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  1. Maybe he has a real live and that is more imortant for him.
  2. The Beta5 witch fixes some issues then VUI runs on WindowsXP is on the way sould be finished in the next days.
  3. On a slow system it takes very long on my high end system it takes ~25Minutes.
  4. Beta4 is out. It should run better under Vista x64. Download
  5. Just One Day but after trying the 1.1.6 beta i can only say you missed a few things it is not that easy.
  6. Finally you got it after one week
  7. Maybe scared him away with all the Q's?? or was it a Mod?? I am not gone or scared just too busy in real life.
  8. I use Vista with Sp1 this contains the .Net 2.0 with Sp1 and .Net3.0 with Sp1 so the 3.5 is just a little addon and not 200Mb the webinstaller downloads only the small 3.5 part i think this is not a problem. I don't want to learn another Language i don't have the time. If someone have a problem with the beta3 please report and i try to fix it.
  9. 1. Yes another WAIK script everything else is too much work. 2. Yes. I am not a professional programmer and i don't know how to handle this wimgapi.dll. 3. I am not sure about
  10. Hello everybody, i have something for you including the unpossible Service Pack integration. Features Driver Integration Language Integration Update and Service Pack Integration Image Rebuilding Iso Image Creation Requirements Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Changes Version 1.0 Beta4 some Vista x64 issues fixed. Download 1.0 Beta4
  11. AlbertS2

    About Vista SP1

    I will in a few days maybe this weekend .
  12. AlbertS2

    About Vista SP1

    This is not true it is slip-streamable like every other Service Pack wait a few days and you will see and i don't talk about reverse integration.

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