the integratation choose wrong sp1 exe file a month ago. But to make sure i want to make a new vlite version with SP1 integration. But when i want to load a clean Version from my Clean Untoched Vista DVD even i copy it over manual, it came with a error, i even tried to load one of the vlite versions i had on harddrive. It came with this error i think is from .NET Framework 3.5 because its after install of that it came. ************** Undtagelsestekst ************** System.UriFormatException: Ugyldig URI: En DOS-sti skal have en rod, f.eks. 'c:\'. ved System.Uri.CreateThis(String uri, Boolean dontEscape, UriKind uriKind) ved System.Uri..ctor(String uriString, UriKind uriKind) ved System.Xml.XmlResolver.ResolveUri(Uri baseUri, String relativeUri) ved System.Xml.XmlUrlResolver.ResolveUri(Uri baseUri, String relativeUri) ved System.Xml.XmlTextReaderImpl..ctor(String url, XmlNameTable nt) ved System.Xml.XmlTextReader..ctor(String url) ved ..(String , ListView& , Boolean ) ved .. () ved ..(Int32 ) ved ..(Boolean ) ved ..$(Object , EventArgs ) ved System.Windows.Forms.ComboBox.OnSelectedIndexChanged(EventArgs e) ved System.Windows.Forms.ComboBox.WmReflectCommand(Message& m) ved System.Windows.Forms.ComboBox.WndProc(Message& m) ved System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.OnMessage(Message& m) ved System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m) ved System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam) Sorry the "infotext" is on Danish, but i guess its doesnt matter when the errors is on English so you nuhi maybe can see what the problem can be. The things i have done also. - Choose Diffrent Temp Folders - Reinstall vlIte to another folder/Partition But as i can see it isnt accepting the "vlite" folder isnt at the "root" of f.example C:\ but that i have tried also .. I can see it made the "viTEMP19" folder and the "vsTEMP19" folder on where i put the "Temp" folder, and unpack the install.wim file, and then that message is coming, and is is quitting when i press cancel and yes on the .NET framework error response screen. Is this a know bug ?
  15. I had this problem at first, when i first try the reverse integration, until i read about it in the Updated WAIK and OPK for that matter, its the same only think is OPK is for OEM Builders and have a few more functions, but nothing less, did you remember to use the Postreflect.exe commands before capture the image , its vital because of driver boot-critical drivers, and this could be the reason ..
  16. Yeah i know this , but havent use it for a few month after i only have x64 of vista installed. It isnt compatible with vista x64. But that screenshot isnt familiary with, is it from a new version ? I use version 2.17 and it doesnt look like that ... But maybe you should provide a link for it just to make people could download trial. And another thing you can mount files but its split up to 4 diffrenent files because of the .. Or maybe i am thinking of WinMount, i am not quite sure now. But where to get it ?
  17. Anything I throw @ it?? It would be the first to make a software to integrate it , but is it reallly that hard for people either make a reverse image, and/or integrate stackfiles etc .. i dont think its hard .. it take approximatly 10 minutes to make a image ready with the same this. Anyway at it is now, i wouldnt go for it , and actually i hope Nuhi maybe get to get around this sp1 integreation with waik script
  18. This is quite old .. and yes off course it is the same SHA "hash" .. you dont think people are sharing beta if they can get the real deal ? .. Remember everybody can join MSDN and TEchnet even OEM signups are having these release about the same time as the MSDN and technet .. the only diffrence is you dont get any CD key provided but its free
  19. 'About this Language Pack Issue , there i was having many trouble with it until i was checking Vista Deployment guides through from A - Z and no where it says nothing about the lang.ini .. but as i was tryin about 100 times to integrate it , in the Vista Home Premium with rebuild and rebuild only and "Just saves only" no mater what it allways crash in the installation with a offline message ... blabla .. and the Setup was also Always in english when i boot it from DVD on PC restart. BUT BUT BUT ! . i was also tryin to do a install from my Windows and there it let me choose the Danish even without change it , but i guess it was because it was in the VIsta Edition and therefor was "Geotargeting" .. I tried via the Virtual Machine etc etc .. but ther the Setup AND the INstallation was going flawless .. until i burn the iso and boot from Host CPU .. then it was booting from english again. I was trying after i was installing the WAIK 1.1 going the updated release notes thrue and try to use the Langauge commands via CMD in stead, it was going find i was uncab the files from ht lp.cab file , xcopy them as i should , doing fine .. but but but .. i made a pkrmgr command to se if it had registeret both language and it has but i was thhen need to recreate the lang Ini file . and thats why i suddenly with a flash thougt something . 1 First i took my x32 version DVD with Native Danish in, and se how the Language with was .. and there is says da-DK = en-US as fallback language .. That means if no other language is installed it suppose to fallback to English but because its a danish native version with no english its danish there is the main language. 2. I was then tried to see the new Language file on the x64, and again the English version (It should not be possible to installed more than 1 MUI on vista lover than busniess/ultimate .. BUT!! .. it should be possible offline if you install the windows with the included language pack in you have to first change the lang.ini file in the "source" [Available UI Languages] en-us = 0 da-dk = 2 [Fallback Languages] en-US = en-us I was first set the en-us and da-dk as the same command = 2 (Actually i am not sure about these numbers but i think its was "Image" number they belong to ... and my Windows Vista HomePremium was "Image Index" in this version there was SP1 integrated because the Start Edition isnt part of that .. only Business/Home/HomePremium and Ultimate ..and then i could choose danish and english from start but i guess this is because en-US is set as fallback language, havent tried change it because this works. So my point is you need yo let the vlite input in the lang.ini file what image its belong to.
  20. Before you even want to waste media on that, have you tried to install it in a virtual PC before .. because is it more than just Winnt.sif you have change it might be a good idea to test all installation are going as they should. But are you having a copy of the Original XP Cd, you dont need any bootimage , you just need to make a ISO first, then burn it i preferre IMGburn for DVD but remember if it isnt over 700 mb your installation use CD
  21. You Need Task Schdeculer, and System Restore , it also says in components option ... but i have a question how can it be it says that, that should even be possible if you are boot in to WinPE or some ind og boot enviroment.. you are for god sake not "ghosting" while you are IN the windows ..anyway .. is it a fresh Install you have make since you are making a ghost .. then you could make a WIM image instead and put it in your Vista DVD or that would say, you make a copy of the original and then put the package WIM image in instead of the Original, the you would have a copy almost like your ghost the diffrence is you could manage it after in f.exaple vlite etc.
  22. Yeah off course .. I have now "played" with unattended installations since SP2 was Release to XP .. and at that time i was complete new to things like that .. but now Vista is getting more complicated, but why MS dont make a "Slipstream command" .. must be a security issue and also it might be than they are making good profit in every system version like 2008 Server and etc .. those was unknown at my "unattended" starting years. But even that i make alot of computers and reinstallations of my friends computer (Probaly every time they have a little issue they come to me :S) and only because im not that person there can say no, i do it , even if i use 18 hours on a friends computer .. i could probaly safe alot of time to have a deployment system installed. but that cost .. and the need of that isnt that much. But the issue with "how to" on vista is become something there is much professional but at the same time MS are doing things hard for the "Home User" they also make it easy for the "Home User" if people just understand the basic commands to capture image etc. so the installation of SP1 should become a easy task , just have a Flash USB with at least 4 GB, move Install.wim over on it or even the whole windows DVD and start the installation from there, it save time in fail burn , and unusable media disc. But okay, not much thought the "Slipstream" task was easy on XP to , so its matter of how much time you put in to it. I know i was having problems with the Imagex Command to capture ... because when i use my config.ini for exclusion of other files than the "standard" use , it wouldnt compress f.example and etc .. i ended up with a Install.wim image on 17 GB it wsa the hole Windows installation. without compress
  23. I Can same the same .. because i had alot of problems when all come to a end after the finish install, because of some removal of things in f.eks Vlite there make the installation hanging , and missing some function even i havent delete them , and also the Danish Language Pack i had Integrated in the Original x64 WIM image wasnt compatible with the SP1 so i couldnt use the danish even everything was set on Denmark and Danish. But i also have the Integrated SP1 in VIsta x64 .. and i must say i was really impress just the installation speed .. even i use a USB flash stick to install it from .. (4 GB Sony Mikrovault) it to about 14 minutes then it was finish with the Ultimate Installation. But this is a Clean and RTM version of the SP1 Integrated
  24. I have now tried to make a Reverse Integration of SP1. I do the follow. 1. Install the Windows Vista Home Premium (Thats my License) 2. After the Setup Name screen appear i press CTRL + Shift +F3 to let it boot to Audit mode. 3. I Then after Reboot Install SP1 Standalone Edition. 4. When its finish , i make a sysprep /oobe / generalize / shutdown. 5. I then boot up in XP and make a capture and copy it over to the RTM vista folder i have copied from Original DVD 6. I make a iso of it. 7. Test it in VMware, and it works fine , bo problem at all 8. After that i burn it to media and start the computer with it. 9. When its about to install, then when it have reboot and should fullend the installation it says something about file missing error code 0x80013xxxx cant remember the last digits but i mean its 0017 but i dont think its important, because as i can figure out, i should do the same thing in the VMware but it doesnt .. Does anyone know what can be the problem ? .. I have tried 2 diffrent burnings with difrrent media

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