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  1. Yes, you have to open vLite. Browse for the folder that the source is located at, go to options and enable "Always enbale ISO page" (or something like that). Now go to the iso page and create the .iso image to burn onto DVD. It will be bootable and should work. Or you can directly burn the DVD with vLite.
  2. Hmm, vista sucks for you? Ok, I accept that. But for me, it is much better, faster and more comfortable than XP ever was. Ok, your machine should be dualcore with 2GB Ram or more, but if I want the fastest OS, I install DOS or Win 3.11?
  3. Just test it. For me it works perfectly. But as long as InnoSetup is used, the /VERYSILENT switch should work.
  4. Did you select the component "Manual install" for removal? Because that one deletes the Setup.exe normally. Perhaps you can post your Last_Session.ini?
  5. Yes, it is already "fixed" in the RC6 SDK, so it will be changed in final, too. Activation works perfectly now! Thank you very much Acheron! One small thing: After activation has completed, I get an Nero ProductSetup Shortcut in the Startmenu at "Nero 7 Premium", I delete that folder by .cmd file now, because I don't think that it can be supressed. Anyone else gets this?
  6. Hmm, I integrate 24 hotfixes with vLite. And the mentioned 6 fixes are included. I did 3 Vista Installs using vLite 1.1 Beta and every time OEM folders worked! I used these 2: ROOT\sources\$OEM$\$1\ ROOT\sources\$OEM$\$$\System32\
  7. I used your RC6 SDK to build the german Lite version and everything seems to work. Activation goes faster than in RC1. Thank you!!!
  8. @ Acheron: Have there been any changes to the sqlite3.dll from the RC1 SDK to the RC6 SDK? The file isn't integrated in the RC6 SDK. Thank you for the new SDK, I will build a german Lite version today and let you know if everything works. EDIT: Ok, i downloaded the latest sqlite3.dll from sqlite.org.
  9. Thats exactly what it will be like. The localized versions will be available when the final comes out, I think.
  10. Ahh, I was just waiting for a sentence like this. Thanks in advance.
  11. I get this problem with SetPoint 4.00 and my Logitech G5 and Media Keyboard Elite, too. But I never thought it is a vLite cause. I use SetPoint 3.30, because that one works without any bugs. Perhaps this can help you. It says, that the .inf in SetPoint 4.00 causes the error and tells you how to fix it. I did not try it yet, but many people say that it helped. I will wait for the next SetPoint release that should be released soon, as the G9 mouse uses it and is out.
  12. Thanks for fixing the cmd lines thing. Yes we go on your nerves, but wpiw.net still links to version 6.1
  13. Dynaletik

    Office 2003

    I saw this problem on a Windows XP SP2 computer with Office 2003, too. But it was not nLite related, as the source was not modified in any way. I do not know where it comes from or why, on my own computer, I never had that problem with Win XP. But now I do not use Office 2003 any more.
  14. Yes, admininstall extracts all files. You have to pick the needed files and put them into an sfx for example.
  15. @ teemue: You can extract DriveSpeed out of the Nero installer. Just start the downloaded file from Nero website and continue it until it shows up the components selection screen (Do not close it). Then go to your %temp% folder, there will be a NeroDemo folder or something like that. Inside this folder there is a file Nero.msi. Run the command "msiexec /a Nero.msi /norestart" on that file and do an admin install by this. If there are any errors on missing .cab files during the admin install, copy the content of the "Cab" folder inside the Nero temp folder into the Nero temp folder. (one level above) This works fine for me. Now close everything and browse to the folder that you installed your admin install to. There should be the files you need, anywhere @ ToolKit or DriveSpeed, cant`t check it, because I am not at home.
  16. I built a german Nero Lite version with the help of your latest SDK and everything seems to work fine here Acheron. No problems with activation. Thank you!
  17. It will take a while until addon integration is implemented into vLite I think. For now, only Hotfix, Driver and Language Packs can be integrated!
  18. Looks like this one. Andre said, that it isn't possible to add or remove features.
  19. @ joll69: Yes, if you integrate the beta hotfix first and then remove components with vLite, Vista should work. That was the solution for me before nuhi gave us the .reg fix.
  20. Do they give you any error message? I would additionally to what legolash2o mentioned keep Game Explorer. Some games give errors, if it is removed.
  21. @ YACO: I did it with this utility: Vista Update Integrator. But it is still beta and needs the WAIK installed!
  22. Ok, if I vLite my Vista and install the hotfix I get the problem as told. If I integrate the Hotfix into the Vista-DVD and then vLite and install it, it works! No error, but copying files takes shorter, so the hotfix got installed.
  23. vLite has got nothing to do with this, thats right. I also get this problem after installing the 2 hotfixes. But they are BOTH BETA! A beta from MS, you know what that means. I hope that this is fixed when the fixes get published officially. BTW, 6666 posts nuhi!!! Do not write anything from now on.
  24. This feature has not been implemented into vLite yet. But there are other more important things like hotfix integration for now, I think. If you want to add your own programs to your Vista-DVD, just use WAIK (AutoUnattend.xml) or the Windows Post-Install Wizard. Works perfectly here. (As I always prefer to have the choice of what to install.)
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