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  1. Vista format does not support Ghost, simple as that, don't loose time searching for answers to why, it doesn't and that's it. Get yourself Acronis True Image Home or Workstation and you will forget Ghost in no time...
  2. win2k8 RTM just cam out, betas and RCs are not to be compared with win2k3, even though MS for the first time ever, encouraged users to use win2k8 RC in their production environment. anyway, go for win2k8 license, and you still have right to use win2k3 and below should yuou decide that win2k8 is no good ATM.
  3. why would anyone want to purchase enterprise version of the win2k8 server with hyper-v, when both virtual server and vmware server are free produtcs?
  4. as Microsoft MVP you should know that Windows Server 2008 DOES NOT contain Windows Server 2008 SP1, but rather SP1 of the original Longorn code, so the above statement is nothing but hoax.
  5. Since it's the same engine, on the same hardware I'd expect the numbers to be the same or essentially similar. I would think the same, but then, you know MS, suddenly, when least expected, you find out that they have change the rules of engagement
  6. Anyone has any comparison Windows Server 2003 vs WHS? More, how many web sites can be hosted on a WHS?
  7. Again thanks to all for the guidance and I WILL eventually understand this. regedit is registry editor, you have to be very careful when working in registry editor, and if you're not sure what you're doing, then better don't do anything. Anyway, before you do anything in the registry editor, make sure you make a backup of your registry (File - Export - Export Rage set to All) ... the registry change I was refering to just tells Netlogon service not to start before DNS service is started ... As per your 11165 error, check that dynamic updates on your DNS zone properties is set to allow secure, this should allow all computers to dynamically register with DNS server ...
  8. configure it through the DHCP and not on each client ... as per reverse lookup zones, these are mappings of the computer name to the IP address so when you ping the host on the network using host name, DNS reverse lookup zone looks in the table and locate the IP address for the particular host ...
  9. You bet they should, they should pay for the support case as well ... btw mine is
  10. IN most of the cases the following works ... open registry and navigate to HKLM\System\CurecntControlSet\Services\Netlogon and edit DependOnService and add DNS to the list ... this is to be done on the server machine ... Second option might be configuring the firewall if firewall is enabled on the server and/or clients, the following ports MUST be open UDP 53, TCP 135, 445, 1025, 389 ... anyway, check the following link, excellent resource website for any network admin
  11. Well there you go ... try removing the aforementioned registry key and see what happens with event log. As soon as Serv-U service is restarted, the registry key is regenerated, so it looks like the only solution is to remove Serv-U for good ...
  12. Well after almost 2 months emailing with Microsoft Support, we've pin point the problem, and it apears to be Serv-U FTP server. For some reason, when I try to opet any event in Application log, MMC calls Serv-U FTP Daemon as the source for the event viewer! Anyway, MS Support asked me to make a dump file and upload it to them (170+ MB), 10 minutes later, they send me the "solution", to delete the following key HKLM\System\CurentControlSet\Services\Eventlog\Application\Serv-U Ftp Server ... as soon as I have removed the aforementioned key, Application log works just the way it should. I have to try and remove FTP server and install it back on to see if that would help at all ...
  13. When you say power management for the domain, what exactly do you mean?
  14. How did you set up your internet connectin in your router through the NAT or Port Forwarding?
  15. SQL 2005 standard can run on Windows XP PRO with no problems, and as far as I can remember, there was an article on how to install IIS6 (even IIS 5) on Windows 2000/XP. As per why Win2k3 over XP, I see no reason at all, as Win2k3 has more services and processes that run in bg than XP has, but there are still people that thinks that win2k3 runs faster than XP.
  16. I know this, so i found out a website that told how to let domain users log on the server. Nonetheless, assigning the user to the builtin Operator groups: Backup, Server, etc. still does NOT allow them to view docs and archives. you have to assign certain right through ACL on the folders you want users to access, but again, if you can, avoid allowing your users logon locally on the server box.
  17. Domain users shoud NEVER be able to log on locally to the server box, unless using Remote Desktop!
  18. First you need to NAT your connection to the server, or use port forwarding. On the Server box you need to enable Remote Access (Windows key + Pause button, clik Remote and turn on Allow user to connect remotelly to this computer, make sure you select users who should have remote access.
  19. Did you check running services and processes? Have you checked your firewall logs?
  20. totally agree, Mohamed I see no reason why would anyone run any Windows Server as their workstation OS. beside aforementioned, I would say that server OS requires even more resources than ordinary Windows XP, so there is really no point running server OS.
  21. 100% disagree. Yes, router consumes not much power, but if one already has a box running 24/7 (for P2P or as a NAS, video server or anything), then using it as a router/NAT box also effectively consumes 0 watts. A Win2003 box is FAR better than any router I've tried out there at being a firewall/NAT, and trust me, I've tried dozens of them (linksys, dlink, netgear, etc). The dinky little routers just don't have enough CPU power and RAM to handle very fast connections. After 2 weeks or so (using BT and emule and other stuff simultaneously), every router I've owned (WRT54G, etc) overheated, started acting up, and after about a month in total, they're totally fried. Yes, I've tried to open them up, put heatsinks on them, fans, etc. They just CAN'T handle today's broadband speeds. And the switches in most of those routers are absolute trash. Transfers a several GBs across them and they overheat and reset all the time - even then I bothered with routers, I had to buy a separate quality switch so the connections wouldn't drop all the time. The switches inside about half the routers I've tried were totally useless and absolute junk. As for using Win2003 for NAT/firewall, using RRAS I have yet to have any problem. It can definitely handle what a router just CAN'T (lots of simultaneous NAT sessions, high speeds, etc). It's a pretty solid/good firewall too (most firewalls in basic routers are a joke, they rely on NAT more than anything as a firewall, and NAT is NOT a firewall). If that's not good enough, then ISA Server on Win2003 is arguably the best firewall out there - definitely better than ALL consumer routers out there no questions asked! (If one doesn't like that, then there's tons of very good linux based firewalls too). Consumer routers suck. I've given up on them a while ago, and I wish I had not wasted as much time and money on them. you have right to disagree, but that doesn't mean that you're right! ... anyway, I wasn't talking about Linksys, dlink nor netgear consumer routers, but was aming at Cisco, Zyxel or Netgear semi-pro or pro routers, liek Zyxel ZyWALL 35, CISCO 800/1700/1800, Netgear DGFV338, all these are not so cheap and not so expensive routers that will do things any Windows or Linux box will never do (without third party sw). I've used so many different routers in past 13 years, and have tried so many different configurations on both Win and Linux boxes and was never as good as a real router.
  22. Few days ago while I was trying to open Application log in the Event Viewer on the Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard SP1, I've run into error message as follows: The suggested solution, didn't help, the only available article about this issue is KB915797 and even though I did what they suggest as Continue running and always ignore errors with this snap-in and later installed suggested hotfix, nothing has changed. I still can not read Application log, while other logs work just fine. If I try to point blank and try to open any event in App log I get the well known error Event Viewer has perormed an illegal operation and needs to close ... I've even reinstalled MMC 3, but that didn't help either. Anyone else seen this before?
  23. Yes you can but router doesn't take that much power anyway (approx 7-13W) and Win2k3 box will never do the jos as good as real router uneless a third party software is used ...
  24. np m8 EDIT: Here is a bit more clear, same page, just scroll all the way down ...
  25. It might work for his purposes, but it's hardly the same as a "normal" license either (no production environment). And low CALs indeed... Regardless, AFAIK the Action Pack does NOT include SMS. Now you're pulling something out of context, it is considered a production environment that's outside the scope of the software's intended purpose, not just production environment. I've talked to MS about this, and it means that you can't use Windows Server 2003 to sell hosting packages but of course you can host your own web site as long as you don't make any profit through the website itself (i.e. selling products). Not to go any deeper into discussion, you're most welcome to contact MS regarding this issue. Here is the number I've used +45 80886347

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