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  1. Odd description I know, sorry. I used nlite to slipstream a copy of our corporate installation of 2003 with sp1 and latest hotfixes. Then customized the installer to do a stand alone install. It all looks great and works well (after a few tries <g>.) With one big and getting bigger caveat. Some installers crash with no info and doesn't even look like a crash, just disappears. First time I noticed the problem was while trying to install adaptec storage manager. Some versions seemed to crash/shutdown/disappear right after through decompressing, other version ran and nearly completed but popped and incromprehensible error near the end (turned out this install was actually done and program worked.) Having similar problem now with Retrospect client installer, decompresses and disappears. Saw a similar thing on another box using same install when trying to run nforce driver installers. Anyone have any clue what I might have done while putting together the silent install? Thanks
  2. Curiousity officially piqued. Bashrat, if you could use any help gathering or compiling drivers info or files or doing early testing would love to be of assistance. Otherwise I'll just sit here being patient and slowing chewing my leg off <g>. Thanks PS, ah, you knew I was going to ask this, when do you think it might go online?
  3. Well, that helped, somewhat. After adding drivers as described above, disk does boot. However, the drivers are not loaded (tons of unidentified devices including raid controller and network card.) So, this "Great" idea I had <g> doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Ah well. Bashrat, do you have any tips about how one might get this to work? Thanks for your help.
  4. Thanks for the quick tip, but, sorry I didn't mention it in first post, but use UBCD on top of BartPE already and love it. Unfortunately LBs driver pack while great doesn't actually work with the nforce3 and 4 nic and raid stuff. That's why I'm looking at this. I've been contributing to the UBCD forums for a while on this topic and have actually built a plugin that creates nic support but it's very worky and still struggling to get Raid support and it just seems like this is potentially a much more straightforward way to get driver support for any and all devices into the BartPE/UBCD environement. Thanks
  5. I posted something similar to this request in one of Bashrat's forum's so sorry for the double post, just seems like this area gets some different user traffic and might have the answers for my problem. I've been using the BartPE environement for about 9 months and love it, but keep hitting driver issues (mostly with tricky nforce3 and 4 nic and raid stuff.) Thought an interesting way to solve this might be to create an XP install disk with slipstreamed SP2 and all hot fixes and Bashrat's drivers all added in and then use that CD as basis for BartPE disk (then I could dispense with all driver support issues under BartPE.) So, I created the slipstreamed disk and did some tests using it as an installer under vmware and on an nforce4 based machine and it works great. Then created a BartPE disk using the XP disk as my OS source. To make a long story medium length it didn't work. (Hangs almost right away looking for a driver file.) I looked at files on two disks and many (most) of the compressed driver files in the I386 directory of XP CD didn't make it on to the Bart CD. I see some mention in messages in here particularly this thread http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=38717 regarding taking contents of textsetup.oem for all driver files and merging them into some master file, but wasn't clear if this really works (sounds like a lot of work) and if somoene might have done that work already and if in fact this will also work for BartPE. So, any and all help and or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I'd like to use a nlite created XP install CD with slipstreamed SP2 and all current hot fixes, with Bashrat's driver packs installed as the basis for a BARTPE build. I've tried this once and the slipstreamed CD I created worked great in vmware and a couple real systems. Then used that CD as the basis for a BARTPE build and at boot that new bartpe cd hangs looking for drivers. After looking at disks, many of the compressed drivers in I386 dir on slipstreamed disk do not show up in the BARTPE disk. Any tips on how to get this working? I've found some forum posts that seem to indicate it's possible, but nothing definitive. Thanks
  7. Great guide. Please do update. Please add tips about driver installs. And please, does anyone have any tips about using a disk that has had all these things slipstreamed on to it (SP2, hot fixes and drivers) as a source disk for building Bartpe (the winpe on steroids boot cd?) I've tried and it seems like not all of the compressed drivers that are in the root of i386 make it into the bartpe environment. Also, would be really useful to know if there's a major difference between using nlite and how it adds drivers and the method used here http://www.btsunattended.net/Projects/DriverPacks/ Thanks

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