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  1. ok i tried again ... this the last thing i tried : this is my answerfile e.g mui.txt [Unattended] OemPreinstall=Yes OemFilesPath=".\Retestrak\MUI" <----is this correct ??? OemSkipEula=YES [RegionalSettings] LanguageGroup=1,2,5,6 Language=0409 i put these 2 lines in WPI %CDROM%\Retestrak\MUI\MUISETUP.exe -i 0406 0413 040b 040c 0407 0410 0816 0419 0c0a 041D 041f -d 0409 -r -s %CDROM%\I386\winnt32.exe /unattend:"%CDROM%\Retestrak\Z\mui.txt" /copysource:"lang" /s:"%CDROM%\Retestrak\MUI\" and i still get the same error as in above post can anybody please please help me i'm starting to pull my hair out here
  2. well i created an answerfile etc but when i run winnt32.exe it gives an error thats where i'm stuck e.g need help here is my second line in wpi : %CDROM%\I386\winnt32.exe /unattend:"%CDROM%\Retestrak\Z\mui.txt" /s:"%CDROM%\Retestrak\MUI\MUISETUP.exe" and this is the error i get : i have no clue on what to do next ! i really need help from a pro here ...
  3. i have the same thing... tried qn and qb switch but when xp is installed and i click the icon on the desktop it says preparing to install what the ??? anyone have a solution yet ?
  4. erhm guys ? can i have a bit more help please ? i pasted the following line into WPI to install MUI %CDROM%\Retestrak\MUI\MUISETUP.exe /i 0401 040d 0411 0412 0404 0804 0407 041D 0410 0413 040c 0c0a 0416 /d 040d /r /s but it doesnt install any of the language packs ? do i need to add something extra ? did i forget something ?
  5. thanks for the replies guys that 7zip thingy looks pretty complicated for now (me is noob) so i will try what3v3r's option in any case thanks again for your help
  6. hi guys sorry for asking this probably stupid question ... but can anyone tell me if i can install MUI from WPI ? and if possible how i need to do it please ... thank you !
  7. i am not even thinking about drivers yet...i'm still at the pondering point so how do you make an UA x64 ? copy cd to hdd and make/edit winnt.sif ? or will that not work with x64 ? i wanna start making my stuff too but i think it might be handy if one knew if the process is the same for a normal UA xp and this new UA x64 xp...... X-Savior how did you do it ? can you answer my questions please ?
  8. i was also looking for answers on how to make an unattended x64 version so is this winpe 2005 the only way to make an unattended version ??? you cannot do it like you do with a normal xp ???
  9. problem solved guys strange thing is that dont even know what the real problem was i did everything from scratch and now it works anyway i just wanted to thank everyone here who tried to help me so thanks guys for helping a newbie again really kind of you all
  10. thanks again for the replies guys really nice of you i will try that extra lines in the cmd file, add it and try again hope it works and if not i just start over and try again this is only the second time i try this so i;m still learning i will post back how it went (lets hope it worked)
  11. thanks m8 i will have another go at it this weekend will remove all and start over but again i havent changed any files i only edited the paths in the batch files to reflect my driver folder in stead of the extra oem/bin folder on my dvd i just wanted all my drivers and your packs under one folder namely %cdrom%\Drivers guess i'm just to much of a retard to get it working...
  12. thanks again for your help only thing i changed was the path to my base folder dir m8 i'm very close to giving up right now... is it possible to do method1 or 2 again from the start ? (overwriting this install) if you answer with yes i will just begin from the start but no more changes i just want (wanted) my drivers to install from the dvd like my software and not copy them to hdd first (e.g the $OEM$\$1 folders) if i can start over again i will do it EXACTLY as in the topic posted a few posts above...but like i said is that still possible ?
  13. thanks for the replies guys i'm glad you are willing to help a newcomer i really am i changed my prestup.cmd like you guys suggested and tried again well the "cannot find setup" error is gone now but now i have a new one and this particular error is just plain weird as that must be correct in the presetup.cmd my lines (unmodified) REM +=======================================================+ REM | Trick Windows into identifying the original setup.exe | REM | deleting the setup.exe will not work, just rename it | REM |-------------------------------------------------------| if exist setup.exe ren setup.exe setupold.exe if exist setupORG.exe ren setupORG.exe setup.exe REM +=======================================================+ and look at the error below in the picture can anyone help me on this please ?
  14. no i did not repack your drivers my master driver folder is in the root of the dvd so not even in $OEM$ folder e.g X:\Drivers\DP\herealldriverfoldersfromyourpacks(andmine) must your dp folder be in $OEM$ ??? i thought you could put them in your root driver folder (X:\Drivers\) you see i'm installing everything from the dvd i dont use the copy to hdd first ($OEM$\$1\) did i f*ck up here ? and if so can i resque anything or is it game over ? EDIT : could this work : start /WAIT %CDROM%\setup.exe %* in stead of start /WAIT setup.exe %* just an idea....
  15. yup your driverpacks the folder DP is located in the folder Drivers (root of dvd e.g \Drivers\DP\) i'll add my presetup.cmd to this post so you can have a look presetup.cmd
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