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  1. Perhaps something like "Main", "Common", "General" or "Universal"? EDIT: The window settings for the installer window could be moved from Install tab to Window tab, could they?
  2. If you check the option to hide the additional buttons (Options, Config, Manual, About) when running from CD/DVD, only the upper buttons will be displayed when WPI detects, that it is not started from HDD. Where WPI gets started depends on how you call WPI.hta. If you start it via GUIRunOnce, it is started before the desktop loads completely. I start my WPI and in the background I continue loading the Vista desk etc. In chapter 2 of the manual you can find some archives for starting WPI when windows installation is done.
  3. Dynaletik


    Thank you for both projects XPero! XPize made my Win XP so beautiful and perfect, perhaps someone will get Vize to 64-bit state. I wish you all the best for the future!!
  4. Thank you shark! I updated Sereby and my server with the new german file.
  5. Okay, I got it uploaded now. download URL's are in the 1st post EDITTED by Shark007
  6. Could you say what this is needed for in XP and WPI? I use WPI in Vista since one year now and have got no problems.
  7. Awesome! Your idea looks really great. And you are right, it really looks professional.
  8. If you have removed components with vLite, I think that removing "Photo Metadata Handler" brakes the thumbnails for you.
  9. It should be UAC. I remove it with vLite and never had problems with WPI writing files on drive C:\ . But if UAC is enabled, it asks for every little file you delete and perhaps it also "protects" the systemdrive against saving files. Just enter msconfig -> Tools -> Disable UAC (this should be what it's called in Vista EN), reboot and check if the problem still exists.
  10. Oh my god, this is where noobs hit software they better shouldn't use.
  11. Answer to your question: Yes, I removed Media Metadata Handler.
  12. I am quite sure that it should be Windows Mail. I kept Mail, because I use it and I still have got contacts.
  13. This is not a warez board, so will not get any help on your second question, only that license keys are often stored in the registry. I export my key of e.g. TuneUp 2008 (original ) and integrate it via reg before ability in WPI. For finding switches, you have to determine which setup type is used by the program. Perhaps this can help you.
  14. For problem 2: As the manual says, you have to place all your images for the tooltips into the Graphics folder inside WPI, so they have to get different names. Then You simply put in the filename into the picture file box. (e.g. Cpuz.jpg)
  15. Of course, it could be a nice option, but I would not use it, because WPI installs my soundcard drivers, and I configure it after WPI reboots, so I do not need any sounds in WPI. But that is only my need.
  16. Could you perhaps attach your config.js file without serials etc? I think this has to do with one of your conditional statements.
  17. I translated the new WPI 6.5 manual into german! Just extract it into the Manual folder. Additionally I changed some strings to better fit the meanings of the options. Perhaps the manual and the updated lang file can be included in the next version of WPI. I know that I'm going on your nerves. EDIT: Both are included in WPI 6.5.1!
  18. It's not a big thing: I think that the WPI.ico file in Graphics folder is quite grainy. Perhaps we could use the WPI.ico from the Tools archive? I edited it to only have the 32x32 icon in it and attached it.
  19. Hey guys. I downloaded the actual WPI, and in fact, the Manual shows up. But always the english one is showing up. I played with your function in main.js and got it working I hope. First I changed the syntax at FileExists, file:// isn't necessary I think. And I added an else in there, because otherwise it gives an "undefined". function SetupManual() { position="main.js"; whatfunc="SetupManual()"; var tmpLang; if (!FileExists(""+wpipath+"/Manual/"+Language+"/index.html")) tmpLang="en"; else tmpLang=Language; document.getElementById("layermanual").innerHTML='<a href="file://'+wpipath+'/Manual/'+tmpLang+'/index.html" target="_blank"><img id="OpenManualButton" src="./Themes/Windows/spaced.gif"></a>'; } P.S.: I am a noob in programming, so it could be that there is a better way? EDIT: Another thing that I just saw: If you go to the config page and add a new entry (or edit an existing one) and select "Other" as category, there is no new text box to enter the new categories name. The manual (that I am translating atm) says, there would be such a box.
  20. Okay. If you select a language different to english and want to view the manual, WPI gives an error that the translated manual is not present (It replaces 'en' by your locale in the path). Okay, I understand it, but could it be done that WPI first searches if an translated manual is present, and if not, use the english one as default? If you go to the Windows Options page, the "Show Titlebar" Option (WindowShowTitleBar) setting is always disabled, even if you activated it before. It works, but if you save the options and do not remind to check the titlebar again it does not get used any more. But, WPI 6.5 rocks!
  21. EDIT: I will update lang and manual, give me a short time.
  22. I use Vista x64 and remove both, System Restore and Volume Shadow Copy. My SetPoint works like a charm. If I only use the normal SetPoint installer from Logitech, my keyboard and mouse do not show up in the software. But this has got nothing to do with vLite for me. Logitech did not manage to update their drivers for Service Pack 1. So if I try to install the Logitech drivers that ship with SetPoint 4.60, Vista says, that these are not compatible with x64. So I modified the .inf files (added x64 entries, quite simple) and tried it again. Now Vista gives signature warnings on installing the driver (because .cat files do not match the .inf files any longer), but it works! (I think that working drivers can also be applied by enabling auto update of SetPoint, but didn't test it myself.)
  23. Wow, thanks for the new release nuhi! Vista gets better and better @ mattewre: All apps that need .NET FW will not work, installing it later is not possible yet, this is what the component description says.
  24. @ Sammy20: I always copy the updated files from the running AntiVir into the folder where my AntiVir install for the Windows-DVD is. So just look which files get updated (e.g. antivir3.vdf) in the report and then copy and replace them in your install source. Works fine for me.
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