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  1. Yes, the formatted size is 1.38MiB (FAT12). Maybe it's not part of the spec, but since when did we care about anything but usable capacities of our drives? It's the same as saying that a 305GiB drive is actually 320GiB (the marketed capacity).
  2. Uh... The 1.44 meg floppy is actually 1.38MB, not 1.40. That of course, if you're not using a hacked filesystem.
  3. You're actually supposed to install the sound drivers first as those are updated less often, so try and install them. I'll look around to try and solve the video issue. Edit: Try those video drivers: http://www.tweakforce.com/modules.php?name...nload&cid=7 The one you should download is "XTreme-G 174.16 XP 32bit". Let me know if it works. If the XTreme-G drivers don't do the trick, ask in the www.laptopvideo2go.com forums, i'm sure they can provide you with a working driver for your particular laptop.
  4. You're lucky, as it wasn't supposed to work. It doesn't run on my friend's vista ultimate (32 bit) laptop... But why do you need updates for Office?
  5. Depends on what country you're in. But jeez, i didn't know the ROS team's legal obsession is THAT bad. I didn't see any nix people sued for using FAT partitions...
  6. heres the partt number PSPBUE I did try AIDA but it couldnt see any graphics card Display Adapters 8600m GT Installed driver nVidia Forceware 156.64 Under PCI PnP Audio it says Realtek ALC268 @ Intel 82801 HBM ICH8M - High Definition Audio Controller Report from Everest http://rapidshare.com/files/100387911/Report.htm.html Hang on, i'll reply to you in a few hours about the video driver issue. For now, try installing this for audio, it should work okay. So what does it tell you when you try to install the latest Nvidia drivers?
  7. None of the known overclocking tools is compatible with my PLL chip, believe me, i've tried. I've been overclocking for a few years and i know what i am doing. Thanks for the tip on the updates. As for networking, DHCP is disabled (IP set manually) for my LAN, but there's no way in hell i can do it for wireless, as its job is to tap into random connections when i'm on the move. I tried disabling the pagefile, but eventually programs will start crashing with invalid page faults, which mean they're out of memory. If you meant letting windoze manage it by itself, i don't like my pagefile getting fragmented in 2000 pieces, do you? Edited first post, KernelEx isn't to blame for those text errors.
  8. Not much info given, please get Everest Ultimate (the trial version will do), and tell me what it shows under Display Adapters and PCI/PNP Audio.
  9. Wow, nice work you have going here. I'll test it on my laptop too these days and let you know if there are any bugs. I third the idea of DOS scandisk being the worst disk check utility ever. I think the DOS versions of Norton Disk Doctor or Disk Minder from Network Associates's Nuts & Bolts are a million times better. Those two programs are old enough to be classified as abandonware, and are pretty tough to find too (particularly Nuts & Bolts), so why don't we patch one of those in one of the 95/98 service packs? It takes just a rename.
  10. Stupid question, but are you sure it's not the CD or CD drive at fault? Also check the HDD for bad sectors, MHDD is a great freeware utility and runs off a bootable floppy or CD. If you need any help with it just ask me and i'll help you out.
  11. First of all i'd like to congratulate all modders here for their hard work, you truly breathed new life into my laptop. Then a warm welcome goes to the Romanian contributers i've seen around, i'm here to join you guys. Now, the lappy specs: Toshi Portege 4010 PIII Tualatin @ 933MHz 512MB SDRAM 16MB Trident Cyberblade XP video ALi sound 30GB IBM HDD Onboard everything, LAN, WiFi, infrared, SD card slot, blah blah blah ~5 hours runtime with 2nd battery installed A little background. I used to run XP on this thing, but it became slow. I tried Puppy Linux, was nice and fast just that the Linux Trident video drivers hated my chipset and i found myself hitting CTRL+ALT+Backspace (restart X server) way too many times. So i decided to revert to my long-time favorite OS, 98SE. I found this forum a while ago, and was astonished of what you achieved. I knew i had to test it, and this was the best opportunity to. Enough blabber, now on to the reports. I installed all the drivers and IE6 SP1 first, then DirectX 9, then 98SE SP 2.1a from here, then RP7, then KernelEx, then 98SE2ME, then Maximus-Decim's native USB drivers, then the Vista Drive Icon. Oh, and then Opera, my favorite browser. RP7 bug reports: The webview text doesn't always look nice, but that's a known issue. Sometimes, a maximized window will go over part of the taskbar, even though it's set to always on top. Probably due to the bigger taskbar size of the vista theme. PS, anyone have a thin taskbar/title bar vista-ish theme? Taskbar buttons don't flash when an application requests focus. After installing 98SE2ME, when the shutdown dialog does the transition, instead of the effect, the screen turns white and only the shutdown dialog remains. Not affecting functionality, but not exactly pretty. 98SE2ME bug reports: Diskeeper's MMC component will repeadetly crash in wininet.dll if i browse through the help files (not that i really needed them but had nothing to do) when defragmenting. Funny though, i hit Close and the program continues working normally. A few mshtml.dll related crashes after playing Moorhuhn, i'll try to reproduce them and post details. Uh, those: I have uninstalled KernelEx and the text issues are still there, so it must be 98SE2ME at fault. Now for a little question. When i rebooted my laptop, it said something about some updates that are going to be installed after reboot, on two occasions. Updates to WHAT??? Since when did 98 turn into XP? Okay, enough bashing, in for the good stuff. Your awesome work proved me that the crappy video chip in my laptop is worth something, as now NFS Porsche runs smoothly maxed out at the screen's native 1024x768, as long as i keep it in 16 bits color (a Trident chip running properly at 32 bits? Never.), while in XP it only ran smoothly with medium settings at the same resolution. Quake III also hums along nicely at 1024x768 16bits with medium settings, while in XP it could only do 640x480 at medium without lagging. Pocket Tanks Deluxe runs ultra-smooth, while some weapons' explosions lagged massively in XP. Have yet to try Worms Armageddon, but that ran perfectly anyway. The RP7 functionality is awesome, the themes rock, and i never imagined i could have thumbnails, audio and even video previews in 'doze 98. Impressive work Tihiy !!! Can't wait for RP8 to come out! Oh, and did i mention how fast this thing runs now? Boot times are kinda the same as XP, around a minute and a half (probably coz of the delay of the wireless card trying to get an IP while i have my internet wired at home), but once it reaches the desktop everything flies. Also, it rarely hits the pagefile, i set only 256MB as opposed to 512MB in XP, and i have yet to see it use even half of that. The huge disk cache you set has a positive impact on every program's performance, honestly i wouldn't have set such a crazy amount myself. Also, the drivers have a few neat features i didn't see in XP. The infrared port has a handy icon in the system tray, from where i can enable/disable it, send files and disable plug and play for infrared so i can transfer files to/from my cellphone without installing any drivers. I didn't have those in XP, and the infrared would always stay enabled and searching for devices, chewing on my battery life. There is also a power saving mode for wifi, where the wireless connection is slowed down to use less power. I didn't have that in XP either. The only thing i miss is the dynamic switching of SpeedStep under load on battery, now the applet only has "Performance" (always high) and "Battery Optimized" (always low), therefore i have to keep one extra icon in my systray to switch when needed. Oh well, that's Toshiba's fault, not yours. Once again major kudos for those who made this possible, and see you around. Sorry for the long post, hope those reports help. If you need any more info such as crash data and more screenshots, i'll be happy to provide them in the corresponding topics.

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