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  1. bare with me in this situation :P

    if i didn't install .net (1.1 or 2, no matter), but just copied folders from \Windows\ directory

    (assembly, Microsoft.NET and WinSxS) from another installed XP that had .net installed

    what needs to be done, to "register" that components so windows can see them and use them ?

    and do i need to export/import some reg entries ?

  2. yes i know the last SP is enough

    i was just worried as in past, i came across discussions (on net)

    that some people consider it is safer to do slipstream of SP3 ontop of XPSP2

    rather than ontop of XP RTM

    dunno was it some security issue paranoia or did they had valid reasons

    so i asked here if it makes no difference or is there something init

  3. sorry for sucky title

    i am just curious is it ok to slipstream XP's SP3 over XP SP0/RTM source

    or is it "wiser" to do it over XP SP2

    or it doesn't make any difference ?

  4. so i made custom nlited XP

    but it is too big for CD, ISO gets out as 730 MB

    and looking at these 3 folders in XP install




    they are 50 MB in size, so deleting them would be joy

    but how critical/important are they ?

  5. i tried to have "preinstalled" both MS Word and Excel viewers 2003

    in T-13 time when user can install programs with switches

    these say that /Q is quiet installer

    but they obviously ignore it since i got all dialogs crap and user interaction...

    is there any workaround this ?

  6. reducing ISO size is not that hard

    you can untick few options even in vlite and you will get 1.4 GB size of it

    think its bigger issue to reduce installed size, you can max it to about 4.5 GB

    which to me is still bloat for OS itself

    only eXPerience managed to make it 1.5GB with his tiny7

  7. before ~8 months i made unattended XP install using nLite

    but i noticed that when i wanted to repair OS (not format)

    the option was not available when booting from CD

    is this effect from unattended installs ?

    or because i deleted VALUEADD folder and not included on CD (needed space) ?

    i add my last session just in case


  8. so basicaly, when user enables address bar in explorer

    you get "Address" written

    when you enable for toolbars to "show text labels"

    you get labels below buttons (back forward views...)

    i'd like to remove them - yes i know buttons can be changed to have no txt labels,

    BUT i'd like to replace the labels with blank space (don't ask why :P)

    i searched in explorer.exe, iexplore.exe, shell32.dll and mshtml.dll

    and i couldn't find anything (or maybe i'm blind?)

    any pointers regarding this ?

  9. i have XP SP3 in my VM

    and i noticed that whenever i rename sys file in order to replace it (both in safe mode)

    that OS makes backup in _RESTORE folder (C:\System Volume Information\_restore{F1F7736D-517F-4539-9498-EE266889A1A0}\RP5)

    but why does it OS do, if no restore point is set for that date when files are renamed/backuped ?

    to me it only seems it takes additional space for no reason

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