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  1. hello Midi2k6

  2. I found the solutions, been looking for years... so easy to silent install (KB905474) WGA I tested with latest version 1.9.0 (Mar 2009) WindowsXP_KB905474_x86, not sure the other versions. Simple way, just download KB905474, extract it, delete everything and continue extract (wganotifypackageinner.exe) Rename that folder if you want to, an example KB905474 Silent switch: KB905474\update\update.exe /passive /norestart Tips: You can create SFX just like other silent apps, compress all files in KB905474 folder, the commands is: ;The comment below contains SFX script commands Setup=update\update.exe /passive /norestart TempMode Silent=1 Overwrite=1 Problem: There is only problem with windowsupdate always show but it is installed, you can test to validate here: http://www.microsoft.com/genuine/validate/...?displaylang=en It works
  3. Hello again! Im confusing with the whole Unattended XP process, some of good experiences i have and some little issues i like to share and discuss. First of all, thank you very much nLite and Ryan. I usually integrate fresh XP with nlite before and now.... Suddently the SP3 cause me alot of trouble so i went back to SP2 with latest hotfixes, it still running good as i always love it especially + sum regtweaks. However, today i am trying to start a new project again with nlite and integrate newest hotfixes for XPSP2. I dont know what is wrong, some hotfix is not installed, but nlite still integrated them without an errors and some of addons (applications) are not installed neither but nlite also integrated them fine. This is my first time problem, hope to get some help... By the way, then i start a new project from scatch again... at this time i first integrated all the hotfixes with nlite (nothing else) then i use RyanVM integrator 1.53 for all my addons such as: (+ IE7 + dotNETFX + DX9aug08 + WMP11 ...ect) I tested it, it works good and nothing missing. I now continue using nlite for the next step integrate all the hotfixes for IE7 + .NETFX + WMP11.... or whatever optional hotfix i want to... I AM GOOD, the best result after install it on VirtualBOX , no errors at all ... checking windowsupdate nothing FOUND accept SP3 (i ignored it) so... what do you think? Andy,
  4. Autorun.inf [AutoRun] open=START.cmd icon=wpi.ico START.cmd REGEDIT /S hta.reg start/wait "" C:\WINDOWS\system32\mshta.exe "%CD%\wpi.hta" exit NICE! but would be nicer if the CMD window dissapeared add cmdow.exe in your WPI root I got mine START.CMD: %cdrom%\wpi\cmdow.exe @ /hid REGEDIT /S hta.reg start /wait %systemroot%\system32\mshta.exe "%CD%\wpi.hta" exit
  5. Hello guys I am not sure which one should be better avoid any problem with adding or update other addons after the project Final to ISO. I was trying to add more addon packs after i forgot to integrated with nlite, unattended ect... dont know why when i am trying to add hotfixes, addons with nlite again i didnt have any error message but the addons that i added after was NOT install. (tested with VMWare). I am thinking using RyanVM Integrator add more addon packs after nlite integrate everything to final, is that what you would prefer? I appreciate of your experience helps. Andy
  6. I am having problem with create a Unattended Mode with winxpsp3, does anybody have same issues? I was trying to update sp3 onto winxpsp2 and setup Unattended thru nlite, it seem to be working but i lost IE7. Is there anyway to fix this problem? btw, IE7 also integrated with nlite SP2 then I integrated SP3 after that, cannot remove options & components ect. I appreciate any help Andy
  7. Hello guys, I am trying to update the latest hotfix onto SP2 and want to create a new Unattended with nlite, how do i get back to the original XP and make a new winnt.sif file? What i mean is: when i edit the Unattended from the previous file with nlite, i got error alot of application not install and IE7 was removed after installed fresh XP. Can i just delete winnt.sif file and created a new one to resolve this problem issue? Thanks alot for all your help. Andy
  8. Now i see the problem simply resolve, so i don't need integrate this hotfix. Download soundMAX driver directly from Asus, then install soundMAX driver silent /s this hotfix will also install with soundMAX HD Audio driver. (KB888111 in EXE package when you extract it) BTW, why do you need to integrate this hotfix when you don't use it on PC doesn't have SoundMAX? if you need this hotfix to be installed then just install SoundMAX (drivers & Application) as I mention above using silent switch = /s
  9. nice feedback cluberti ... you know what? ... what i think is = what you think ... if you know exactly what i mean... and that is my answer!
  10. This hotfix needs to install after SoundMAX driver installed, i either create SoundMAX cab and put the hotfix install silent command. Or you can have it install with [GuiUnattended]. I install SoundMAX audio drivers then install the hotfix after. start /wait %systemdrive%\drivers\SOUNDMAX\setup.exe /s start /wait %systemdrive%\install\drivers\SOUNDMAX\kb888111xpsp2.exe /passive /norestart
  11. I believe there is alot of questions all about OS ServicePacks -> what/why/how .... the DIFFERENCES on newer/older service packs. I test ... test again ... check ... benchmark .... confirm ... get result ... right/wrong .... TIRED!!! Well, i should go back to SP2 when the stupid SP3 still BETA (alot of hotfixes in SP3 for general uses that i don't need them) Why??? 1. makes my RAM works harder to MEMORY it. 2. makes my old hardwares time to UPGRADE. 3. oh NOOOOO! hard drives are dying ... "cause of testing, reinstall OS, Virtual PC (also makes your HDD shorter life) 4. My PC running slower, even worse (benchmark result ...ect) .... ah! now you ask me what should I do??? ... I decide, i mean my final decision: [read my post then give me a kiss if im right] Integrate my XP with SP2, find the latest hotfixes for SP2 (which needed) integrate together with nLite (nlite is my fav thog) I named it: WINXP_SP2+ and save my OS project ... waiting for the newer hotfix (again, when needed) then update/integrate with nLite (I always use nLite to integrate all Hotfixes b'cause nlite will let me know when the hotfix right or wrong for my current XPSP2+ Project. nLite also integrate over the older hotfix. When nLite found the older hotfix (or useless in my current OS's project) nLite tells me "wrong hotfix for your OS or hotfix that you don't need". IMPRESSED! BTW, goodthing to know about integrate newer hotfixes into your OS CD rather than update Service Pack 3 (BETA).... usually newer hotfixes are OUT/RELEASED (it already final and stable) sometimes it needs to replace older hotfix. Finally, stay with your OS which is already stable when your computer hardwares doesn't need to be UPGRADE ... sometimes update/upgrade is not a good idea. Ofcourse, you're right!!! updates is good ... good to learn, good for Microsoft. They need us to tell them what they doing right or wrong. That's why we call BETA & FINAL. LoL!!! may be FINAL of FINAL (because Final still BUGS) Please share your experiences with MSFN ... have a nice day! PS: Most of IT guys are talking to much and make no sense, like me or alot of them out there looking at my POST and laughing...
  12. Extract setup.exe (installshield) should be the setup log in there for the silent command, if you don't want extract the EXE file then use /s Simple thog!
  13. Extract setup.exe (installshield) should be the setup log in there for the silent command, if you don't want extract the EXE file then use /S Simple thog!
  14. taskkill is stupid KILL during batch mode silent install (sometimes it hang if you have multiple apps killed by taskkill.exe) i would recommended to use third application to end task instead Taskkill.exe like pskill.exe and many others, google it.
  15. I am using the same your NOD32 version, if you're already extracted EXE to MSI, using nod32.msi /qn switch is correct. It will not REBOOT

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