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  1. Hi Guys, have good experience with Xp answer files but windows 7 seems a whole new ball game. could do with a little explanation on a few bits. here is the list of mods i want to Acheive, i will be applying the unattended.xml to my SCCM capture & build process. 1. Set name & Company 2. keyboard & regional settings to UK 3. Add corpperate desktop & background to default users 4. Enable RDP 5. Disable Windows Defender 6. Enable Remote Registry 7. Add domain security group to local admin group. most of the above i have in scripts apart from 1,2,3. i have located 4 & 5 in unattended.xml so far. What parse is best to apply these settings? you get several options but not sure when to apply & can you apply all above from the xml file?
  2. can not download Cmenu Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 for Windows Workstations The requested URL http://dc95.4shared.com/download/24098929/...103423-b58cd80c is infected with not-a-virus:Monitor.Win32.Hooker.s virus
  3. Hi, on the dells this is usually due to the SATA mode set in the bios. Cant recall what it needs to be set to but there is 4 options & its the second one. if you still have a problem use roguespears textmode drivers from http://www.doitrightconsulting.net/forum/
  4. went through this process & it works on RASAT for windows 7. i can now add my GUID's. Install RSAT on Windows 7 Beta Add the feature 'Windows Deployment Services Tools' on a Windows Server 2008 Full Installation, installed with the same architecture (x64 / x86) and same language. Copy the following files from the Windows Server 2008 box to the exact same locations on your Windows 7 beta box (assuming both are installed in English): %systemroot%\system32\imadmui.dll %systemroot%\system32\EN-US\imadmui.dll.mui Register the dll using the following command as an administrator (Remember UAC): regsvr32 imadmui.dll run Active directory users & Computers & you will now be able to add a computer account with GUID.
  5. Ive just installed the RSAT tools & cannot find how to add a computer account with GUID. is it possible? Currently domain is 2003 & the Admin tools in 2003 lets you add computer with GUID. Surely 2008 tools should let you do the same.
  6. Your need to login to access this page but but here is all the .net installers you need & they have silent install switches. HERE Thanks goes to RogueSpear & all his hard work.
  7. dont strugle with it yourself. A nice guy called RogueSpear has done all the hard work for you. His installer contains .net 20 SP2, 3.0 SP2 & 3.5 SP1 all in the one package you will need to login to his forum to access the correct thread(hidden from normal users) & then you can access the page with his .net 3.5 Full installer. HERE PS, he has a couple of install switches for silent installs -ai or -ai1. when you run the exe it tells you the switches.
  8. If you are a VLK holder then you will have access to the correct VLK media which will work with your key. I know you can convert XP VLK to Pro OEM but not the other way round.
  9. All the RIS drivers already configured Here
  10. Only way you can do it is to leave the key out of the answer file. you then just have to fill that bit in manually during the install. im sure you could write a script which fills in the answer file key line before proceeding with the install but if you are putting this on cd or dvd you wont be able to write the line you need. What about putting on a memory stick?
  11. configure a user profile as you wish. copy the ntuser.dat from that profile to the RIS image creating the path below. RISIMAGE\$OEM$\$docs\Default User when a machine is RIS'd it will use this default user profile.
  12. I use Autoimage with Driver packs in method 2 on XP SP3 image. havnt got ini files hady but i use a custom for cleaning up afterwards. i then only put an entry in my RunOnceEX.cmd to clean up the packs. other than that Autoimage does the rest for me there is no other manual entries in any files.
  13. RIS will gewt the cumpter name from AD. basically you prestage your account. add the Computer name then the GUID from the PC you wish to install. When RIS installs the PC it Knows that that PC's GUID is assigned to the name in AD & then assigns that name during the install.
  14. What do you want to do with this screen..? Do you want it to be automated so it dosent apear or do you want to change the look etc..?

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