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  1. I want to remove the initial start, where you choose if turn on the automatic updates and where you choose the main user name (i already have the aministrator user as main user..). What component or other i have to remove to do this?
  2. i have a question. Does the java 64 bit package install also the browsers plugins?
  3. i've discovered this dir in my system: C:\Program Files\Microsoft.NET\Primary Interop Assemblies Anyone knows it?
  4. Yeah i know that i have to install both version, but my question is different, does the installers modify the C:\Program Files directory?
  5. I have a doubt: In my unattended XP i don't want to modify the C:\Program Files directory. So i have to ask you if the default installation of the .NET Framework both 1.1 and 2.0 modifies this directory. Thanks all.
  6. so this DT4 script doesn't work? Let's take a look!
  7. so is a simply sum? In my case 32+1 ? In the option i have to put the hexadecimal value, isn't right?
  8. because i would like to disinstall the pack if you want. I think i have to make an inf installation if there are not switches.
  9. Need two silent installation switches and/or method for this two programs: VirtualDubMod Exact Audio Copy V0.95 beta 3 Thanks in advance. Kap
  10. to the gurus of the infs: flags This optional hexadecimal value, expressed as an ORed bitmask of system-defined low word and high word flag values, defines the data type for a value entry and/or controls the add-registry operation. Bitmask values for each of these flags are as follows i don't understand this settings of the CopyFiles section...can i have some examples? i want that my custom installer doesn't ask me if i want to overwrite files if they are already in the destination dir, so i want to set some flags (0x00000048), including the flag to copy the files in use on the next reboot (0x00000008), but i think that the sum is not correct.....0x00000048. Infact it doesn't work. I need help. Thanks s0 much.
  11. update: this string -> rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultUninstall 130 works, it asks if you want to restart the system after the disinstallation of the program....
  12. i think but i'm not sure that PSP_MYPSPFILESGLOBAL does not create the My PSP Files folder in documets and settings (per user).
  13. very thanks for the switches.
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