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  1. It's not the sites, i've never had a site crash Opera yet (except Flash garbage, but the garbage flash plugin hangs not the browser itself). It definitely has something to do with the messengers since they're basically a styled window of IE.
  2. There are no "early signs" on my machine, yahfoo messenger just crashes, sometimes i can just restart it, sometimes it takes Opera with it and i can just restart both, sometimes it brings the whole system down. Besides, i don't want to be able to do a regular reboot when this happens, i want to avoid the reboot altogether. I'll watch the GDI+ resource usage with KTM to see what's going on, but chances are i won't be able to see much before it crashes, when i'm not even able to bring up the Close Task menu. However since yahfoo is 99% IE, i think i have my answer already - i need an alternative client. However none of the ones that currently exist seem to work properly. togermano, since it seems you didn't understand what i said, 98SE has severe issues with my wired network card. When i download something everything starts stuttering, from sound to mouse cursor. WinMe has this issue too but only at high speed on torrents, where i usually leave the laptop alone anyway. I don't want to carry a wireless router with me, and using the modem is NOT an option.
  3. If it's something with "gen" in the name on a file like that, it's probably a false positive. Upload the file to www.virustotal.com, you'll definitely get your answer there.
  4. togermano, please don't post if you don't have anything useful to say. It always did that, it's been doing the same crap for over 5 months since i installed Me, just that i only bothered to post it now. Opera 9.5 works fine, i've tested it, however i have no reason to switch from 9.27 as the new tab bar design looks like s*** on Win9x. I removed the ads in yah messy now, i think it's the first time i bother with them. Maybe it was the stupid flash ads causing the trouble, time will tell.
  5. I dunno what might be causing this but i get random crashes having to do with GDI+. It has to do with running Opera and Yahoo Messenger together for extended periods of time (more than an hour). Sometimes only Yahoo will crash, sometimes it takes Opera with it, sometimes the error occurs in Explorer, which brings a chain of Win3.1 style error boxes and BSODs which eventually take the whole system down, requiring a hard reboot. System info: Laptop in sig. OS info: Windows Me with Unofficial Service Pack, latest Uberskin and KernelEx 0.3.5. I'm positive the problem has nothing to do with UberSkin, and it occured with earlier versions of KernelEx too. Program info: Opera 9.27, Yahoo Messenger Opera never crashes on its own and i hardly have any other troubles with the system. Edit: No Miranda please.
  6. CPUIdle is especially useful under Win98, the Percent-CPU available is displayed in the system tray and helps to decide whether the system is hung or doing something. CPUIdle v7.5.0.10 also works fine with dual-core CPUs under Win98 (I am using Pentium Dual Core E2200 & Core 2 Duo E4400). Wait... Win98 doesn't support SMP processing therefore it has no idea about multiple processors, so it can't use dual-core CPUs either, it only uses one core. How can CPUIdle access both cores?
  7. You can burn the image onto a DVD instead of a CD, it loads much faster. Downside is you're going to need a DVD reader (obviously) and you're going to waste quite a bit of space.
  8. It's not the drivers. I've had that too... You have to wipe your whole HDD and let Vista partition and format it.
  9. If virtualization sucks for you it means your Mac sucks at doing it. On the computer in sig i have no problems running 98SE, XP 32-bit and Vista 32-bit virtual machines, all at the same time, using the crap Virtual PC. It can't do 3D graphics as the video card is emulated, but does pretty much everything else. Only gripe i have with it is that the sound stutters like crazy in XP and Vista, it can't even play a **** wav file right. In 98 it's alright, but still has the occasional hitches. You are right, the graphics card is going to be your main issues. Also, i don't think you have a plain AC'97 codec, you have a HD audio codec which is a totally different beast. That will be pretty hard to get going under 98 too.
  10. Virtualization is your best bet, 98SE doesn't even support multiple CPUs so you'll only be using half of your C2D. It will run XP tho...
  11. It's like that because just about everyone was still running 1024x768 back then.
  12. WasteGate, look into Windows Me. It'll solve 90% of your 98 trouble.
  13. 2x Western Digital 320GB SATA II in main rig and dual PIII respectively, 1x Western Digital 200GB SATA I in mom's rig, 1x IBM TravelStar 30GB in laptop, 1x Seagate Barracuda II 13GB in Pentium-MMX 200 @ 292MHz (DOS gaming and bootdisk development rig).
  14. I second crahak's configuration, and if you're not going to overclock it the stock cooler for the E8400 will do. However a Scythe Ninja could take that CPU without even needing a fan, and get some nice clocks out of it too. Those chips get to 4GHz without a sweat, a E8400 is listed as my next upgrade too. For a DVD-RW i'd go for Lite-On, nothing else, and for a cheap but reliable PSU i'd go for Fortron. If you want very good quality, go for a Corsair HX620 and you won't be needing anything for 5 years to come.
  15. Can you give the full specs of the machine you have this happening on? The solution i'm thinking of depends on what resources your BIOS assigns to the card.
  16. Just stay away from Uniblue products. I use CCleaner because it's free, and RegCleaner by Jouni Vuorio (no longer developed but still good) to clean up what CCleaner missed.
  17. If you build your own you can get better parts for cheaper. Now OEM computers can be described in only one word: CRAP. It's not like in the old days when they were tough and extremely stable. They're flimsy, cheaply built, come with a lot of bloat, overheat, and the companies have lousy support on top of that. PS. If you get a Phenom, get a quad not a triple core for god's sake. It's like what, $15 extra.
  18. Make sure it's properly plugged into the PCI slot. If it's an onboard it might be defective.
  19. Well, 4.3.2 works fine for me, and i'll just keep it that way. We're not certainly talking about qemu then.. How much memory have used to run your virtual machine? Trying to use 512Mb of emulated RAM on a machine with 128Mb will certainly cause any emulator to run sluggish because it will be using memory paged file. Honestly i don't remember, it might be Bochs i was talking about. To answer your memory question, i have 496MB RAM in my laptop (16MB is used by the onboard video) and i allocated 192MB RAM for XP in Virtual PC. Me still runs fine and XP is fast enough to serve the purpose i installed it for: run the 2D 9x-only game i patched for XP and that i have to test a bit more till i release the patch. For now Virtual PC works and that's fine with me, i have no more HDD space left to mess around. One strange (but welcome) thing is that Me boots a lot faster since i installed Virtual PC.
  20. QEMU could barely handle 95 on my laptop... Good news is i got XP installed under Virtual PC 4.3.2 and the startup procedure is simple - set date back a few years, start Virtual PC, set date back to current time, boot XP and enjoy. It's pretty slow, but not to the point that it becomes unusable. For example i can type this reply just fine without the text box "falling behind" my typing. I can even play a little 2D game. Also pointer integration and shared folders work perfectly, and networking too as you can notice. It does not make Winamp stutter on the host machine either. Success!
  21. I'm an Opera fan so we'd have the same "what's the best browser" arguments again. Use whatever other browser you like, just stay away from IE.
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