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  1. The problem was fixed when I installed it through the web installer.
  2. I am trying to install VS Express 2012 on my windows 8 machine, but I keep getting an error that says "Fatal error during installation." Here is the log: http://pastebin.com/y71P9M5G
  3. Hmm to the Power Supply Unit, even my rear fan is connected to it.
  4. I recently bought a CoolerMaster LED Fan and fixed it onto my computer, but when I open SpeedFan it shows that only 1 fan is rotating: When I open up the case I can see that the fan is rotating, but SpeedFan isnt showing it, did I make any mistake in connecting the wires or something? Also I own a CoolerMaster Elite 330 case and I can hardly see the LED light, should I remove the sponge in the front of the case, or is the light not bright enough or something?
  5. I managed to burn a CD using a different media, so in the end it was a media problem. Thanks to everyone who helped.
  6. When I downloaded the firmware update, it showed me that I have the latest version already (SB02) but I installed it anyway. Here is the screenshot from DiscSpeed:
  7. I tried with ImgBurn already. When I start the writing process it goes fine, but at a particular point it just gets stuck there. I didnt do anything to the firmware (dont know what its good for ) Im using a new batch of CD-Rs from Sony, but I never had this problem with my other Sony CD-Rs
  8. Im trying to burn some stuff using Nero 8, but I keep getting a write error. Here is the log: Windows XP 5.1 IA32 WinAspi: - NT-SPTI used Nero Version: Internal Version: 8, 3, 2, 1 Recorder: <TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-S182F>Version: SB02 - HA 1 TA 0 - Adapter driver: <IDE> HA 1 Drive buffer : 2048kB Bus Type : default CD-ROM: <TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-S182F>Version: SB02 - HA 1 TA 0 - Adapter driver: <IDE> HA 1 === Scsi-Device-Map === DiskPeripheral : M
  9. Sorry for the late reply, didnt have time recently. Thanks for all the help, but my friend re wrote the macro and now the excel file works. Thanks again.
  10. I got a excel file that has the extension *.xlsx, and im currently using office XP (2002) so I downloaded the compatibility pack from here The file opened, but the problem is, there was a macro in that file, and excel is not allowing me to use it, it said that the macro was missing. How to make excel read the macro?
  11. I never faced this kind of problem with any other antivirus I used, and I have Windows XP, so I dont think I can use VistaPE. Is there any option for NOD32 for boot time scan, so that pagefile wont be running?
  12. I want to run a virus scan on my NOD32 antivirus, but everytime it gets to the file named pagefile.sys, my computer hangs, ive even tried running the scan in safe mode, but it said that it cannot open the file. How can I solve this problem?
  13. If i disable the Defense+ option, will pop ups stop on the whole? Since I want some pop ups to appear.
  14. I recently installed Comodo Firewall, everything is fine except that I get too many pop ups, like every time my O&O defrag starts its scheduled defrag, I get ~5 pop ups like this: And every time I download something through firefox/install/uninstall something, I get numerous pop ups. I want to reduce the number of pop ups I get, but I still want some pop ups, like when spyware is trying to install something in my computer. How can I do this.
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