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  1. Due to the nature of the file copying processes that run, some antivirus software can detect WinPE Builder as malicious code. Also, the program was created using a process that involves Batch to Exe, however b2e.dll was not included in the installer file. Scan the downloaded installer file for viruses before you execute it, and then disable antivirus protection if you have issues. Once you have completed your task with WinPE Builder, I recommend re-enabling your antivirus software. NOTE: PLEASE SCAN ANY FILES YOU DOWNLOAD FIRST, NEVER TRUST THE INTEGRITY OF FILES COMING FROM THE NET UNTIL SCA
  2. OK, everything appears fixed... Let me know if there are any further issues...
  3. I have found and fixed the issue with the previous release of the file... If you downloaded your copy before 1/23/2009 @ 12:00AM CST then you should re-download from the updated link above... I have added an installation wizard so it ensures the files are in the right location... Thanks for having patience, --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you do have problems after using the latest install, Check these things ... 1. Verify the program you are runn
  4. You can manually remove the drive by opening a command prompt and typing subst X: /d Also the drive should automatically remove itself upon reboot, as by default the virtual drive is not persistent. If I may ask, ThLump... What was the error? What OS? If it is Vista Make sure you give the file admin rights when you run it!
  5. To Killerb255: I will experiment with having it create the actual files instead of packing them in a WIM, Sorry for the long delay (Wife had our new son, and it has been difficult finding free time!) To Jmueske: I tested the link and it does seem to work... However if you cannot get the file to work from the download we can try through an email...
  6. 1. Download Windows VISTA WAIK(windows automated instruction kit) from Microsoft 2. Install Windows VISTA WAIK, NOTE: ACCEPT ALL DEFAULTS FOR INSTALL 3. Install WinPE Builder 1.0.1a (FREEWARE MADE BY NATDOG1984) Download Link 4. NOW GO TO YOUR STARTMENU, UNDER MICROSOFT WINDOWS AIK, USE THE WINPE BUILDER ICONS... THATS IT... TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN WINPE IMAGE EDIT THE FILES ON THE X: DRIVE, NOTE: IF THE X: DRIVE IS NOT AVAILABLE RUN WINPEBLDR.EXE AGAIN OR USE C:\WINPE BUILDER\X STARTNET.CMD is already there, and will have the default settings. Once you have made any and all edits you desire, si
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