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  1. Hi! greetings, sorry my english,im still using XP as my main OS, i dont use windows vista+ or linux or whatever, just XP. How many people still use as main os? My main problem right now is web browsing. For now we have Chromium 86 (360browser 13.5) & Firefox 68 (Mypal 68) , but this browsers will be outdated soon, and no one, have DRM support (netflix for example). For netflix still regular firefox+silverlight still work... but how long? Of course if no project for more modern web browsers happens and project like one core api did not grow up fast, will be a big problem for any XP users that need to use the computer for everyday work and web browsing I thinking ideas, VMs i dont like, too much resource lost, slow, etc How about a secondary mini computer running linux + xwin server in XP? how will be the speed of xwindows rendering? VNC is too slow
  2. After many test with browsers, finally i end with 360browser 13.5 artic fox version, and Palemoon 29 for DRM content (netflix for example) Like this version of chromium because is easy to mod and give a more "legacy" skin, in my case i decide to emulate netscape. Of course, it needs at least 2GB ram for smoth web browsing
  3. If someone discover why DCBrowser crash windows often please write solution, is not a bad browser beside this, works very well... until bluescreen
  4. I really want to use DCbrowser, works very well, but i have too many bluescreen with this browser
  5. Using a online OCR 閱讀並同意 款件許可協議 安裝所碩 人 誤為默認瀏覽器 創建任他欄快捷方式 創建開始菜單快捷方式 加入用戶体驗計媽 Read and agree to the license agreement Mistakenly create a shortcut for the default browser, create a shortcut to the start menu, add a user experience gauge Looks like the only "bad" option is the last one
  6. Until two days ago netflix was working great using silverlight, but i think they change something and now complains silverlight is not compatible anymore... Any browser can do the html5 version? thanks!
  7. I dont get any problems in certificates in older mozillas neither, in the web i need most, government stuff, i still use seamonkey that is 2019. For now, seamonkey works well, but off course, little by little government websites start asking for new chrome. In fact, the local gov office website say "only work with chrome, no firefox... wtf" Maybe some patch to OS or proxy library exist, that what i ask. No idea what "BS" means sorry
  8. Hi, yes, i will upload as soon i fix some details Yes, i know mozilla use different certifcate manager, but if mozilla can do, i guess maybe is possible for the OS ones too, like use a external proxy library for example. I ask because i never use chrome browsers before, i dont know much about chrome stuff. Maybe someone already did a patch or similar, thats why i ask I dont care at all for secure connections,. except some government stuff i need to do that fails in 360. Sad, because 360 work better than old mozilla browses in some government websites
  9. Hi! greetings, after many problems i manage to have 360 browser in my taste. I have all my browsers in a Netscape similar look, and was not easy with this browser A question, is possible to have secure https connections in XP or certificates are not possible to validate because tls level anymore? thanks
  10. I only tried google ones No antivirus, no adblock, and i restore original host file But, like i said, the problem is in all my XP computers and it happen in my wifi, if I use my phone data, in my brother wifi, in the library wifi... etc and even im not using same XP, for example my desktop use XP SP3, but my laptop XP x64, and same problem both... Is just 360 browser, chrome 49 works great, then i think is not a certificates problem
  11. Hi, thanks, i did two json export of events first one, is when i just load msfn for first time after open 360 and second, when i just open msfn again, without close 360 Most of log is similar, but one difference at first vs i think there is the problem, but wi cant guess how to solve... anyways, i repeat the log 3 times, and always get the same diferences...
  12. I use XP, never say i use win7 Today i tested 360 browser in 3 different XP computers, same problem... my question is... for someone works fine????
  13. Hi thanks reply, no, my computer is OK, i5 quad core + SDD +8GB ram, i even can use chrome inside a Win7 virtual machine and run great, is just when i use 360browser and similars
  14. Hi! sorry my english, maybe someone can helpme Because mypal, basilisk, etc start failing in some websites, I decide to give a try to 360 browser, and other chrome similar, like yandex browser My problem, is the same with all this ones, exepto some webpages, like google, youtube, gmail, etc other pages DELAY a lot to open, only first time, and then works fine For example, I go to www.google.com, almost intant... now i write in the address, msfn.org, maybe take 30-40sec to load, but one loading, i can go to forum, read many links, all OK Any ideas? thanks
  15. Sorry late reply, i use the arduino IDE in my dell e4200 laptop, C2D 1.6ghz, and CPU usage is very low, almost nopthing, 2%
  16. I like Autohotkey more than autoit, specially because better ansi support in ahk
  17. Oh thanks! great, this is in mostly in english, some chinesse but not much
  18. Hi! im using latest version i found, 13.0.2132, with chrome 86.0.8240 Any way to change the menu that are in russian to english/spanish? thanks
  19. Netflix is working good here with XP x64 and MyPal 28.4
  20. I use XP x64... what websites give you problems? to test

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