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  1. IE has always failed all security tests including real-life ones. Why does this seem surprising to you? Fiddle around in the settings and get a higher security level by disabling ActiveX and such things, and see if it passes it this time (i doubt it though).
  2. This is somewhat true. Windows 9x doesn't support a system idle thread therefore it used 100% CPU all the time, however this didn't make much of a difference in the temperature of the CPUs it was originally intended to run on, and on laptops it's already implemented at hardware level. Also for some reason a system idle thread is reported in Process Explorer in 98/Me, i don't know if it's true but it seems to be working. I have reasons to think it's commanded by the BIOS in my laptop though, as running CPUIdle makes absolutely no difference in idle temperatures. On AMD Duron and Athlon CPUs there is an advanced software cooling mode which can drastically reduce the temperature of the processor - it can make the CPU up to 30 degrees cooler. This is not enabled by Win9x as it's a chipset option AMD forgot to document, and the 2k/XP system idle thread doesn't help much either. Programs like CPUIdle are able to program the chipset to turn this mode on, which greatly reduces the chip's temperature under low load.
  3. Wrong. CPUIdle and similar cooling programs work with all the idle CPU time. Unless you're running an application that takes 100% CPU it'll provide improvement.
  4. If you get this error the CD is still blank. Are you sure you actually burned it and not somehow made a simulation burn instead?
  5. Vista 64 is MUCH faster than Vista 32. I used both systems and HATED Vista till i got 6GB RAM and installed the 64-bit version. Even with only 2GB, the x64 version still feels faster. On the other hand, there are a few annoying compatibility issues. But if you aren't playing older games and have all cards supported under x64, go for it. For example my TV-Tuner does not work under x64, but it's no big deal, i didn't watch TV anyway.
  6. Well, it might work if i find a way to install it. It asks for a trial serial number i have nowhere to get from, and i didn't find the retail version for download anywhere. Edit: I found a trial serial number for 5.1 and installed that, but upon restart windoze gave me a BSOD saying "While loading device NTKERN.VXD: Windows Protection Error. You must restart your computer." Luckily i was able to reboot in safe mode and uninstall it... Close call. Edit 2: Got a trial serial for 4.3.2, but of course, it's expired. Well, i set the date back a few years and it works.
  7. Oh well, mine was... And as far as i remember my dad bought it separately, it didn't come with the computer (it wasn't an OEM computer anyway), so i suppose it was retail... But i might as well be wrong, it's been a while since i've seen that disc, i only used my backup copy in the last few years.
  8. Great one man. And you know... In Vista you can't do those things even if you NEED TO.
  9. Opera is the fastest browser ever made, the only windoze browser faster than it is IE5, which doesn't support half the sites today. Dunno where you tried it but i've been using it for 3 years and it always felt faster than Firefox. Maxthon has no adware, neither 1.6.3 or the latest version have any adware.
  10. Bah, Firefox with low RAM and slow CPU... No go for sure. Try Opera 9.27 (not the latest version 9.5). That works pretty nicely.
  11. The Windows 98 CD should be bootable by itself. It shouldn't need a floppy.
  12. Of course i don't mind. However, i think you have to agree that the current RP7 logo is way too simple. Yours is a bit too bright, otherwise it looks nice.
  13. The VM OS, only effective if it's 9x. But just use Rain, it's free. http://www.benchtest.com/downloads/index.html @ herbalist: A 366MHz Celeron runs at room temperature no matter what you do to it...
  14. Good news. If by "Direct Burn" you mean copying from the source media without caching an image first, that's always a bad idea as if the source drive stumbles upon an area it can't read, you just wasted a perfectly good disc.
  15. ALSA drivers for obscure soundcards are way too buggy, if i'd port something from Linux it'd be OSS drivers. Edit: I checked Device Manager and there's nothing on port 220, irq 5, dma 1. So how the heck does Windoze do its soundblaster emulation? I removed the BLASTER variable and the sound is still fine and dandy, so it must be a driver thing. But how the heck could i intercept it...
  16. Here's the deal. I have a Toshiba Portege 4010 laptop which has a really crappy ALi sound chip. Well, actually i think that just the drivers are crappy since it uses an AKM DAC (good quality chip), and the Linux ALSA drivers expose some hardware functionality which is not available under Windows, but that's a different story. Okay, back on topic. Under Windows Me DOS games have Soundblaster sound, more or less buggy but they have. For example Warcraft II sounds perfectly, while sound in Tetris Pro (i have to admit this one IS really fussy) stutters like crap. While under pure DOS there's no more soundblaster... And there are no DOS drivers available for this chip. What puzzles me is how soundblaster emulation is possible under Windows. The sound drivers are WDM, and from my past experience i know that if you want to play DOS games under Win9x you NEED VxD sound drivers. As you guessed already, there are no VxD sound drivers for this chip... What i want to do is get sound under DOS, but obviously for this i'll have to port the drivers. And as i'm not much of a coder i don't think i could do it by myself, also, i don't think it's possible to make a WDM driver run under DOS. I read around and found out that all that the DOS "drivers" do on modern cards is activate built-in Soundblaster emulation. As it is available under Windows, i think i may be able to enable it under DOS if i find out the right hardware programming routine - but how do i gain access to what the sound driver "talks" to the hardware? Awaiting ideas...
  17. As far as i remember there was a fixed exe for XP. Try this: http://www.hoho.nu/system/files/carma2_hw.zip
  18. New drivers don't bring any extra performance on the FX5200, just use the older ones.
  19. I posted there, let's see what he thinks about it.
  20. Well, all your INFs are in the "All" folder inside the ZIP archive... That wasn't so hard, was it?
  21. No problem at all. Expect an update, i'm not done with that XP logo yet. Edit: Found a SVG version of the XP logo, with transparent background and no shadow. It allowed me to do this: Shall we call it final? Edit 2: I liked this one so much that i threw some XP in my WinMe KTM logo too. Check it out:
  22. DOS games have been always meant to be ran in pure DOS. But you are right, if there's one thing Me can't really do is run DOS games when under Windows.
  23. That's really bad news. Hope they recover somehow... An Intel monopoly on the CPU market doesn't sound good.
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