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  1. This is still very much a work in progress and not all applications targeting CLR 2.0 will work. But alas, this can be a catalyst for more interesting 9x projects...
  2. I understand that, I will mention my old nickname in the signature as well as in the About Me page on my profile. I confirm that I want to change my nickname as requested. EDIT: The avatar will stay so it can be used to identify me as well.
  3. Kindly asking to change my nickname to: pangoomis
  4. All this flashing VBIOS talk has nothing to do with Windows 9x. No amount of changing VBIOSes will make 8000+ series GPUs work on Windows 9x. The damage has already been done, I'm just extremely surprised that the claimed "8000 series+ support" was never really challenged back when this topic started all these years ago and was just...passed as truth??? @Methanoid If you bought 8000/9000/newer series GPU to test it under Windows 9x, you'll be disappointed. You can have fun with it under Windows 2000+ or get a refund.
  5. 8000/9000 series and newer DO NOT work on Win9x. Period. 7000 series is latest GeForce line that works on Win9x. I have no idea why the "support" for them was added all these years ago even though no-one reported them working. I even mentioned it in this thread back in 2017: This lie is really bothersome for me and for other people who actually know their Win9x stuff...
  6. Try older versions of wxWidgets - 2.9.5/3.0.5. Also look here: https://glizda.wordpress.com/2021/05/19/compiling-programs-for-windows-95-and-pentium-in-2021/ (though this is mostly relevant for Win95 support specifically, Win98/SE/ME gives you more options) For proper Win9x development, sooner or later you won't be able to escape Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0/Visual Studio 2005.
  7. Don't bother with chipset drivers, they are not needed. You can try the already mentioned unofficial pack of Intel chipset drivers from LoneCrusader but I don't see a reason for it. Integrated GPU is not supported (latest Intel GPU supported for 98SE is the Extreme Graphics 2 from the 865 chipset), use a PCI-E win98 compatible GPU like the GeForce 6000/7000 series or (preferrably imo) Radeon X300/X550/X600/X700/X800/X850 series...or a 30 year old PCI gpu Integrated Audio is not supported (unless it's a ac97 chip and not a hd audio chip), use a cheap USB Sound Card or a PCI Sound card like the SB Live or something like that... Integrated LAN is supported if it's a realtek chip, search for Realtek PCI-E gigabit LAN drivers for 98... Unless planning to use flashdrives to copy files, don't bother with USB 2.0 drivers, 98's built in USB 1.1 support is enough for Keyboard/Mice/cheap sound cards... If you need USB 2.0 drivers, use nusb33e.exe For more than 512MB of RAM, use PATCHMEM. Don't be alarmed by any remaining Unknown Devices in the Device Manager, they do not do any harm.
  8. Will this break in 2038 like the System Restore function in WinME?
  9. Try sticking to the English version of 98SE and setting the locale to Czech because a lot of (un)official patches are only available for the English version. I no longer recommend big unofficial Service Packs for 98SE, install only whatever given program/game requires. (like IE6 SP1, DX9.0c, WMP9, VC++ 2005 redist, InstMsiA, etc...) Make sure you are using the SHELL32.DLL fix after IE6 SP1 is installed: https://msfn.org/board/topic/84451-98-fe-98-sp1-98-se-me-shell32dll-fix/ You can also use Windows Update Restored v4 to have as close as the original experience back in the day of updating 98SE: http://windowsupdaterestored.com/
  10. Been using StartAllBack for quite a while now and I am throroughtly enjoying it. I still have two minor things I want to point out:, nothing game-breaking: 1. I have mentioned it already but there is no way still to change the language of the Settings window and is forced on with system locale. 2. New systray icons in the taskbar are not put in front of the list and I have to manually move them each time. For example, I launch Discord, Telegram and Epic Games Launcher in this order and I would like it to have the right order going from left to right (newest to oldest ran application followed by already opened applications and system icons). The icons for new applications often go in completly random places in the systray it seems...
  11. There's also some discussion (and alternative code) over at ru-board: https://forum.ru-board.com/topic.cgi?forum=62&topic=31453&start=3660
  12. It is working! CREGFIX, HIMEMX, PATCHMEM, AHCI Driver (with patcher9x), GeForce 7900 GTX, Delock 89135 USB 2.0 PCI-E x1 card with USB Mouse and USB Audio Card attached. No LAN - too new, no DOS/NDIS2 drivers available. Rebooting doesn't work but Shutdown -> Ctrl+Alt+Del works equally well. Need to run using WIN, rather than automatically, otherwise every second boot fails on AHCI.PDR, weird...
  13. This is huge news! I will definitely try this with my i3-12100F, 7900 GTX and the PRO H610M-B DDR4. @Omoresmaybe you should see this
  14. But you wrote: The IBM file I mentioned earlier does this: Which matches what you wrote in that post. Is IgnorePnPBIOS even a valid option? I can't find it mentioned anywhere besides your posts, hard to believe no-one found it before you...
  15. I have tried that CamStudio on 98SE on VirtualBox using SoftGPU and the Microsoft Video 1 codec and the videos are looking fine, have you tried different codecs?
  16. How they are different? And yes, I know regular setup works well for majority of appropriate machines (having official 9x support) but for those that are newer or have Device Manager problems with ACPI, switching to APM using "setup /p i" fixes all issues without any drawbacks, or at least I do not know of any major ones.
  17. Old CamStudio 2.0 should work: https://retrosystemsrevival.blogspot.com/2020/07/camstudio-20.html Of course best "screen capture" would be to use a capture card
  18. ACPI often messes up with the device enumeration. A 9x PC with ACPI can have yellow marks in Device Manager whereas the same system without it, is perfectly fine. I do not see any benefits to use ACPI on 9x, even on period correct hardware...maybe hibernation? But hibernation on FAT32 is not a good idea anyways... It is not a coincidence that IBM specifically tells the user to install 98SE without ACPI as can be seen here in one of their files for their T4x series of ThinkPads, see here: https://download.lenovo.com/ibmdl/pub/pc/pccbbs/mobiles/tpisos98.txt http://download.lenovo.com/ibmdl/pub/pc/pccbbs/mobiles/tpisos98.exe
  19. It is highly recommended (outside of VirtualBox I think) to use "setup /p i" rather than "setup /p j" regardless of how old or new the PC is.
  20. No harm in testing them regardless. If needed, force the install by selecting the regular 7800 GTX from the list of devices.
  21. You do not need chipset drivers. You can use rloew's AHCI driver to avoid legacy IDE modes, and select enhanced SATA mode and avoid the devil that is ESDI_506.PDR for maximum performance. LAN - if built-in solution is Realtek, it might have drivers, just search the model number. If something else, try finding drivers, if can't find them, look for NDIS2 drivers, if still no luck, try a cheap PCI Realtek LAN card. AUDIO - If built-in is HD Audio - then there are no drivers, use a cheap USB Sound Card or a PCI sound card. If built-in is AC'97 - there are drivers. GPU - Integrated - only Intel Extreme Graphics 2 has drivers. Use GeForce 6000/7000 or Radeon X550/X600/X700/X800/X850 PCI-E GPUs, or an AGP motherboard/card for more choices. (Geforce 2 to 6000 series, Radeon 8500 to 9800 AGP, etc.) USB 2.0 - use unofficial drivers.
  22. INF file size limit for Win9x is 64KB I'm pretty sure. Are you sure these drivers did not work without WDMEX? Do you get sound? I hope you're not talking about HD Audio, that would be a major breakthrough
  23. 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller = Intel Extreme Graphics 2, latest Intel GPU compatible with 98SE, latest drivers are here: https://download.asrock.com/Drivers/Intel/VGA/VGA_ME_98( It does have 3D Acceleration, it's not great but passable, haven't really played with it much but it's better than having to use VBEMP...
  24. SoftGPU (or more specifically, its "wine9x" and "mesa9x" components) seems to be the only(?) option for some kind of universal software 3D Acceleration (using llvmpipe) for Win9x running on real hardware, not talking about any virtualization. I've tested it on real hardware with my 7900 GTX and it workes just like it does on VirtualBox with all its current limitations, and it's quite buggy. In this case, whenever DirectX is being requested by an application using ddraw, d3d8, or d3d9 - CPU does all the work, leaving GPU running simply as a dumb basic display adapter using VBEMP or thing like that.
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