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  1. Not included in Win2K3 Server. Servers typically sit in cages hardwired to switches. No need to for hyper-terminal. If Windows Explorer does not "see" your USB flash card then you are lacking proper drivers for it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hyperterminal IS included, just not installed by default. You have to manually install it using Add/Remove Windows Components
  2. If you mean to burn the "system" os a CD, so you have like Win2k3 LIVE CD is not possible, because it's far bigger than CD ...
  3. If you're right about event id, then check this http://www.eventid.net/display.asp?eventid...ETLOGON&phase=1
  4. Can't you just take that WS out of the domain and then join it again?
  5. Try replacing the basicwk.inf and then use command SECEDIT /REFRESHPOLICY MACHINE_POLICY /ENFORCE before you do anything make sure you save the current basicwk.inf
  6. How in the name of God do you expect us to help you? Beside that, this is English speaking forum, and postin in language other thank English is not very polite ...
  7. welcome to the club ... yes there is even impossible is possible in IT
  8. On the properties of your network connection (LAN)
  9. Domain controllers should always point to their respective DNS servers. So Win2k should as primary point to itself and secondary to the DNS of the Win2k3. Win2k3 should primary point to itself and secondary to Win2k DNS. Replicate DNS zones of both domains to the oposite domain DNS Win2k -> Win2k3 and Win2k3 -> Win2k then try to create trust it should work.
  10. Well I'm sorry to hear that, anyway, post here a request for basicwk.inf file. This file is the default policy for Windows 2000 Professional
  11. I don't think CALs should spply in your case because all "traffic" will be over IIS ...
  12. You should use Microsoft Active Directory Migration Tool .... consult the following article http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;326480
  13. 169.254.xxx.xxx is windows generic ip address, and means that the machine did not get any ip address assigned by any DHCP router, I guess your problem is related to the hardware, try downloading the latest drivers from DELL's website, or contact their support, you will probably get replacement if your laptop is still under warranty 3Y NBD (3 years next business day) what is standard for that model ...
  14. This should solve your problem, this is the tool from Microsoft that resets policy to the default .... http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&DisplayLang=en
  15. SYSVOL is present only on the server after installation of the Active Directory
  16. well if your zone is called domain.co.uk and you create alias (WWW) then www.domain.co.uk should work as well ... let it propagate over the Internet and then tray again ... propagation can take up to 72 hours and ask your friend to use his default DNS server
  17. mean of connection to the printer doesn't matter at all since you have to create a port that users will use to print to, so printer can be connected as lpt, com, usb or ethernet
  18. Don't bother, the refered guys will eventually find themselfs ...
  19. The only way to fix it is to install correct driver, if there is no driver for Win2k3 or Win.net try to use driver for WinXP or Win2k, if you can't find it, then you know what to do ...
  20. You can log on localy and not onto domain, when you press CTRL+ALT+DELETE, int he third line (Logon to) pick your local computer and not domain, then you can see why you can't logon ...
  21. Can you see the Intel NIC under Win2K server at all?
  22. If your own DNS is responsible for the domain you want to be able to browse, then you must create a Alias (WWW) record on the root of your zone for the given domain ... lets say your zone is called www.domain.co.uk and when you open your zone, you see domain.co.uk _msdcs _sites _tcp _udp domaindnszones forestdnszones first you have to make sure there is host record for the web server. If your server is called Server1 and you can see host record under domain.co.uk then it's ok, otherwise create one. Now create WWW alias record and point it to the Server1 ... update server data files, reload zone, and you're good to go (note that it will take some time untill DNS changes propagate over the internet, so your friend might not see it immediately unless he's using your DNS server to resolve domains on the Internet)
  23. Usually that point to a service that failed to load during the startup, open your Event log and look for errors (Service Control Manager) ... there you should find what service failed to start

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