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  1. The current beta version (v. 1.5) works quite well in Vista 32-bit (MSDN) (I'm running it ATM). Only problem is you need to get it from Connect and it's not a public beta. //Jacob
  2. You need to call Microsoft technical support. They'll help you validate your Windows (provided it IS a genuine copy, needless to say). This support is free, sometimes even genuine copies of Windows XP do not validate for various reasons, however, as I stated above, this is a problem you can get support on. Regards /Jacob
  3. I should add: yes recommended to install the SP 2. After applying SP 2 you need to apply all other updates - the list is long - probably about 38 additional updates - then you should be fine
  4. Why would you want to uninstall the updates - clearly, the KB913446 is a security update - I'd strongly recommend not to uninstall these updates - is it that you suspect they create problems on your system or whatever unclear reason??? - Regards /Techniquefreak
  5. Depends what machine you use it on... On my dell cpi-a xt400 400 Mhz 128 Mb ram machine server 2003 works better than xp pro or 2000 pro ... (of course when tuned as "workstation") ... Suprisingly though...
  6. Hi fellas. I wonder if you can install from the win server 2003 disc the enhanced security hardening that's installed by default when installing server 2003 ... ? And how? - any ideas, anyone ? Kindest Christmas regards - Jacob Title Edited - Please follow new posting rules from now on. --Zxian
  7. - or use the analyze tool (as in perfectdisk - and go by that) ebvery now and again ...
  8. @kimokid Thanks will try that - and btw - welcome to the forum
  9. Hi fellow forum members! I just setup Win XP Pro (reformatted) And I wanted to make it real slick ... So I thought (and I'm sure others had the same idea before me) why not make the first account that's created immediately after setup a standard user account instead of an admin account. There's always the hidden admin account anyway, so this shouldn't really be a problem. Or so I thought. You see, when I open users tab in control panel and choose that account - named after setup - which defaults to administrator type account - I haven't the option to change this account to a user account, even though there's also the built-in administrator here ... So - in short - how can I achieve what I want to do? Thank you.
  10. try the shared computer toolkit - might be too big a mouthfull, though
  11. Ah well, he's not really asking for warez - as it'd not be warez if you're a technical beta tester. Lord-Beldingfield - your hope is that you might get accepted at connect.microsoft.com but chances are narrow. Other than that you'll have to wait until a public beta arrives. It'd be warez if you get it via P2P or other "unoriginal" sources - note that it also needs activation - so w/o a legal key you'll only be able to use it for 2 weeks - so better apply, wait and hope you get accepted ...
  12. @xiaoyouke - Please refrain from posting questions so hard to understand - if you don't get a proper answer at iexbeta you're probably not going to get one here. We'd sure like to help, but we need to understand your problem - so please take care and write in understandeable English - thank you. Reference: http://board.iexbeta.com/index.php?showtopic=59431 Regards.
  13. Well Jeremy - I'd say that's a bit blunt to state that it's a bad software ... It's regarded highly by many people interested in security issues - so if sanjaykumar likes SS I'd say it's better to resolve the conflict between SS and autoit ... wouldn't you agree ?
  14. Ahh yeah - thanks Jeremy - me wasn't thinking clear - done that already just wanted to know how you guys come past this kind of problem. It'll do fine I guess - duh!

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