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  1. Sorry for the bump, Well I chose the XPS 630. It's HUGE compared to my old Dimension. I gettin it back tommarrow. I'm getting the software installed on it right now. I decided to get Home premium instead of Ulitimate. It's a beautiful machine. I won't need to configure any features to run Crysis easily. I planning on getting WoW, Halo 2, Crysis, Age of Conan, Grid, Crysis Warhead and Sins of Solar Empires and GTA IV when it comes out. I passed off GTA IV thinking a PC expirence would be a great way to try the XPS. I'm not really into hardware, I'm more of a software guy, so I chose not to build, but this would be a great computer to start building off of. Recommend By Games For Windows: http://www.gamesforwindows.com/en-US/Hardw.../GamingPCs.aspx And Game Informer(Srry can't find link it was removed)
  2. Rockstar has annonunced yesterday that the hit game Grand Theft Auto IV, is coming to PC late this fall. I have a 360 already but I think this is a great move.
  3. On my old computer I used Avg, now I use Norton/Windows Defender. Can't recommend them but WD is pretty good. I think I'm going to switch back to the newest version of AVG.
  4. Lol, you should avoid Vista mate, it's a catalogue of problems, from my experience. If you have GOW or anything, my Gamertags Andrew932 (not very original) add me:) Yes I do play GOW and my gamertag is AeroFusion.
  5. You'd need a **** good PC specification for that all on High settings, I don't think there's a PC out yet that can handle it on V.High. True, then you just need to wait for Crysis 2 which is suppossed to be more flexiable (which is coming out in Fall)
  6. Ok her is the deal I barely ever use Windows messager or Windows Live Messager and I am most of the time signed out. But when I turn on my CPU and get to the desktop I always pops up, both of them. I share this computer with some of my family so it annoys them also (They log on to my user because all of their files are on mine) so is there anyway to disable it from poping up without uninstalling it?
  7. I was thinking of getting a new Desktop (Because mine is very old). But I don't know what to get. I game alot and I am a internet junkie. I was thinking of getting a HP Pavilion Elite m9300z or a Dell XPS 630 there is also a chance of me getting a Gateway FX because it's cheap. XPS- $1099 Pavilion-$799 FX- $799
  8. Crysis, CoD4 and Halo 2 are good ones.
  9. Yep. I had also heard on E3 that Microsoft will release a new version for the 360 with more gigabites.
  10. Hi, My username is AeroBlade and I was looking for a good computer software forum and found it. I am looking to switch to Vista soon but I am no sure. I enjoy playing my Xbox 360 on xbox live. So hi

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