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  1. just like the rm,wma,and some other video type ? which player is ur favorite???
  2. I think the problem is the line and the jack would be damaged.check the things
  3. u can add one/two/three NICs in ur comp,then set the ip address in them,it's easy to run
  4. change ur browser!!!try it or u will always find if there is something wrong with ur machine just try. the bandwidth int the morning is big because the using amount of users is little,the day ,^_^ in contrast.... try the commands ip/renew /config /release in the cmd window.... but in my opinion,u must check the opera goes will with ur machine(hareware & software)
  5. open the gpedit.msc to modifly the shutdown permission of the other users with admin login
  6. just like silent installation,you can type the command like "setup.exe/?" or "friefox.exe/?" at the cmd mode... usually the silent installation command is the setup file+/s I hope I can help you
  7. all of you is so kind.....I am a newer to come here... wish I will have many friends
  8. I am Chinese,after I read all your topic and replies I felt the translation system is too poor to read.. ....ok,now I'll tell you all that the problem by 1st floor "When I want to compacte the win2k3 install,the compaction system goes to be ok.but after I update the IE sp1 of simplified Chinese ,the control pannel cannt open and the right boutton of the mouse isnt wrok" ok,that's the problem. hope u now over it 我是中国江苏的,你是哪里的

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