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  1. @Dietmar I've purchased an ASRock QC6000M - take a look at it's ACPI version https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/QC6000M/index.asp#Specification ACPI 1.1 compliance wake up events So I know this'll support XP out of the box, but I'm wondering if, since it's ACPI 1.1, if this will support Windows 98 acpi.sys?
  2. @Dietmar Did you need to do anything different for the board to accept a modded BIOS? or it just accepted the modded BIOS without complaint?
  3. Sorry to necro this old thread. Does anyone know if the full source code of Walter's wdmstub.sys was ever released? If so, where can I find it? edit: found it archived on gitlab: https://resources.oreilly.com/examples/9780735618039/-/tree/master/9780735618039_files
  4. I wonder if the new Z790 boards for 13th gen intel CPUs still have CSM or have gone pure UEFI?
  5. @ArtP2000 I think @George King has a version that has this function implemented.
  6. @Dietmar @Mov AX, 0xDEAD Apparently this is some UEFI BIOS source code from Intel according to 4chan. https://git.tcp.direct/TheParmak/ICE_TEA_BIOS I wonder if this could help us get UEFI Booting on XP working better? or maybe make a portable CSM executable that can make a UEFI Class 3 system have a CSM?
  7. Here is the win2000 extender I've built, along with ACPI, AHCI and USB3.0 drivers I've been trying to get working with it. Before trying out the drivers, remember to place ntoskrn8.sys, storport.sys, storpor8.sys and h8l.dll into \SYSTEM32\DRIVERS anyone is welcome to try it. https://ufile.io/hvtvh7sp
  8. @Cixert Try GParted on linux, I've had good luck with that, maybe it'll let you set a smaller cluster size there.
  9. @msquidpl You can grab the needed files from your XP SP3 CD in either SP3.CAB or DRIVERS.CAB
  10. @msquidpl There's a better patcher out there - use this one: https://ufile.io/rupc8lgv
  11. XP doesn't support GPT disks by default. You can patch it in by swapping out some drivers with some from server 2003 though.
  12. @Dietmar I know this is targeting windows 2000 but would you be interested in helping debug these BSODs? or you're not interested?
  13. @blackwingcat Would you maybe have any interest in porting the ntoskrnl_emu extender of XP over to 2000? I've made some attempts, nothing working as of yet though. XP acpi.sys - BSOD 0x1E KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED in hal.dll 2k3 storport / storahci - BSOD D1 DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL --- I'm not skilled at all with kernel level debugging and am not sure how to solve this. --- Any interest in this?
  14. @jumper Ah, So you don't know where the source code is for WDMEX is either, fine. --- Anyone else interested in extending WDM driver support for 98?
  15. @Cixert The drive is showing up in device manager so XP sees it at least. Try making a 1.9TB MBR partition and see if that mounts.
  16. @jumper No I can't find the source code, do you know where I can find it?
  17. @ward201185 It might be a HAL timer issue - @Dietmar knows more about this problem and can help you determine if that's what you issue is.
  18. @jumper I found it, but There's No source code for it though, I want to help improve it.
  19. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD I know Windows 98 works a bit differently to 2000/XP, but 98 does have some WDM driver support in the form of it's NTKERN.VXD file that gets used to load WDM drivers on 98. Since 98 does have some WDM driver support I was wondering if it might be possible to write a WDM extender for 98 to improve hardware support like you did with XP? Maybe figure out how NTKERN.VXD works? Some stuff from the 98 DDK that might help: https://ufile.io/5pokmhe8
  20. @cyberluke Sorry, I don't fully understand what it is that you're trying to accomplish here, could you please elaborate?
  21. @R1600 This is an XP ntoskrnl extender - https://github.com/MovAX0xDEAD/NTOSKRNL_Emu Take a look at how it works and then try to apply that to NT3.51
  22. @geeb21 from zone62.com download XP-IE patch integrator script included in the XP download,
  23. @geeb21 In the optional patch integrator script folder Patches\ACPI drivers change the acpi.sys 7777 -> acpi.sys 6666 version from the other folder. then run the script again to build a new xp.iso with the alternate acpi driver.
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