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  1. for me, now hfslip is failing completely--it fails to copy anything at all, I just re-downloaded the .zip file and extracted it and ran it, placing all correct items in correct folders-it just won't work at all. it comes up with the error of the not enough memory/hard drive space, etc. but I have over 20Gb free of HDD space and over 3Gb of RAM free, IDK what's going on. I am frustrated now
  2. I managed to figure it out all i did was take my copy of a SP0 (zero) win XP and slipstream it with SP2, then slipstreamed it with SP3, then used hfsplit to incorporate WMP11 and IE7, then used bashrat the sneaky's driver packs and driver base to incorporate drivers into the CD, then used nlite to remove unneeded (unwanted) components and to finish the unattended setup options thank you though
  3. yup, it's legit the only thing is that SP3 has the option of not installing a CD-key upon initial installation and it has a pop-up dialog box that needs to be agreed to, I just was wondering if there is a way to avoid that pop-up box to have a fully-unattended setup
  4. My machine has Vista 64-bit on a different partition, but no...I was currently booted in my Win XP while doing the slipstreaming
  5. I am wondering, during an unattended setup of XP SP3, is there an option using nlite or (?) to be able to agree to the license key agreement during initial install. I have already specified a CD-key in the unattended setup portion of nlite, but there is no option for accepting the license key agreement (because the new SP3 has the option of not providing a key during setup...but I already gave it one using nlite) I was wondering if I slipstreamed SP3 on an already slip-streamed SP2, it might not give me that prompt in order for my setup to be completely unattended? any help would be greatly appreciated host machine is Win XP SP2 using virtualBox for testing my slipstreamed CD's

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