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  1. i just want a good anti-virus software that uses low system resources..and i want my laptop to run smoothly....... i have a fresh install of xp pro now.. i use windows firewall and previously i used kaspersky pro 5 but i experienced lag when booting up xp...takes ages to load at startup..i tried msconfig to disable some unesserary apps i just want some tweak...that will make my laptop run smoother...and some low resource security appz if anyone could state some good performance tweak that would be great.....ive checked out the one on www.msfn.org already.
  2. hi just would like people input on good applications such as firewalls,,anti-virus etc that use low amount of ram.startup is quick etc feedback would be great
  3. hi i have a fujistu laptop siemens 1.4ghz 256mb ram 40gb hdd its pretty bare specs....i want to know if anyone could specify any good software with low resources..that dont use too much ram

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