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  1. @SFMG If you're stuck with the RX580 then you'll have to settle for a generic 2D driver in XP. bearwindows.zcm.com.au/vbempk.zip
  2. @SFMG I'd say your best option would be to get a cheap Nvidia GT 710 or 730 and run it along side your RX580 in a lower PCIE slot. Nvidia kept XP support up to GTX 980 whereas AMD dropped support around the R7 270.
  3. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD I know this isn't related to ACPI, but I got my hands on some windows 10 private symbols and was wondering if you could use them to make an NDIS_emu extender using them like how you did for ntoskrnl?
  4. @Dietmar Probably going to stop on trying to backport newer vista acpi.sys to XP. I just don't understand why an exception occurs at a zero address.
  5. @Dietmar I noticed that ACPI 5112, which still has XP RSDT find function in it. also gives this 7E BSOD. So I think I can narrow down the cause of the BSOD to either HalGetInterruptTargetInformation or HalGetMessageRoutingInfo in my HAL and not my ACPI table finding code.
  6. @Dietmar It seems like that's the case, I wonder why microsoft did it that way. I'm going to go through vista beta acpi.sys and see which version is first to BSOD.
  7. @Dietmar OK, thanks for testing. let me try a few things...
  8. @Dietmar There are some IoResource functions in my ntoskrn8.sys Perhaps it's getting stuck there? does loading my ntoskrn8.pdb show anything?
  9. @Dietmar Maybe load the symbols for my HAL and see if that gives more information?
  10. @Dietmar hmmm. so it's not even getting to the ACPI table finding code I added to my HAL. IoReleaseVpbSpinLock wouldn't be the cause would it?
  11. @Dietmar Have you finished with ACPI testing on the HP laptop as of yet? If you have, would you mind trying to trace this 7E BSOD?
  12. @George King Can you run H2testw on it to confirm that it is legit? I'll be genuinely surprised if it is as these are usually scams. https://h2testw.org/ A video showing H2testw in action. https://youtu.be/SI0m7nVn2Tk?t=444
  13. @George King I would have my doubts that NVMe SSD is actually 2TB if it only cost $20 Have you tested for it's actual capacity?
  14. @SEDANEH If this is for the integrated motherboard GPU your only option in XP is a generic 2D only driver. http://bearwindows.zcm.com.au/vbempk.zip If it's for an nvidia or AMD card you can just get the drivers from their websites.
  15. @user57 PCI DeviceID's are more useful than names when looking for drivers. A PCI device might have the same name as another but be of a different hardware revision, which is why you should look for the DeviceID.
  16. @Dietmar Do you only have access to 1 CPU core there? also, did Mov come up with a solution in acpi.sys source code for this?
  17. @SEDANEH Just focus on getting the essential devices working, namely GPU, sound and networking for now.
  18. @SEDANEH That's odd, I've never seen XP give a 7B error AFTER booting. Are you sure it was a 7B BSOD?
  19. @SEDANEH Glad that you finally got XP installed! Integrated GPU won't have a proper XP driver, get an nvidia GT 710 that has XP drivers.
  20. @OldSchool38 Have you got a pic of the BSOD? There are community made drivers for XP out there for newer hardware, it should be possible to get it working.
  21. @SEDANEH I made a prepatched XP ISO for you. https://easyupload.io/2d87ov
  22. @TheLeftOldComputer Have you heard of XP Integral Edition? It has an optional patch integrator script included with it that has community made patches that will resolve both your AHCI and ACPI issues.
  23. @SEDANEH The pic looks like you're installing on a HP laptop now? Weren't you trying to install on an ASUS Z790 motherboard?
  24. @Dietmar That's what I'm saying - add this code in to your HP DSDT table and then try and boot with it. leave out the lenovo tables. https://msfn.org/board/topic/183464-compiling-acpi-v20-driver-for-windows-xp-sp3-and-windows-2003-sp2-x32x64/?do=findComment&comment=1259789
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