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  1. It's stable to me now Just integrated the SoundMax ADI drivers for my HP Notebook (Intel P-M). I named the 7z like this: DriverPack_Sound_Soundmax_Extra.7z To make sure it gets extracted AFTER Sound_A and Sound_B are extracted (wich happens in alfabetical order)... and guess what... I heard the Windows-startup sound! whuaaa Just tested and sounddrivers are installed! I followed the tutorial to do this. --> Perhaps this is the solution for others as well, see the attachment! just add it to your: \UWCD\OEM folder (the folder where you can see all other driverpacks as well). It is very small: only contains the files the .INF needs! Some Notes: This Extra driverpack contains the following: ADI Soundmax Audio Driver for Windows 2000/XP version (12 Mar 04)link Wich is the newest for my laptop... HP seems to update their drivers frequently when there are new drivers for the chips available... I suppose this is the most recent one. Good luck! Now only need Ati Mobility support Download the DriverPack_Sound_SoundMax_Extra.7z ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: the version of the Soundmax driver in this Extra driverpack is NOT listed in the "Supported Devices" table of the Intro.htm file > Driverpack B! The table contains: 01/13/2004, 10/01/2003, 08/29/2003, (CH5 & SIS) 08/29/2003, (CH4) 07/15/2003, 04/24/2003, 06/23/2004, The one in the Extra pack is (as stated above): 03/12/2004, Perhaps this is the missing driver?
  2. I have a question.... I made a 7z of my chipsetdrivers (VIA 4in1)... but I'm wondering... is it useful to do this? Do chipset drivers actually get installed?? As far as I know... they don't... since there is no hardware detected by Windows that needs a driver.... Also I read somewhere, agp Gart (part of chipset installation) has to be done manually.. Know I think this goes for the whole chipsetdriverpack.. BTW I am creating a driverpack for my Soundmax chipset (has the portcls.sys error). Following the tutorial but have a question. in '[sourceDisksFiles]' the file smx.cat is not mentioned. But at the beginning of the inf it IS mentioned. Also I know from old modemdrivers, where there is an .inf file, there is a .cat file. So I assume .cat files should always be included in the driverpack? [Version] Signature="$CHICAGO$" Class=MEDIA ClassGUID={4d36e96c-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318} provider=%ANLG% DriverVer = 12/17/2003,%DriverBuildID% CatalogFile=smx.cat
  3. Why not use Foxit PDF Reader? just 1MB!! Adobe Reader uses more then 30mb... all unnessecary! lots of unnessacary files... Foxit works just like Adobe Reader.. so you perhaps wont notice the switch! No need for installer, just unpack that's all.
  4. you know... about that tutorial... it seems so oeeehh bit difficult and much work... but it is SO easy and little work... thanks for the very good explaination!
  5. Ati Mobile support! great! Can't wait! I am ready for testing!
  6. Djeezz. why again such a method??? There is an extremely simple way to create your own costumized profile... by starting firefox in defaultprofile mode... it is easier, more simple and you can make less mistakes... no need for all that code!! it is also very easy to update your profile if you want some changes. this method is explained here on msfn... do some search
  7. uhm interesting idea! I know how to make 7zips... and I found the presetup.cmd in the UWCD\I386 folder. So if I understand correctly, all I have to do is add the last line in your code just as you did. Hmmm! Unfortunately I am copying a DVDmovie to a singlelayer disc now on the laptop... with Dvdrebuilder and cce, will take whole night to finish so wont be able to test today... BTW this is also a GREAT idea to add other drivers isn't it?
  8. This can easily be done by a regtweak, will post when I found it. About Imagedrive not working (driver cannot be installed) Did you remove SCSI/RAID drivers with Nlite? That could be the problem. I will test this today. I also had Imagedrive in my package, but don't really use it... you might want to take a look at VirtualCD (made by CloneCD and original CloneDVD people). But ofcourse the aim is to get everything working here... also Imagedrive! I can't really help with Nero Wave Editor... I never use that tool, there are WAY better tools (search for the old Cool Edit Pro 2!!)... but it seems need some ActiveX thing to be registered...
  9. OK thanks, then I won't remove them with Nlite.. Do want to have a uniform disc that works with all pc's ofcourse btw... djeez.. so many many different drivers... I am VERY happy with your great work on these driverpacks!
  10. yes I had B as well, just tested with A 5.03.1 and B 5.03 and same blue screen portcls problem. Will test without B tomorrow! EDIT: Still have the blue screen Tested with a clean copy (no BTS integrated before) of my UWCD folder, integrated all drivers except sound B. So only used A 5.03.1 Still have the portcls.sys bug.
  11. Hi there `Felix`! I haven't been on a Nero topic for a very long while... Didn't know people were so busy with this method! The script you are working on is great! Now I have asked the original poster of this method (in Dutch forums) about Coverdesigner, you cannot start Coverdesigner from Nero Express/Nero Burning ROM, will give error Coverdesigner is not installed. (From Menu Start you can start Coverdesigner) I don't know if your script has solved this problem, the original poster said he knows how to and would post it sometime... so if he does I will let you know. Also, I've read in vcBlackbox topic he had trouble creating non-compliant (S)VCD with this method... well I've never done that before... so don't really know how to fix that... if it has to do with Recode I assume it is fixed with your script. anyways... if there are still some strange bugs, I'll see if I can help or ask the original man in the Dutch forums! GOOD WORK!
  12. I didn't know I had lost some functionality... Just read all the pages, Felix states recording a non-compliant SVCD or VCD simply fails with my method... didn't know about that either! I might consider using the 0byte method instead... but personally I never bumped into any problems with my method... maybe other people who use my uwcd will btw just read felix' topic... hahaha I haven't been on topics about Nero for a very long time I guess.. many things have changed... didn't know about felix script! So forget my comments!
  13. As many may not believe... even Nero Reloaded doesn't really need installation... check here.
  14. @vcBlackBox: There is a faster (simpler) method for this, wich doesn't use 0-byte files or a script... I explained it here: Shrinking Nero easily without Zero-byte files This method is based on the fact Nero doesn't need installation at all... only extraction and some registry entries. I don't really understand why people still use the 0-byte method It would make your guide easier and ofcourse no new script is needed when a new version comes out
  15. According to the First Post, this should be all you need to associate Winamp with Ogg: REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\.ogg" /VE /D "Winamp.File" /F But that's not necassary anymore, Alonoll's Winamp MSI is already associated with it... but NOT with FLAC! So would this be all I need to associate Winamp with FLAC (I have the FLAC plugin): REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\.flac" /VE /D "Winamp.File" /F I can hardly believe it... just one line!? Does anyone know a regtweak to associate Nero Express with Empty discs (Autoplay)?
  16. I have the portcls.sys problem on my HP Compac nc8000 Laptop (ADI Soundmax). I have WinXP SP2 with Ryan updatepack 02-05 NL version. Used ALL the driverpacks. I've made a photo of the blue screen.. maybe this will help solving this strange problem: http://img180.exs.cx/img180/4705/portclssy...nc8000adiso.jpg (the error report is in Dutch... but it is a pretty standard report..) OOH! I used DriverPack Sound A V5.03 !! Had to be more patient for V5.03.1 ... Will test again tomorrow. BTW: to update, I can simply replace the file in the folder of my UWCD: UWCD\OEM\DriverPack_Sound_A_V503.7z With the new file?: UWCD\OEM\DriverPack_Sound_A_V5031.7z
  17. OK thanks for the info... I haven't used BTS driverpacks cos I had problems with them in the past (v 2.xx) but can't be compared with the driverpacks now.. this is really great! Just made a new Nlite 98beta5 disc, gonna test that first then apply all the driverpacks EDIT: Is it smart to remove the Display Drivers and Display Drivers (Old) with Nlite, if I use both driverpacks A and B? To save space? Since I suppose all thinkable Graphic cards are supported by A and B. Display Drivers (old): contains drivers for S3, Cirrus, Number Nine, Diamond... I guess I could ask the same question for Ethernet (LAN), Wireless Ethernet (WLAN), Sound Controllers!
  18. I've never seen that odd warning... Hey Alanoll, I am starting to encode my cds to FLAC now.. and discovered Winamp does not associate with FLAC... (even if I have a modified winamp.ini)... perhaps that could be fixed?
  19. Hi there, I am very sceptic about this driverpack. the graphicscard in laptops are modified versions, drivers from www.ati.com and www.nvidia.com don't work correctly, are instable or just wont install on laptops... since the laptops manufacturer brings out his own drivers. I have the HP Compaq nc8000 wich has the Radeon 9600 with 64mb memory. If I install Ati's drivers... windows will give bluescreen hang after restart... I have to use the drivers on www.hp.com Anyone have the same experience with laptops?
  20. Hi there, Alanoll, please DO NOT update the msi to 5.08e it is the exact same as 5.08d, the changereport Winamp has given for the e-version is a copy of the d-version, there are NO NEW FIXES in 5.08e!! The only difference is, it is now impossible to play WMA DRM files from Napster. so no new bugfixes in 5.08e!! The reason the changereport contains 'fixes' is because otherwise nobody would use the e-version. If you have 5.08d, you already have the newest version!! Alanoll, please don't waste your time with 5.08e!
  21. Hi ZileXa, This is the method i have been using and it is working like a treat! One issue that i thought i would raise is that this will only work if you are installing your applications to drive C: I have been experimenting with installations to drive D: but as yet have not come up with a simple solution. We could extract the contents to a tmp location and then copy to the right locations - D:\program files, D:\program files\common file and c:\windows... but i am looking to see if we can make it more simple than that. Will keep you posted. Simonsay >> Very good guide dude! simple and straight forward as i have found with all your guides. keep up the great work! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Uhmm, the method IS working if you install on different drive then C:... Because I use this: 7za x -y -o%systemdrive% %cdrom%install\Nero\Nero.7z so the 7zip file is extracted to the %systemdrive% wich is the partition Windows is installed. the 7zip contains the folders Windows and Program Files. So this method is drive-independent. But perhaps you want Nero on a different drive than Windows (I can't think of a good reason to do this, since almost EVERY program adds some files to you Windows folder and ofcourse to the registry... so putting your programs on a different partition than your Windows installation is useless... you cannot restore just one of these partitions and expect everything to work). But if that is the case... just create 2 7zip files... the 2nd one extracts everything that would be in Program files\Ahead to (for example) D:\blabla. Ofcourse you see now this would be useless, since Nero also has files in Program Files\Common files!! Even if you just run Nero installer and select D:\Blabla as destination, it will put files in common files\ folder.... btw this method -not using 0byte files- works fine with! (see post #216).
  22. well with Alpha I mean Final... not something worse then Beta but see for yourself on the sites... I have never heard people complaining about ffdshow... just plays everything you need. with the other pros mentioned... I don't see why one would still use codecpacks... perhaps if one doesn't believe it can be so simple.
  23. if you use MPC... you don't need all this..
  24. ffdshow not stable? there are unstable beta versions available... ofcourse beta software is unstable.. If you use the latest alpha release from the official site, it is perfectly stable... So don't use the 2005 versions that can be downloaded from several sites... but use the final alpha version from the official site--> DOWNLOAD: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.p...ackage_id=59355 there are some threads here... but they are mostly about the 2005 versions: http://forum.doom9.org/forumdisplay.php?forumid=54 and general info about why to use ffdshow instead of codecpacks: http://www.divx-digest.com/software/ffdshow.html
  25. I think this is only necessary for people who install those "Mega Codec Pack"and other useless(!) stuff.. The ONLY things you need to PLAY everything: FFDshow, Real & Quicktime Alternative, Ogg codecs (www.illiminable.com/ogg/ (also enable theora and flac support). thats really everything you need. the advantages are, no need for installing lots of things you don't even know (that's where the TESTpage is handy!) and not only that... FFDshow uses less resources and is the best to play your videofile... these are facts... so there is no reason why not to use it!

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