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  1. Hello! I can not install KernelIEx on 98se2m/xp .Error: "Failed to opoen backup file C:\windows\kernelex\kernel32.back Posible causes: previous version not uninstalled correctly or file has been deleted. Restore C:\windows\system\kernel32.dll manually from install media." But in C:\windows\system I found kerne32.dll vesion What I missing and what can I do ? Please any idea ? Thank you! Geo
  2. I have same symptom. The last DR.Watson :WATSON.txt Thank You !
  3. I have folowing detailed error: SETUPKEX caused an invalid page fault in module SETUPKEX.EXE at 016f:0040541d. Registers: EAX=00000020 CS=016f EIP=0040541d EFLGS=00010202 EBX=00530000 SS=0177 ESP=006371e8 EBP=006371ec ECX=00000020 DS=0177 ESI=822fc064 FS=2a0f EDX=00000020 ES=0177 EDI=00000000 GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: 0f be 11 85 d2 74 0b 8b 45 fc 83 c0 01 89 45 fc Stack dump: 00000020 00637268 004059b3 00000020 00637240 00000020 00400000 00409048 00637220 00000023 00000027 00000053 00000004 bffc0684 00409060 0063733b Thank you for your reply!
  4. Hello! I have Asrock 4CoreDual sata2 r2,98se/2me,rp9,2Giga Ram,Kex 4.4.2,nvidia 6200 . I want to update to Kex 4.5 beta2 , but at setup it give me error. To install must special unistall/install operation? Anything I miss? Any idea? Thank you! Geo.
  5. Tested on 98se2me, SP3b3,2GiB ram,NVIDIA Fx5200,RP9.03. Now menu Restart in MS-DOS works normal ! Tank you Tihiy! geoc.
  6. I installed RP9 on 98se2me 2GiB NVIDIA Fx520 128Mb(driver 81.98). All programms works well and nice! Menu shutdown and restart works normal with RP9. Menu restart in MS_DOS don'work.Without RP9 or with uberskin restart in MS-DOS works normal. Many thanks for your RP9!
  7. I want to buy mobo asrock 4core dual-sata2 r2.0, p4 631, 2G DDR2 to install w98se/xpsp2. For video i have asus v952o-128m(nvidia fx520).Would be any problems with drivers for: -video; -usb; LAN ? Any helpful recommandation.Thank you! geo.
  8. Folder Windows\Inf has a lot off olds files.I removed all mdm*.inf files.
  9. Very interesting thread! For UssersAsist it is util Mru-Blaster.You may remove at every startup. I remove with RegSeeker also AOL,ATM,ATT,CompuServe,Prodigy,OLS,Telnet,from registry.
  10. @T.N.G.O.G No! No! No! Please, don't install this... Here is a best version of SP. Really. Fastest & has better icons. LINK: http://upload.net.pl/index.php?p=2293 Interesting SP but we need english version,at least for Notepad.
  11. Partition saving http://www.partition-saving.com can save also mbr. I made w98 backup with this dos/windows program.
  12. RegCompact from that link seems to be simple and utile, but on 98se2me/xp after reboot it creat an error and must reinitialisation 98 system.What it is wrong? Also after initialisation the registry were compacted. Edit: I installed RegCompact in another folder (d:\ProgFile). Now RegCompact installed in C:\Programs Files works without error. Thank you for that program!
  13. Time to boot: 35s.Dual boot , Firefox preloader 98se2m/xp 800Mhz 512Mb Time to shout down:7s active internet windows.
  14. Thank you again Marius 95. The driver was already installed,and works well till now(two weeks ). I hope the problem was solved.
  15. Thank you for replay Marius 95! Test program PCI 32 shows that after reinstalling: Vendor 1106h VIA Technologies Inc Device 3106h VT6105 Rhine III Fast Ethernet Controller ..... Revision 8Bh, Header Type 00h, Bus Latency Timer 20h Minimum Bus Grant 03h, Maximum Bus Latency 08h ..... Subsystem ID 01061106h Unknown Subsystem Vendor 1106h VIA Technologies Inc Address 0 is an I/O Port : 0000C400h Address 1 is a Memory Address (anywhere in 0-4Gb) : DE000000h System IRQ 11, INT# A .... May by the card has a problem(equiped with VIA VT 6106L chip).The driver is for all family vt6105/6106L/.Internet works well ,but I think the problem is not fixed(sometimes new network device detected). Any solution to solve/change this situation? Thank you!
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