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  1. I got my PCI-E Geforce 6800 256 ram card working by using the vmm32.vxd (real mode) and vcache.vxd files from Rloews demo patch for using more than 1 GB of Ram. Without it my graphics card had over two gigabytes of ram according to dxdiagnose and would crash when running directx 9 applications. This suggest that the PCI-E 6800 card can also use turbo cache. I have not had time to try it. A lot of the basic parts of your mainboard work well with the default win 98 drivers. You can sometimes also use part of the drivers form windows 2k or xp. Win 98 drivers from a previous version of the main b
  2. You can use openoffice 3 it should be able to open docx documents. You do need kernelx to run it.
  3. I took a look at the specs of your computer and i think there should be official drivers for your mainboard and graphics card. Your mainboard has an nforce 2 chipset, you can download a driver for all its components from the website of nvidea. The driver for your gforce 4 mx card you should also be able to find on the website of nvidea or you could try a newer un official driver see http://www.msfn.org/board/nvidia-drivers-82-69-t97140.html
  4. Some questions to ask before you buy Do you want to install an Os other than win 98 Where do you want to use the computer for? Do you still have old components you want to/can recycle graphics card, memory, powersupply, hard disk etc?
  5. I think you can install win 98SE after win 2k. If i remember correctly Win 98SE will recognize it as Win NT. I would recommand to install them on seperate partitions though.
  6. I have win 98 SE running on a athlon64 X2 3800+ socket 939 2.0 Ghz
  7. I had a look at my memory CPU-Z identifies it as ddr400 My Mainboard which is set to auto for the memory timings however sets it up as ddr333 ram. I have had a busy week so I did not have much time to work on this topic I hope to be able to spend some more time during the rest of the week
  8. I still have a few questions for all the people out here with more knowledge of win 98 than me. First: Have other people experienced problems with installing windows and multiple optical drives? I have never heard about it before perhaps it is because I have scsi drives? Second: I have to disable config.sys while booting up the computer. The line device=C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\display.sys con=(ega,,1) causes the problem what is it's function? And any idea why it causes the windows to hang?
  9. How to install Win 98 on a mainboard with nForce 4 chipset. This article may contain usefull tips for installing windows 98 on other mainboards as well. Dencorso asked me to make a post about how I installed Windows 98 on my computer. As an illustration what can be tried to install windows 98 on a computer that does not officially support windows 98. As I am reinstalling windows 98 this post should grow to contain all the necessary steps. I will also try to clean up my post then to make it a little more readable. Feel free to ask questions. First the system specs: The main board is an asus A
  10. Look Here This should be a generic driver for USB storage devices for win 98 FE http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...3605&st=349
  11. I have an older updated version of the esdi_506.pdr file. It is from 2006. I used the inf files to install the drivers. I have kernelx 4.2 installed which may have helped with installing. Some of the inf files in my C:windows\inf\others folder still have windows NT as signature. I do remember changing the signature to Chicago some times. and shortening some of the texts between [] to less than 16 characters if they were longer and adding devices. I am not sure what did the trick though. Perhaps i should do a reinstall on a different disk and write down every thing this time. It is win 98 SE
  12. the 6800 card you linked to seems quite expensive for such an old card perhaps you are better off finding a second hand one.
  13. about the slower hard disk It mainly means that it wil take longer to load and save data. If the whole program fits in the memory of your computer it should not run more slowly it just takes longer to load. It may also take more time to process the data than it takes to load it. In that case you may not notice a difference in loading time or the difference is less than would be expected based on the hard disk speeds. I do not think the benchmarking program i used is such a good program though as it gave very little performance difference between win2k en win 98 while i use a dual core process
  14. To Eidenk: I have a computer with AM2 I did run a quick bench mark on it comparing win 98 versus win 2k the bench marking program was not very up to date though. benchmark used was freshdiagnose. the only big difference i noticed was in hard drive reading and writing win2k perfomed 3 to 4 times faster. win 2k also had a higher drystone and multimedia score. win 98 had a better score for whetstone, graphics and memory. Most of the drivers i use under win 98 are not default drivers however If you have a better bench mark program in mind i could run it for you. to robertbaer I think you could us
  15. How many system devices are present ? (under contolpanel -> System -> device manger -> sytem devices) On my computer which also has an nforce 4 chipset i have about 25. if you have substantially fewer there probably is no driver for the bios installed. I am not entirely sure if all the steps mentioned here are correct but i 'd rather not deinstall the driver to find out: What could work is: Go to add new hardware in the control panel click next twice now you should see a list of unistalled devices one of them should have a name with ACPI Bios something select this and press next I t
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