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  1. what he said! Many thanks for your efforts!
  2. any new news for the next (stand alone) version?
  3. CBC

    ryan vm hotfix pack

    Actually it depends on when you grab the update pack. He usually updates all the MS Update Tuesday fixes pretty quickly Anything that's missing is available from MS or windizupdate
  4. excellent! Very much looking forward to your "stand alone" version. I'm currently using the FlyakiteOXS, which I like a lot, but the main draw of it is the RK launcher. I love the dark themes of yours, so will be switching to it, & using Rocket Dock instead.
  5. And just think of the Points you will earn with her once you do that!
  6. bee-yoo-ti-full! Very nice work! :thumbup
  7. Looking forward to this! Loves me some black theme-age!
  8. Not sure if this helps, but found it in ubuntu forums https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/initra...ools/+bug/47197
  9. oddbaskets Royale Remixed & Firefox w/ Pitch Dark Theme
  10. Thanks titou for the updated version!
  11. I always wonder why when people ask about "increasing performance" they then ask if doing this or that reduces bootup time? What does that have to do with *performance*?
  12. Digerati said: "BTW I am considering creating a guide/topic for "getting the most out of MPC" soon when I learn a little more about some of its advanced options. " Looking forward to that! I use both VLC & MPC
  13. I've used Avast Free for several years now, & like that it can also monitor email, iweb, and newsgroups (or not, if you so wish, by changing the settings) & it updated right at the startup of my PC. But the most recent version seems to not stay enabled after it booted up, so I relectantly switched to AntiVir for a bit. This one also seemes to work well, except that it wait a while to check for updates & then throws up a big popup screen right when you are in the middle of something. Got rid of it & am currentl usign AVG Free. I have never seen any isssue with resource hits using any of these, & have not had a virus on my PC since the late '90s. My PC is due for an XP "refresh" soon, so I will probably try Avast back again. I'm a little suprised on how many do not use any, but to each their own.
  14. Thanks for the laffs guys. We haven't had a "The sky is falling, THE SKY IS FALLING" thread in a while.
  15. Might also take a look at Preassi ONES, with a very simple GUI, & super small footprint
  16. you: releasing the v1.0 final of Nlite me: having 2 weeks off work with nothing to do R U a mindreader? many thanks for your hard work & patience thru all this time
  17. Prassi ONES - small, uses low resources, doesn't have all the bloat of others, & cheap to boot!
  18. maybe you could just add a couple of different ones to select from during install? Just something a little purtier than the current one..
  19. seconded! That default one is...well....ok, I guess, but....lol
  20. nice looking, I guess, but seems to be a bit pricey. Plus it having all 800mm fans versus 120mm fans is a minus(smaller = louder). I'd look for one w/o an included PS & then buy a known solid performer. I've read some bad comments on Aspire PSs jmho
  21. hmm...links no workie... Download => http://www.windowsdream.com/dvdgen/download.html News => http://www.windowsdream.com/dvdgen/news.html erm....now they do ( 4 seconds later) lol
  22. You definitely can and should reuse them! Regards Natan So will the DVDGenerator ask to be pointed to them when I run it? (sorry have only used it once, can't remember the program sequence)
  23. I had the same issue, even though I had .NET framwork 1.1 installed when I installed Xpize, and I did not get any warning messages about ot having 2.0 at that time, but only when I attempted any Setting changes. I'd have thought it should have notified me about 2.0 at that point, no, as Xpize seemed to work fine under 1.1

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