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  1. @Dietmar I can confirm that storport.sys of windows 8.0 beta 8056 is working in textmode setup without BSOD, beta 8102 gives 7E BSOD, I still need to test 8064. storport_6_2_8056_test_works_dietmar.7z
  2. @Dietmar I have a desktop motherboard with an AMD E2-6110 CPU on it. An ASRock QC6000M. It's ACPI spec is 1.0a - so even acpi.sys of windows 98 will work on it. cheap on amazon. https://www.amazon.de/-/en/ASRock-QC6000M-Socket-FT3-Micro/dp/B087X2PCVH/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2DMOLEWZEL2UO&keywords=qc6000m&qid=1706854281&sprefix=qc6000m%2Caps%2C333&sr=8-1 Should I dump ACPI tables? also, did you try windows 7 on that laptop?
  3. @Dietmar Processor declaration will likely be in its own SSDT table, not in DSDT.
  4. @Dietmar What I meant is, If ACPI is disabling the SATA and USB ports, but it might not be disabling PCIe, so if there is a mini PCIe slot on the board it might work booting from a PCIe card. How does Windows 7 go with this machine? does it boot?
  5. @Dietmar Try a PCIe SATA card with it, that might work. You can use one of those chinese mini pcie to PCIe adapters for this.
  6. @Dietmar There might be a registry key in SETUPREG.HIV to disable auto restart on BSOD. I know Integral Edition at least won't restart on a 7B BSOD.
  7. @Dietmar The problem might not necessarily be in the DSDT, it could be in another table. If you hook up a windbg session can you get it to a BSOD before it resets?
  8. @Dietmar Got past the F7 BSOD to 7E BSOD now. storport_8102_7e.7z
  9. @Dietmar Any luck with debugging this?
  10. @Dietmar I'm starting to think that replacing security_cookie with random value as @Mov AX, 0xDEAD suggested on his github might not be sufficient to get passed F7 BSOD?
  11. @Dietmar I was unable to find any PDB symbols for the 8118 beta build of storport, but I did find them for the earlier 8102 beta build. Can you debug this when you have the time? The F7 BSOD I'm sure is because of security_check_cookie function, but the subsequent 7E BSOD isn't so easy. I'm hopeful you will find a way to get passed it like you did with the ACPICrackPRT function before we had the source. storport_6_2_8102_test.7z
  12. @Dietmar I got an F7 BSOD - I think I forgot to patch the security cookie.
  13. @Dietmar@George King Hi Guys, I was wondering if either of you would be interested in testing out storport.sys of windows 8.0 beta 8118 in XP? I think this is the last version before PoFx functions got implemented. I added stub KseRegisterShim (just returns invalid parameter) and stub KeQueryUnbiasedInterruptTime (just returns KeQueryInterruptTime) to ntoskrnl extender for this. I was curious to see if we could get TRIM working over NVME with this or some other additional functionality. Assuming it doesn't BSOD. Any interest in testing this out? storport_6_2_8118_test.7z
  14. @Dibya So this would be like an NDIS extender? Similar to the existing ntoskrnl extender?
  15. @Dietmar Hi, Can we test if glendronach NVME driver can run on XP? https://github.com/smokingpc/glendronach
  16. Out of curiosity, how is exkernel.dll supposed to work?
  17. @GD 2W10 It depends on which functions the audio driver depends on.
  18. @gordo999 Check what error code the USB 3.0 controller is giving you in device manager.
  19. @gordo999 When you loaded the XHCI controller driver did it at least prompt you to install the USB 3.0 hub driver? If not, then we'll need to debug but, If it did then it should just be a matter of loading the hub driver and then USB 3.0 should work.
  20. @gordo999 Regarding your Windows 7 not working with USB, are you using x86 or x64 Windows 7?
  21. @kocoman ACPIRangeValidatePciResources is in my windows 7 acpi.sys - maybe you didn't load the PDB symbols?
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