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  1. I'm sorry, forgot to tell, Fedit is written in C (C# depends on some libraries, and that's no good for such a small program).
  2. If anyone can help me find out how to read and write in a specific codepage (and find out the system's codepage), then I'll be able to fix fedit.
  3. uuuuuhm, I'll look into that when I have some more time (both things)
  4. ofcourse, go ahead and use it, but I'm really bad at graphics so you'll have to ask that to someone else
  5. uhm, this is what I get with setpoint 2.31 (see attached file). And if you check the ini files, there is no reference to data2.cab, only to data1.cab and engine32.cab (ofcourse other files, but these are the cab files). So maybe data2.cab is not needed? files.txt
  6. ooooh, just found this thread, really interesting... thanks for the credits any requests? This comes out really well: new pc->testing platform, and the fact that wmp now is fully slipstreamed is what I've been waiting for (I just like to have everything fully functional)
  7. I read somewhere it had to do with .oem files, someone asked for those, and bashrat has them somewhere on his computer, try to find the thread to see if he already put them online
  8. Okay, I tested today what I thought what the error was, and it is! So look at my previous post, and note the following: EVERY \" will appear in winnt.sif as " EVERY """ will appear in winnt.sif as " all other " just dissapear so it's not fedit's fault, it's that script's fault EDIT: there's also a new version of Fedit: + improved: parameters can now be in uppercase (or a combination of lower and uppercase). In the old version, if you used -ADD or -S or whatever, it would be ignored + fixed: when you did this with the old version: Fedit -add -f blabla.txt hello and the first line of blabla.txt was blank, then everytime fedit encountered a blank line, it would add after it "hello" (without quotes). Thanks to sleepnmojo for reporting the bug! Fedit.rar
  9. doing what? that about those " in the path thingie (well not thingie, THING it's huge!)? that's not my fault, I just checked this: extract a driverpack somewhere, and put this modified version of OemPnPDriversPath.cmd parallel to the 'D'-directory: call :traverse %DPDIR2% %MAINDIR% echo " OemPnPDriversPath = \"%newPath%\"" pause goto EOF :traverse pushd %~f1 if EXIST *.inf ( if NOT DEFINED newPath ( set newPath=%~2 ) else ( call set newPath=%%newPath%%;%~2 ) ) for /d %%I in (*) do ( call :traverse "%%I" "%2\%%I" ) popd goto EOF :EOF (the only difference, is that it doesn't exit at the end and just displays the result) Here is what I get for DP-WLAN: " OemPnPDriversPath = \""""\D"\L"\3"\1;"""\D"\L"\3"\2;"""\D"\L"\3"\3;""\D" \L"\AU;""\D"\L"\B;"""\D"\L"\B"\2;"""\D"\L"\BU"\1;"""\D"\L"\BU"\2;"""\D"\L"\BU"\3 ;"""\D"\L"\C"\1;"""\D"\L"\C"\2;"""\D"\L"\C"\4;"""\D"\L"\CO"\1;"""\D"\L"\CO"\2;"" "\D"\L"\CO"\3;"""\D"\L"\CO"\4;"""\D"\L"\CO"\5;"""\D"\L"\D"\1;"""\D"\L"\D"\2;"""\ D"\L"\D"\3;"""\D"\L"\D"\4;"""\D"\L"\D"\5;"""\D"\L"\D"\6;"""\D"\L"\D"\7;"""\D"\L" \D"\8;""\D"\L"\I;"""\D"\L"\L"\1;"""\D"\L"\L"\2;"""\D"\L"\L"\3;""""\D"\L"\L"\3"\B ;"""\D"\L"\L"\4;"""\D"\L"\L"\5;"""\D"\L"\LI"\1;"""\D"\L"\LI"\2;"""\D"\L"\LI"\3;" ""\D"\L"\LI"\4;"""\D"\L"\LI"\5;"""\D"\L"\LI"\6;"""\D"\L"\LI"\7;""\D"\L"\M;""\D"\ L"\MI;"""\D"\L"\N"\1;"""\D"\L"\N"\2;"""\D"\L"\N"\3;"""\D"\L"\N"\4;"""\D"\L"\N"\5 ;"""\D"\L"\N"\6;"""\D"\L"\N"\7;"""\D"\L"\N"\8;""\D"\L"\NV;"""\D"\L"\NV"\O;"""\D" \L"\O"\1;"""\D"\L"\O"\2;"""\D"\L"\O"\3;"""\D"\L"\O"\4;"""\D"\L"\O"\5;"""\D"\L"\O "\6;"""\D"\L"\O"\7;"""\D"\L"\O"\8;"""\D"\L"\R"\1;"""\D"\L"\R"\2;""\D"\L"\S;"""\D "\L"\SM"\1;"""\D"\L"\SM"\2;"""\D"\L"\SM"\3;"""\D"\L"\SM"\4;"""\D"\L"\SM"\5;"""\D "\L"\SM"\6;"""\D"\L"\SM"\7;"""\D"\L"\SM"\8;"""\D"\L"\SM"\9;""\D"\L"\T;"""\D"\L"\ U"\1;"""\D"\L"\U"\2;"""\D"\L"\U"\3;"""\D"\L"\U"\4;"""\D"\L"\U"\5;"""\D"\L"\V"\1; """\D"\L"\V"\2;"""\D"\L"\V"\3\"" I think it's really weird there are so many quotes in it. Havn't tested if it's the problem (yet)
  10. not only you translated it, but you added something I forgot to say thanks
  11. if during installation of a program you would change volume or something like that, the only thing to do is to click back on the installation window, cause in autoIt you have the function winwaitactive, so your installation won't be ruined.
  12. jup, that error is already known, please use updated Fedit, or wait for bashrat to release a fix. My german is very bad, so I won't translate this edit: see rog's post for german translation
  13. @inhib welcome to the forums please use the updated Fedit, or wait for bashrat to post a fix
  14. have you ever made an unattended cd/dvd? please visit unattended.msfn.org
  15. For those who can't wait, here is the updated Fedit (it now handles 8192 characters long lines that will be long enough I hope). If you don't know where to put it, wait for the fix tomorrow. Bashrat, remove this when the new fix is online! Fedit.rar
  16. Thanks midiboy, I directly knew what the problem was when I saw your new sif file I'll just have to change 1 number in fedit (never thought it would have to 'read' lines longer than 512 characters)
  17. pheewwwwwww, I thought I had to go back debugging
  18. Very weird, cause the other archive I received was zipped, and that one came through...
  19. oh, thanks anyway! just curious, was it a self extracting archive? or plain rar?
  20. Ok I think I found the bug that caused all the errors: somewhere I had two variables in the clean-function (wich was causing the errors) called length and lenth2. At some point I mixed them up, and anyone who knows what an out of bounds thing is in programming: Yup, shame on me With the updated version of Fedit, the crashes, duplicates of winnt.sif and blank lines should be gone. thanks to zz (dunno who it is) for sending his winnt.sif (and other files)
  21. wth???? I swear I tested it in all situations I could think of, and never had those errors (except that one with the last letter disappearing, but that's fixed). Could everybody who still has errors please mail me their winnt.sif, dosnet.inf and their cmdlines.txt to david.jennes@gmail.com? so I could test it and find a fix? thanks in advance edit: oh, and those winnt.sif1546464 or whatever are actually copies of winnt.sif created by fedit, that are deleted after processing, but when it crashes, well, it can't delete them edit: ****, forgot to tell: please also mention what the error was, wich method, and so on...
  22. @Pedro80 Atleast those 2 things about M2 will be fixed with the new Fedit
  23. Havn't you seen my thread about the music player in background? http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...ndpost&p=301769
  24. Sorry guys, It'll be for tomorrow, seems some bugs are still there but I can't reproduce them atm. Will see tomorrow, and if everything goes fine, will be put online. But hey, better testing a lot than weird bugs later
  25. partition magic with an autoit script? edit: commandline? dunno, can't get it installed anymore... Says setup was interrupted blabla, and can't find a fix nowhere (except rollback of SP2). I'm also getting this error with many other installers (can't remember wich). But that's offtopic

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