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  1. If you intend to play HD video in 9x you're crazy anyway, so you most likely won't need it.
  2. SpeedFan does not read C2D temps properly. Ever heard of CoreTemp or RealTemp? I want a shot of those. And oh, you can encode x264 videos just fine... at 3 FPS. Wow, that's an amazing processor you got there man! Also Vista Experience Index scores don't really mean anything.
  3. If you read the whole paragraph, i had removed the IHS entirely, yet i was still having the same issue. Dell's laptops are pretty good. Their desktops suck balls. Toshiba sucks in every aspect, Acer used to suck hard now they semi-suck, Lenovo isn't what IBM used to be, and that's about it. Benchmarks... Bah. All Core chips score high numbers. But no benchmark is able to measure the "feel" of the system. For the end-user that only does basic tasks with their computer, that's what matters the most. And WEI scores are so easily faked.
  4. Maybe i'm just an unlucky bastard, however, the E2180 was the first CPU that i ever had trouble with. Just curious, what temps do you get on that stock cooler when overclocked? I doubt they're very pretty.
  5. 16W RMS on small 2-way computer speakers blows them. You can get 96dB out of them before they blow, however, you can't call that music.
  6. Very helpful. For a LAN router, the only services you need to keep for networking are Network Connections (to be able to configure your connection) and Network Location Awareness (so it doesn't always show "Acquiring Network Address" if you like to keep those little blinking icons in the status bar).
  7. The OUTER part of the hard drive is faster. And HDDs read from the OUTSIDE IN, like old vinyl LPs and unlike CDs. Gotcha there. Problem: The file exists. But it doesn't work. The E2180 processor... It IS a piece of junk. Mine was running at 75C load and was crashing, regardless of how many times i reseated the cooler (Scythe Mugen). I lapped the IHS, still 75C load. I REMOVED THE IHS, still 75C load, **** it! A couple months later it just didn't turn on anymore. The E6550 i bought then runs at 60C loaded at 3.5GHz. And you should stop arguing with Poolsharkzz. He isn't right in everything but
  8. By putting it onto the OS drive it'll be after the OS files, there will still be head travel between the OS files and the pagefile, and on top of that it's also in a slower area of the drive. And it'll still not be any closer to any other files... Well, partly yes. But Vista x86 is SLOW AS HELL, and can't use more than 3.25GB RAM on my machine. What i don't get is if WOW64 has the same files as Vista x86 (which it does), then why doesn't it work for 32-bit apps the same way Vista x86 did? As about OllyDbg, yes, it's 32-bit. But how the heck am i supposed to debug 32-bit programs with a 64-bit
  9. By putting the pagefile on the C: drive he put it in the fastest area of the drive. Having the pagefile all over the drive and fragged into a million pieces is slower than that. I do not agree with FAT32 usage on a XP system however. The Network Location Awareness service? I never had a problem with my connection icons getting stuck to "Acquiring network address", since i have them hidden anyway. If you know your connection is fine, why have those blinking thingies there all of the time? UAC? Well, i thought of it as a good idea. But when i saw it throwing prompts about confirming control pa
  10. Well, let's see if it'll be of any help. Here's how my registry key looks like: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile] @="Application" "EditFlags"=hex:38,07,00,00 "TileInfo"="prop:FileDescription;Company;FileVersion" "InfoTip"="prop:FileDescription;Company;FileVersion;Create;Size" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile\DefaultIcon] @="%1" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile\shell] [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile\shell\open] "EditFlags"=hex:00,00,00,00 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile\shell\open\command] @="\"%1\" %*" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile\shell\runas] [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile\shell\ru
  11. It has nothing to do with codecs. I admit i haven't tried VirtualDubMod, i'll try it when i get home, thanks. jcarle, that was not my point. I rarely run all 3 VMs at the same time. And with this you're also contradicting yourself, you said that Vista runs well on your system even with a hundred processes running. My point is - i shouldn't need to do half my work in the XP 32-bit VM. About the BIOS thing, i'll try that. And shall i hope that the Adaptec SCSI controller magically vanishes from my Device Manager? Edit: No it did not. And it still takes over 2 minutes to boot if i enable it. And
  12. I think there's a higher chance that you didn't disable the right items in the BIOS more then there are that XP was detecting disabled items.Fine, genius. BIOS shots coming right up. Point out what i did wrong. You know what, i was lying about the batch files. I rarely do things like that, and only do them to people who know what this stuff is about. And if you leave a big "CLICK HERE TO MAKE THAT WORK" icon, you can be sure everyone's gonna notice it. I don't walk around my neighborhood tweaking XP installs either. On the other hand, if someone asks me to, i do it. Look at my sig, first co
  13. Well, of course it was machine-specific. Are there any "generic" computers out there? As a matter of fact i had the SCSI controller disabled in the BIOS, but XP was still detecting it. And of course tweaking services takes you away from the "out of the box" configuration, it lets you set up your system the way you want it, and use only the parts that you really need. I don't exactly tweak a lot on other peoples' systems, i said so above. I don't have time for that anyway, but i ask what they run and only turn off a couple of things they really don't need, and also leave batch files for re-ena
  14. I don't see where i got emotional... Anyway, i'll be leaving. See you later.
  15. I don't follow BlackViper's guide blindly. Actually, when i first messed up with services i had no idea that such a site existed. Okay, let me give you a real-world example. My dual-PIII used to take over 2 minutes to boot, and most of that 2 minutes the bar just scrolled and scrolled, with no HDD activity. I opened up Device Manager and disabled the onboard SCSI controller that i wasn't using since i have a SATA card. Now it takes 40 seconds, half of which are the hardware checks - Windows itself boots in 20 seconds. In your opinion, should i be so nice to let Windows handle it, and enable th
  16. I've only seen the mouse/video feedback issue on poorly shielded homemade audio amps.
  17. Wow, and i thought people here actually knew what they are doing... The Killer NIC is one overpriced marketing gimmick. It is cool if you want a mini Linux to play with inside your computer, but it won't magically lower your ping. And it would be $230 vs free, which is an unfair comparison in itself. If you do not game any, and listen to music through $10 PC speakers, onboard will do fine. When you get a decent speaker system (and i don't mean Logitech) the difference is obvious.
  18. Such as? A lot of talk but no hard examples. That happens if you don't read the service descriptions. When i disable stuff on other peoples' computers i only disable those that i'm sure they aren't going to need, and ask about it. "Do you need LAN networking" "No, i only use the internet." 2 services less. And i leave a little batch file. "Well, if you're ever going to need it, run this and reboot." No one ever called me back saying stuff doesn't work, and i've done quite a few installs. That's bad luck for you. The furtherly tweaked TinyXP Platinum 2 install i have here on my dual-PIII is
  19. I used to as well. But onboard chips have evolved a lot. You don't need a pair of $1k video cards, as a matter of fact i couldn't afford to spend more than $250 on my video card. However, a $40 card still runs circles around your onboard, uses the same amount of power and can provide useful features like HDMI output for a big display, you said you are watching HD video yourself.
  20. Why do we all need to move up to 2GB RAM? XP's minimum requirement is 64MB btw, and it actually runs with lower than that. And his uncle's mobo doesn't even support more than 512MB. Do you think everything that Microsoft makes is perfect? If it were, nobody would've been tweaking it as we would've been all happy with it out of the box. I've been a happy TinyXP user for 2 years and continue to be. My retail copy of XP (which i bought only after SP1 came out btw, i ran 98SE till then) has been sitting on the shelf for a lot of time. And my retail Vista Ultimate 64 has been nothing but a waste o
  21. Orthos by default runs with LOWEST priority, meaning it'll give away CPU power at any time to any other program that might need it. I want to see a Priority 9 test. I never said all onboard chips are bad. Onboard VIDEO still sucks though.
  22. Agreed 100%, Poolsharkzz. I've ran underpowered computer systems for a long while till i finally saved money to afford a proper rig. And i've learnt a lot this way. It's funny how the mods of this forum reply to any affirmation not matching their views with "Are you drunk?" or "I agree, but what happens later?" I am a moderator of a forum myself. And when the admin promoted me for helping out people and being nice, i saw that as a huge privilege. And i still enjoy moderating to the day, and actually keep on topic, and when i give warnings or bans it's because they deserved it. Of course, to mo
  23. Well, my bad then. I didn't update to SP3 and have no intention of doing so.
  24. Poolsharkzz, some of the services you listed are Vista services, and he runs XP. You'll want to fix that. Agreed on all the rest, and you can have a XP computer with internet functionality AND themes with just 11 processes running. I've done it several times.
  25. I use FREESCO. www.freesco.org
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