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  1. Was the side deleted or changed by hackers?
  2. Was the side deleted or changed by hackers? :angrym:
  3. Driver 6/30/2005 V1.2.3.1 This driver supports RAID levels 0, 1, 5, and 10. Use this driver with the latest SATARAID5 BIOS and SATARAID Tool to create, monitor, manage, and access RAID volumes. Latest SiI3114 BIOS:5.2.16; Latest SATARAID tool: SATARAID5 Management Utility; THX mextrom.de
  4. I found the new driver and bios... and work fine. Can you integrate the new driver in the driver pack? http://www.siliconimage.com/support/downlo...s=0&sataraid=0& THX mextrom.de
  5. Hello, would be it possible all drivers of the company TRENDnet also merges? Above all for mobile computers e.g. the TEW-421PC. translated with http://babelfish.altavista.com "German <-> English" http://www.trendnet.com/us.htm THX
  6. I get under the vmware Install error. Use the method 3. Who can help? On a normal PC the drivers are not installed. My English is bad, must translate it therefore with Alta Vista.
  7. @Bâshrat the Sneaky - Can I test the beta version 5?
  8. New Error with Methode 3 = BASE V5.05.1 + FIX #4 The File is not in the Directory. "WatchDriverSigningPolicy.exe" THX
  9. @Bâshrat the Sneaky: the BTS_DPs_M3.cmd is not in $OEM$\$1\D.
  10. New Error with Methode 3 = BASE V5.05.1 + FIX #4 Can you help? ** Sorry for my Engl. im German - thx ** MEXTROM
  11. BTS_DriverPacks_BASE_V5051 <- 08.05.005 DriverPack_Chipset_V505 DriverPack_Graphics_A_V5043 DriverPack_Graphics_B_V505 DriverPack_LAN_V5051 DriverPack_MassStorage_V505 DriverPack_Sound_A_V505 DriverPack_Sound_B_V5043 DriverPack_WLAN_V5044 Methode 1 an 3 not work. Error in Line 10 [Data] MsDosInitiated = "No" AutoPartition=0 UnattendedInstall=YES [unattended] NonDriverSigningPolicy = "Ignore" DriverSigningPolicy = "Ignore" OemPreinstall = "Yes" OemPnPDriversPath = "D\C\AT;D\C\AU;D\C\I;D\C\N;D\C\V;"D\G\A\1;"D\G\A\1\WDM;"D\G\A\2;D\G\A\3;D\G\I\1;D\G\I\2;D\G\I\3;D\G\I\4;D\G\I\5;D\G\M\1;D\G\M\2;D\G\M\3;D\G\N;D\G\S\1;D\G\S\2;D\G\S\3;D\G\V\1;D\G\V\2;D\G\V\3;D\G\V\4;D\G\V\5;D\G\X\1;"D\G\X\1\WDM;"D\G\X\2;D\L\3\1;D\L\3\2;D\L\3......... can help ?? WINNT.TXT
  12. Property me a new drive assembly bought and inserted. And see there, now I have no more errors. A CRC was probably error, which was not announced. No more errors and super functions. THANKS
  13. I use from time to time a normal computer for installing, but the installation fails also there. I do not change a further file, in order to produce other errors. No Nlite or other changes was made. Search for error, but without success. Can it be, which is incorrectly changed txtsetup.sif or dosnet.inf or another file?
  14. Without DP MassStorage the error come too. ;(
  15. The Windows XP Pro SP2 is a ORIGINAL CLEAN Windows vers. and the Home SP2 is a ORIGINAL CLEAN Windows vers. too. WinXP_Pro.rar

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