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  1. One thing that irritates me to no end in other communities; it's when someone asks a question and instead of answering the question, the answerer rebukes with another question. "Why do you want to use twenty year old technology? Either get with the times or be left behind."

    Here's some food for thought. Either answer the question at hand or don't say anything at all. You don't need to know my reason for using retro technology for the sake of telling me I'm old fashion and refuse to get with the times. I never could understand why others feel the need to act superior because they choose to use the "latest and greatest".

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    2. UCyborg


      I totally agree with you, I'd say it's just basic etiquette to not say anything if you don't know the answer, especially if all you were going to say otherwise is to steer the topic in a completely irrelevant direction.

      If something works for someone, it works, doesn't matter if it's old or new.

    3. Dixel


      This is simple , most just don't know the answer yet want to look "smart".

    4. Mr.Scienceman2000


      First that start then start link news articles that recommends against using that specific technology and say that prove you should not.

      I remember one board where person was asking help to enable fileshare between Windows 98 and Windows 10 and instead of answering that you need to toggle legacy SMB support from add remove software answers were that "you need to isolate it" and then link article how hacker was gaining access to internal network using unpatched computer. I was searching that topic for one friend who wanted bridge old and new tech together. Eventually ended up finding answer by fiddling around Windows 10 and found it had to be enabled. And yet friend network has not been hacked

      I agree with @Dixel on this that they try to look smart but they just make themself look dumb.

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