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  1. I hate to ask this but do you have the correct drivers for the PC?
  2. Help

    minusbfold - sent you another private message. Thanks!
  3. Help

    Here's an example of an old runonceex.cmd file that I used before I put all my installs on the network: The cmdow @ /HID command at the top - now that I think about it I don't think it's needed in this file but you can use it in other files to hide the window from the user. To use this command find it (I can't remember where so I'll have to look that up too) and copy it to $OEM$\$$\System32 on your Unattended CD. Create a folder for each of your installs in $OEM$\$1\Install on your UACD. This equates to the commands above where you see the "%systemdrive%\install\" entries. You can use the above exactly as it is but replace the capitalized text with your own. The first line tells the user what's being installed. The second line is the actual install line. You will want to include switches to make the install silent. You need the /f at the end of each line and you need to increment the statement numbers. I started with 5, then 10, and so forth.
  4. Help

    minusbfold - I'm getting ready to reply to you but in the meantime could you go into your msfn profile and check your messages? I left something for you. I'm getting a reply ready for you.
  5. Help

    Do you wish to install the software from a network or do you need it copied to the CD/DVD?
  6. Help

    What do you have so far? Do you have a unattended install for at least the operating system?
  7. Help

    yes, z: is a network drive and setup4magiccd.cmd contains the setup instructions for Office 2003. The contents of this file are: cmdow @ /HID \\<server>\<share>\Microsoft\Office2003StandardSP1\setupstd.exe TRANSFORMS=\\<server>\<share>\Microsoft\Office2003StandardSP1\STD.MST /qb-
  8. Help

    Here's an example of my runonceex.cmd file that may help you get started or may generate some questions. Feel free to ask. Anyone else reading this...if you have any suggestions on how to make this better please feel free to chime in.
  9. Folder view

    What settings are you looking for? I have some reg hacks for certain folder views that I can share with you if I know what you need.
  10. runonceex pausing

    The numbering is off. The number for each install does not reflect the order of the statements in your file. You start at 1, then 10, then 3, and so forth. Wasn't sure if this was tripping you up or not.
  11. I added a wallpaper using a regtweaks file called by cmdlines.txt. The entry is this: ;Set the default wallpaper [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop] "Wallpaper"="C:\\Windows\\web\\wallpaper\\crystal.jpg" "WallpaperStyle"="2" "TileWallpaper"="0" Modify it to use whatever wallpaper you wish.
  12. [Help] - MS Installer Problem

    I would try uninstalling FP then running a utility called MSICleanup. Do a web search to find the download. See if the problem still exists after doing this. I would also check the event viewer to see if any errors were reported there or if you can see any problems.
  13. Help Automating a few bits..

    gunsmokingman you weren't kidding when you said you know how to script!
  14. Help Automating a few bits..

    Here's how I do it: I have a file called Admins.cmd that contains the following code: net localgroup "Administrators" /ADD "MFC\TN_DTS_WrkAdm" It's saved in the $1\Installs folder on the CD. This is called by the following statement in RunOnce: REG ADD %KEY%\075 /VE /D "Adding Administrators" /f REG ADD %KEY%\075 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\install\admins.cmd" /f Hope this helps!
  15. [Help] - forgot the Admin password

    I've used Bezalel's suggestion several times. It has worked for me.