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  1. Big thanks for this update now! Keep up the project !!! Payments went out.
  2. I love this idea! And an Option to turn it on and off would be nice. Pic the images from tooltip pics or seperate ones?
  3. Yes, when time is available, I always know that it takes some hours to update the manual. But as there is quite a big german community using WPI, the manual should always be as up to date as possible in german. So I update it until I can't see HTML code any more or get a headache.
  4. Okay, I updated german translation & manual for WPI 7.7.0 now. Please delete the old images as two of them are not used any more. Here you go: German translation + manual
  5. Okay, nice new version. You did some minor changes to the manual in the last days. So I did the same for the german manual. I only attach the updated 4 html files. Please replace them, if possible.
  6. Seems as if the setup needs Visual C+ Redist installed. This should solve the problem with setup.exe not working. Can you confirm that?
  7. Thanks for the new release men! Could you please update all the themes with the 2 new images for the installer (Install_Fail & Install_Success)? Otherwise they are not found.
  8. My update for WPI 7.4.0 EDIT: Included in current WPI 7.4.0! I just uploaded the updated files. Please include it into the main archive if you update it in the next time.
  9. Hey Kel and Mark, I updated the german translation, german manual and my theme for WPI 7.3.0. I only uploaded the files that got changed, so simply replace them in the WPI & theme archive. Here you go Thanks for the new version and sorry for having not much time at the moment. :/
  10. Dynaletik


    If you vLited your Windows Vista SP1 down, you should not try to install Service Pack 2 at the moment. I think that it will definitely crash your system or won't install.
  11. If you start WPI and click on the button "Manual", you will find a quite detailed manual of how to set up your WPI. (You can even open the manual with your browser, it is located in WPI\Manual\en\index.html.
  12. Thank you for the little update man! And I wish you all the best for your birthday. Have fun and stay fit!
  13. Could you please read the built-in manual ? It can, it has got special lines in the configuration screen (Register before & Register after) for this.
  14. The JavaScript error on startup has gone for me with final WPI 7.1.0. About the internet check & update problem: I changed line 56 in network.js to XMLreq.open("GET","http://www.wpiw.net",false); And this works well for me. Perhaps google.com does not work here, because it directly redirects me to google.de?
  15. Oh yes. You are right. Just tried directly. If you insert it into a batch file, it works like you posted, sorry. For me, regedits only work, if installer.hta gets opened with 32 bit mshta.exe. But if you do not associate htafiles with 64 bit .exe it will get opened with 32 bit .exe by default, as WPI executes it. (Even if you start WPI.hta with 64 bit mshta.exe). If I change the line like mentioned above, it works in 32 and 64 bit mode for me. EDIT: Just reinstalled Vista using the new WPI 7.1. Everything works fine now, I changed installer.js like mentioned and checked 64 bit processing for all entries. I called WPI with an .cmd file that got executed via AutoUnattend.xml: ftype htafile="%windir%\system32\mshta.exe" "%%1" for %%i in (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) do if exist %%i:\sources\install.wim set CDROM=%%i: start %CDROM%\WPI\WPI.hta
  16. Thank you man. I just started WPI with the line you started first until today. But that would cause the installer.hta to be started with the 32 bit mshta.exe. If I now associate .htafiles with the 64 bit mshta.exe RegEdits do not longer get integrated correctly. I sent it to Mark, we have to change line 556 in installer.js from cmdLine='"'+sysPath64+'RegEdit" /S '+cmdLine; to cmdLine='"'+sysPath64+'RegEdt32" /S '+cmdLine; because that is the name of the .exe file for me in Vista x64. The x64 regedit.exe is in %windir% for me. In your posted code for associating htafiles with 64 bit mshta.exe, shouldn't "%%1" be "%1" ? (Does not work for me otherwise)
  17. Okay 2 things: 1. The german translation would be: Start WPI = WPI starten Exit = Beenden 2. At the moment, I think that autorun.exe just executes WPI\WPI.hta. Right? On 64 bit systems, it would be nice to run %systemroot%\System32\mshta.exe "WPI\WPI.hta" So the 64 bit version of mshta.exe gets used. This should also work on 32 bit Windows.
  18. @ Dobby: It indicates it by greying it out. I think this is just enough.
  19. I just added it to my DVD. Seems to work It would be nice, if we could translate it? (.inf file or sth. like that?)
  20. This is why it is an Lite version. If you need additional plugins, install the original full version. And if you just want these 1 or 2 files, make an sfx archive to extract them in your UA-DVD.
  21. @ shahed26 & nuhi: Just tested to leave in WMP and remove DRM. It plays other movies fine, but on first login I got 2 register errors about DRM, when starting and configuring WMP I got the same again. It does not fully register WMP in the system (file reg, shortcuts). So I will now reinstall and leave DRM saved.
  22. Please download a new copy of WPI 7.0. As said in the Bug reports, Kel and mritter fixed this issue and re-uploaded WPI.
  23. - If you turn off the timer, you get an error message. (Line 83, object needed, tested with Windows theme) Perhaps it has to do with the new timerbg image handling? - Comment out "background-position: center left;" and Installprogbar in installer.css of Windows theme and server theme (and all others), as the option is there now. - XP progress bars 3 and 4 are screwed up. If you select one, the other will show up. -> Change the filenames of the 2 images in Graphics\InstallProgBars folder.
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