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  1. your installed size is big coz of Page File (virtual memory)

    which is set up by OS itself 1.5 x your RAM (if i'm not mistaken with multiplier)

    also WinSxS component adds another ~500 MB to installed size

    + some others...

    people usualy use DISM to get ridd of such components coz vLite is sensitive in removing them

  2. recently i removed this process and replaced it with "dummy" file that doesnt do thing and unloads fast (dud)

    because verclsid started to choke my PC whenever i was opening/browsing folders with high quantity of HQ/HD images

    (and no it wasnt a virus), anyways now it runs fine without it but since original verclsid validates shell extensions in explorer will it make system unstable or giving possible BSOD's in future ?

    obviously before SP2, XP ran fine without it and this was implemented more for some security check

    but i find that it does more damage when installed than when its not present (atleast performance wise) :P

  3. o you want to install from one sometimes and the other at another time?

    yeah something like that, so i can choose if i want nlited or normal XP install

    i saw many people who used nLite to incorporated on DVD

    XP Lite Home

    XP Lite Pro

    XP Lite x64

    Server 2003 Lite


    and user could on DVD boot select which version to install

  4. so i'd like to have 2 XP installation types on CD (or DVD if its necessary)

    something like

    normal XP

    and XP nlited

    so i'm wondering how do people who modify installs do this ?

    can it be done via some BAT script (the menu and different install type to choose from) ?

  5. frame is in explorer.exe

    under Bitmap section resource numbers 7013, 7014, 7015 and 7016

    but doesnt look it shares the one in logon screen

    as for cursor, take a look in aero.msstyle, under stream section :)

  6. If an application doesn't support DWM, Aero actually has to be turned off so that the app functions, and DWM is all on or all off, there's no breakdown per-app (currently).

    thats odd, look at this screnie from Vista, but same was on Win7

    (disregard the red arrow, i was showing something to my friend via this screenie)

    in any case the MemTurbo program doesnt support DWM so was themed as classical window

    while DWM worked on everything else


  7. so whenever user has to change system protected registry key or entry

    one has always rclick on that key(s) and do this ownership annoyance...

    is there a way to do this via BAT file, but that it gives ownership for COMPLETE registry hives ?

    i know this might be complicated since registry entries are actualy stored somewhere along $MFT$

    so its not just something like taking ownership of single file, but did anyone ever tried this ?

  8. looks to me you used themepack that patched shell32.dll

    you should look into shell32 and see if different icons are init

    if not, go to C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_NAME\Local Settings\Application Data

    and delete IconCache.db file and restart your PC

    if no change, do rebuild icons via TweakUI again

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