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  1. MMC based applications (like device manager or event log) shutdowns withouth any trace in event log or error. Can you help me? I tryed and uninstalled super turbo tango patcher - and i'm starting to think that it is what caused fault from what i read about xpize.
  2. Hello, is there any NICE manual method of integrating SP1 into vista? I found out http://www.winbeta.org/comments.php?catid=1&id=9536 method, that is also describet by microsoft. But it seems to me little weird. With this method it looks like i can install windows, install all software and aply tweaks to it and then just made this image and it wall work witouth any crap in it? I think that windows still make useless registry keys etc. when using this method. Another two methods that i found are vLITE - but how vlite actually do the integration? and http://www.winvistaside.de/downloads/syste...tor-47/?file=47 - exactly same question as for vlite. Any other methods?
  3. Is there any dvd drive that can read from DVD9 during textmode installation without fails?
  4. Is there any way to comply hide windows that popup during MUI installation?
  5. Sorry my bad - i tried it on working windows with a,b,c,d,z,zzz and it worked as it should, but in real installation it do not work. Sorry once more for missinformation! Runonce don't work 100% for me too - first i need somehow to hide taskbar and desktop icons[so there will be no user interaction during it], but mainly when i do restart after it complete (import registry tweaks) visual effects are not applied, only after next MANUAL restart \: But registry import seams to work ok - it IS imported, but don't apply, ehm WTF. Don't write me that noone solved this before ...
  6. And after that does KB947864 it appear in MU or not?
  7. ME to, problem is that MU still offer it after unattended installation, it stops offering it after i install it there manually \:
  8. Hello, i'm now trying to solve same thing - did you tried that "zzzz" thing? edit: I tried it myself and foud out that zzzzz is the way to go and it think that zzzzzz is also very clear way how to do it!
  9. Hello, i'm writing here again with my unattended problems - my installation is now starting to get worse and worse: so here is few of y problems: I don't want to use custom tools like prepared packs with exe only, prepared svcpack.inf, nlite, ryanVM integrtor (sorry for probably misspelling your name once again), etc. And perfect installation ofcourse can't have sleeps in autoit only in while loop so it work even if pc is icredibely slow for a moment for whatever reason. I'm trieng to complete my XP installation for months (well over year with break) to by 100% complete and perfect as i want it, but still no success. 1. ActiveX - MU, OGA - i installed flash, java, WU, WGA with their installers and all work ok, but when i try to install .cab downloaded activeX it goes bad i don't work - so what do i do? I copy .dll to system32 .inf to dwonloaded program files and then run ie. regsvr32 /s "muweb.dll". I tried it in T-12 and in runonceex witouth success [i have checked that files are copied to it's place], when i run regsvr32 "muweb.dll" after installation complete and i get success. MU then works, but still i need to allow it in IE. So i totally failed. 2. visusal effects - i had it placed to runonce in hkcu in default user - it is imported but when runonceex completes (rononce run probable after runonceex), then windows log in user and it don't work properly, so i figured out, that after manual restart it works ok [if i restart twice during runonceex it don't take effect]. So i created autoit script that is placed tu startup directory in start menu during runonceex - script wait for regedit to start and close, write to registry that it restarted pc and then reboosts computer. Next reboot it chceck registry, found itself, delete record in registry and delete itself. Guess what? Effects look still like after regedit import. Again - when i do manual restart, effects work ok. 3. Show hidden files - i have registry tweaks to show hidden files imported during T-12 to show hidden files, i can see change in "folder option ...", but exploerer don't really show hidden files, but when do ANY change in folder options like check and uncheck any checkbox and then click ok, then exlporer shows hiddden files - supprise. 4. IE7 tweaks - because i figured out that ie overwrites it's settings in registry when it loads for first time (same as visual effects) i made autoit script that runs ie7, wait till it load window (i think it is waiting for ttabbar or something) and send alt+f4. Then import registry - well most time it don't work good - only few regtweaks are imported - ie. google, but nothing else like phishing filter [well i have google in one regfile and everything else in another], sometimes it hangs with empty IE window shown in runonceex and don't continue untill i manually kill autoit script, but then all settings are imported. 5. How do i absolutelly clearly (no unnecessary registry keys, etc.) set default exlorrer view to details and order by name and "my computer" view also to details but with "show in groups" and order by type? Can you send me how you do it, or your scripts. I will post my scripts and more details this evening (CET) if you want - i currently don't have access to it. Sorry for many many misstakes i made and my wrong english. I know - try harder, lurk more, well i tried, i lurked - still i don't have perfect windows installation. EDIT: 4. IE tweaks - i found out that my scripts import IE7 tweaks ok, BUT after user logon or maybe first IE7 start under loged on user cause it's deletion \: 2. I will try runonce script that: import it to registry and restartart computer and delete script that restart computer after complete user logon .... 1,4. if new 2. will work i will try adding it to the script, still having your sollutions will really help me. 3. i will check HKCU registry according to this http://www.msfn.org/board/Can-t-view-hidde...es-t115142.html - now when i think about it i probably importing just HKLM ...
  10. I wanted to do it myself to see how it works and not use DarkShadow's inf, everything works now - WU, WGA, OGA, but when i go to MU i need to allow MU activeX. I don't need to install it, just allow it.
  11. So then i will try to unattended install same update twice
  12. Well i deleted whole dllcache (cos there is many files with same error, wininet is just first one). But still there is problem, that MU detects and installas this update. I will try to use files downloaded by MU in unattended installation, but i don't think i success
  13. Ok, i have it in default user HKCU runonce (and i think that having it in HKLM will make no difference). Settings are imported, but not all are applied. I tried run import again and restart and now all settings are applied. BUT registry looks same as before manual import! Any ideas? EDIT: i found out, that i just need to reboot twice - omg!
  14. Thank you for your reply. So if i add it to HKLM\....\runonce it will runonce for each user created if i understand it correctly? I know it is probably stupid question, i just wanted to be sure. I think i should add it to HKCU\....\runonce in T-12 so it would be in runonce in default user profile?
  15. Yes, it is 7.0.5300.13. It works for me after manual reinstallation too. version in system32: 7.0.5300.13 version in dllcache: 6.0.2900.5512 should i delete files in dllcache AFTER ie7 installation? EDIT: after i deleted files in dllcache it works! Thank you.

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