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  1. natan- If I've already d/l the files from your server the first time I created a DVD, are they useable again, or must I delete them & start all over downloading it all again? If I can re-use them, how do I go about doing so. many thanks
  2. For me WinAmp 2.91 +Shibatch123 input plugin & directshow32bit output plugin, audio formats only MPC & VLC for video WMP completely removed from my system. Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra - no applefruit in my house!
  3. ...& extremely easy to slipstream yourself!
  4. XPize site working fine here. Sweet Xpero!!
  5. natan unfortunately for me, I've just redone my system using the Nlited XP disc I created. Have you tried out SysAngel using an Nlited i386 folder to see if it works? I didn't take out too much stuff, mainly non needed drivers & WMP 9 (although I should have left it in as I have had afew video playback probs using MPC. I wish I had another puter to use as a "tester box" so I could experiment more. Hoping to hear some success stories here!
  6. Well, I had just created my new RC5 Nlite edition & wanted to try it out with SysAngel DVD, but I kept getting a message about it was looking for a certain size i386 folder, and would not let me use it. So I had to go back & pull out a vanilla version of an XP i386 folder for this DVD build. So I dumped my Nlited folder, preventing me from checking the criteria you listed for it to comply. AS far as language packs, selecting them at the beginning would be great. EVen though most of the people who have an interest in this project do have broadband, the Tweakers Credo of "less is better" is true! So less "stuff" to pull down before building a disc, the better. So haing an "Options To Install" menu, if it can be done, would be fantastic! Also instead of including the biggie Adobe Reader, why not just the cute. small Foxit Reader?
  7. I installed & ran the program today. Quite amazing. One thing I think that would be helpful would be to have a language selector at the starting point, so that you would only d/l the one language version specified as there seems to be lots of different language version of things downloaded, which make the creation process drag on, as does the downloading . And if there was ever a way to use this with an NLited i386 folder....
  8. natan - this is quite a brilliant app & I am planning on giving it a try this weekend. Thanks for your work!
  9. Have you actually examined that iso in ISOBuster or similar to see what exactly is in there? I've never heard of anything like that. If you have your Nlite & required files/folders separated from anything else that might somehow get associated with your OS creation, it just doesn't seem possible....
  10. Prefer Registry Mechanic, but have also tried the freeware Easy Cleaner w/ great success. And of course CCleaner, but only for junk removal not registry stuff
  11. I just wish that there was more backwards compatability with apps that use it, as half of tem that I need only can use 1.1, while others (such as Nlite) can ony use 2.0...
  12. CBC

    Nlite's home?

    Google is your friend
  13. Is that a request or is it a demand? The author kindly provides this FREEWARE app, complied in his spare time. It'll come when it comes.
  14. Been using this one at work. So far, me likes. No illiume, but nice & ergo-y http://tinyurl.com/7matl
  15. AV- Avast Free Video playback = MPC and/or VLCMedia FW = sygate free version DVD burning = Prassi ONES CD burning/conversion = Burrrn / Burnatonce Winamp 2.81 for tunes
  16. Clear your browser cache first, maybe. Works fine here to via Opera
  17. VLC Media Player &/or Media Player Classic
  18. Word up on Ncab! If you are installing Nero, that IS the way to do it!
  19. yipes! 522 MBs? Saw that on another forum. Think I will stick w/ Prassi ONES
  20. to the OP, you also might consider at some point updating to the latest version of FF 1.0.6. You listed 1.0.4 as your version
  21. Goodness me, the thread that never dies! Still sounds like smoke & mirrors to me. If the makers of this Ultimate AntiVirus Program wanted to seed opinions, they would make a beta version available to many many testers to get real time test results "out in the field". There are enough ways to protect your precious proggie from getting bootlegged and still allow people to use a full version of it to determine if it really IS the cat's a** or not. All this BS about "live meetings" watching a computer screen demo is silly. Put up or shut up. B)
  22. I've been a fan of Sygate Personal FW for a while now (freeware). No breaches ever since using it, along w/ Avast AV
  23. As dman & others have said, I too try to maximize the use of open source/freeware app wherever I can, and for the most part, this is what I use. I also make it a point to donate when I can to those freeware authors whose softs I can't live without, such as NLite, SVC2DVD, etc. In regards to music, I do d/l tons of it over time, but end up jettisoning most of it. I have pretty "eclectic" tastes, and am always searching for that New Sound. The 'net opens a window on the world's music to me, which is unattainable any other way. I find that many of the artists that I discover & enjoy are not available to me in my retail outlets, so it isn't always possible to buy them, but I do try, since an original CD copy will alwasy sound better than compressed music files. I find most of the online music stores too restrictive in how I can use the file I've paid for, & often offer crap quality to boot. In regards to movies, I rent DVDs and go to the theatre when the movie I want to see is playing, but again, my tastes in film are rarely supported in my locality, so I turn to the 'net & that open window again. Movies , I feel, are a bit different for me - I do not often watch the same movie more that a few times, so unless it's A Classic, I will seldom buy retail DVDs. Just not worth the $$ for something I'll rarely view again..

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