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  1. Add more Ram

    Thanks ... Just wanted to be sure . its better to be safe than sorry , yes ?
  2. Add more Ram

    Hi ... I have this Laptop >>> HP Pavilion dv6308ca Notebook PC --- HP Pavilion DV6308 AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-50 1.6GHz 1GB 120GB DVD±R 15.4" WXGA LAN Firewire GeForce Go 6150 ... ( XP PRO sp3 > its not 64 )... I want to buy more Ram and I know I need DDR 2 -- PC2-5300 -- 200-pin SODIMM What I like to know is my motherboard is a 64bit . I believe I also need 64 bit Rams , yes ? How does it work with 64 bit MB ? Thanks
  3. Forum site

    Thanks for the inside details guys
  4. Forum site

    Hi... I'm not sure where to post this so I did it here . I'm curious how does one create a forum site ? I want to have my own forum site but I am not sure what steps are needed ? Can you help ? BTW something like this type of forum in the way its set up and operating . Thanks
  5. embed a file ( exe unto my XP sp3 disc ?

    Everything is good , I use nlite and embedded into my xp sp3 disk . I have it now install without any problems . Thanks
  6. embed a file ( exe unto my XP sp3 disc ?

    Thanks for responding, very much appreciated . I have another question . Can I just use this instead unto a floppy http://downloadcenter.intel.com/filter_res...mp;submit=Go%21 My system is 32 bit and I am thinking I can just use 32-bit Floppy Configuration Utility from the link above . Install it unto a floppy and use an external flop drive . I believe if it does load i have to select this >>> ICH8 HBM?AHCI SATA DRIVER Intrl ® 82801HEM?HBM SATA AHCI Controller . Am I on the right page ? Or am I way off base ? Thanks
  7. Hi ... I have a XP sp3 disc which I would like to install or embedded a driver . Its for the SATA Controller driver . I have the file which is in a zip format and when I unzip it become a setup.exe file . How do you install this or embed it unto my xp sp3 disk ? Thanks
  8. RAR files ?

    Hi... I have this program which is split into 5 rar files , is there some way to put these rar files into one single file ? Thanks
  9. Windows 7 Activation keys

    Thanks everyone for your help , I got the 64 activated ...
  10. Windows 7 Activation keys

    So far I was told to try the following but that didn't work I opened a new window and accessed http://technet.microsoft.com/ Once it fully came up, I logged in with an account I have had for years. And then used the 64 bit link from the second post. https://www.microsoft.com/betaexperience/sc...w&LCID=1033 It displayed the error to come back the next business day. I kept hitting refresh.
  11. Windows 7 Activation keys

    Hi, I was able to download it but I need the activation keys , Does anyone know where to get them ? It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide a direct link . Thank you ....
  12. A year later, Vista SP1 or XP SP3

    I have had XP Pro since day one . I installed Vista on a another drive 2 months ago , I can boot up with either XP or Vista . I'm using Vista all the time now . So far I haven't had any problems either . So its Vista for me .
  13. 32bit upgrade to 64bit ?

    Yeah I just notice that when I try to make a copy of the 64 bit using xp 32 . I was told something about booting off the cd . I couldn't install it , I wasn't trying to . I was in the process of a backup dvd copy . Thanks for the tip . I will keep that in mind .
  14. 32bit upgrade to 64bit ?

    No , I only will have one license installment on one computer only . I just wanted to be sure I can use both bits if need to be . Like for instance now I will install the 32 bit and if I ever decide I want to try 64 bit I can using the same license keys . I'm more or less waiting to see how 64 bit will develop . I heard there drivers issues and softwares . I know my computer can install both bits but I wanted to be sure I can use both bits if need to be . Thanks for your help
  15. 32bit upgrade to 64bit ?

    LMAO ... I'm not sure you understood my question . I haven't yet installed either of the 2 bit version . I heard if I install now the 32 bit version and later on decide I want to install the 64 bit version I can using the same license keys , true or not true ? Though keeping with the use of one license install on one computer . BTW I have a full retail Ultimate version Thanks