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  1. I switched to Windows 7 x64 a short time ago and realized a lot of my inf files from XP don't work anymore. Specifically I'm having the following issues: 1. Right-click Inf -> Install does not show up, even when I'm using a elevated explorer window. 2. Is there a way to automatically make UAC pop up/elevate before the Inf file runs (using rundll32 setuppi....)? 3. When creating shortcuts using the ProfileItems directive, is there a flag I can set to set "Run as administator" by default? Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks alot for this. The script is really elegant, installing DAEMON Tools was never that easy .
  3. I have a problem integrating SP3. I use a vanilla SP2 CD, latest nLite, Language English, verified the MD5 Sum of WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe. Extraction Failed - Unable to find a volume with enough disk space for file extraction. I have 5,32GB of free space available and think this has to be enough
  4. I'm posting this for a friend of mine who hasn't got a MSFN account. I translated this from german to english so it might be a bit rough sometimes. So here we go:
  5. Today I encoutered a very strange problem with Themes on my nlited Windows CD. After the first boot I noticed the menus of some programs had an ugly white background which was not present in the theme. I discovered the following: When I apply the theme using the Apperance tab of "Display Properties" everything is fine: http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=themeproblem1tkf.jpg Now...I save the theme into a .theme file - and then apply exactly the same theme again using the Themes tab. The result is: http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=themeproblem2oui.jpg (see the ugly menus?) Now this doesn't happen to all applications. foobar2000, Nero and Explorer are fine. Can anyone exlpain this behaviour? This also happens with other themes like ClearLooks... I'm not really sure if this is nlite's fault or if something other is fubared xpneu1.ini
  6. Holy s***. Finally. Thanks for your hard work nuhi.
  7. You just run the exe, it's supposed to be silent. What exactly? It's working for me in VMWare as well as in my unattended CD. Well use the Inno Setup then or make an installer on your own
  8. Oh dear sir, will you kindly share it (sans serial, of course)? I've been trying to get a copy of Nero down to 18MB for so long. Got it down to 16.4mb . Import the serial before running setup. http://rapidshare.de/files/14998082/Nero_7.0.8.2.exe.html
  9. I tried this method for the first time with the new Nero version and it rocks. I got Nero down to 18.6mb Does any1 know how to change the shortcuts the setup creates in the start menu?
  10. I made a silent installer using 7-Zip. Switches: JPGPNGBMPEDITOR=0 TGAEDITOR=0 DESKTOPSHORTCUT=0 CHECKFORUPDATES=0 CHECKFORBETAS=0. 3.45mb. Get it here: http://rapidshare.de/files/14098751/PaintDotNet_2_6.exe.html
  11. Well I'm also in the process of repackaging DAEMON Tools, so far I'm able to install the necessary services successfully, but I get the error "Initialization error. This program requieres at last Windows 2000 with SPTD 1.21 or higher. Kernel debugger must be deactivated" even tough SPTD service is running
  12. Notepad does not show the ACSII Art.
  13. Well have the same problem, VMWare and all old DOS programs make my harddrives spin up. Sometimes they also randomly startup by themselfes. I haven't found a solution to this problem.
  14. Very nice, but you should probably add paevm=trueto the vmx file. I need this for the VM to run on my A64.
  15. Components can be chosen by using the ADDLOCAL Variable. Here's what the minimum commandline has to look like: openofficeorg20.msi ADDLOCAL=gm_Root,gm_r_Files_2,gm_r_Files_3,gm_r_Files_4,gm_r_Files_5,gm_r_Files_6,gm_r_Files_7,gm_r_ Files_8,gm_r_Files_9,gm_r_Fonts_OOo_Hidden These components are hidden and connot be changed during install, Openoffice.org needs those to work (tough I guess you could remove gm_r_Fonts_OOo_Hidden). Now here's a list of the other options, the names are pretty straightforward: gm_p_Wrt_Bin - Writer gm_p_Wrt_Help - Writer Help (and so on for the other apps) gm_p_Calc_Bin gm_p_Calc_Help gm_p_Calc_Addins gm_p_Draw_Bin gm_p_Draw_Help gm_p_Impress_Bin gm_p_Impress_Help gm_p_Base_Bin gm_p_Base_Help gm_p_Math_Bin gm_p_Math_Help gm_o_Grfflt - Graphic filters gm_o_Testtool - Testtool gm_o_Oo_English - Englisch language modul (I'm using a german version, don't think this is available/necessary in english version) gm_o_Xsltfiltersamples - XSLT filter examples gm_o_Pyuno - Pyhton UNO support gm_o_jf_Palm_Aportisdoc - Palm Aportisdoc support gm_o_jf_Pocketpc_Pocket_Word - PocketPC PocketWord support gm_o_jf_Pocketpc_Pocket_Excel - PcketPC PocketExcel support gm_o_Quickstart - Openoffice.org quick starter gm_o_Activexcontrol - Enables viewing of openoffice.org documents in internet explorer gm_o_Winexplorerext - windows explorer shell extensionJust add those sperarated by a "," behind the commandline from above.
  16. Well I can contribute a Win2k horror story. With 2k you need SP2 or SP3 I don't remember, for support of large harddisk with more than 137GB (48bit LBA). So I installed Win2k without 48bit LBA support on my 250GB harddrive. I had one 6GB partition for windows and the rest of the disk as one big large partition almost full with data. Well guess what happened? I wanted to install SP4 so I could access my large partition without risk, it just happened that the SP4 setup extracted itself onto the large partition without prior asking, and rendered the partition inaccessible, nearly 200GB data gone.
  17. You could also use T-Clock. Works even with Windows Time Service removed.
  18. You just have to change this: HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon","Shell",,"YourShell.exe" I can recommend LiteStep and bbLean
  19. I had this message in the past, I think it has something to do with either Norton products or TuneUp. Check what background processes are running.
  20. NSIS is the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System, take a look here: http://nsis.sf.net/ you put the script into a .nsi file into the same directory where the process explorer files are and compile the script with makensisw, you should get a file named procexp_setup.exe, this is your installer. For unattened installation run "procexp_setup.exe /S" Edit: Also take a look at the nsis documentation it's pretty good and easy to understand IMO. Also note that I am using upx for further compression. Make sure it's in your path or comment that part out.
  21. This is part of a inf file I use for installing TheBat!, you can modify it for your needs: [Version] Signature=$Windows NT$ [DefaultInstall] AddReg=DefaultClient [DefaultClient] HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail",,,"The Bat!" HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\The Bat!",,,"The Bat!" HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\The Bat!","DLLPath",,"%16422%\The Bat!\TBMapi.DLL" HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\The Bat!\Protocols\mailto",,,"URL:MailTo Protocol" HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\The Bat!\Protocols\mailto","EditFlags",0x00010001,2 HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\The Bat!\Protocols\mailto\DefaultIcon",,,"%16422%\The Bat!\thebat.exe,0" HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\The Bat!\Protocols\mailto\shell\open\command",,,"""%16422%\T he Bat!\thebat.exe"" %1" HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\The Bat!\Shell\open\command",,,""%16422%\The Bat!\thebat.exe""

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