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  1. 9.0c is included in XP SP3 if i remember right...
  2. The later PIIIs don't shut down when they overheat, they throttle aka run slower.
  3. Err... The newer drivers introduced hardware vertex shading, which is a totally different thing from TnL. I linked to a single post in that thread, and could care less what the rest of the thread said. Taken from OFFICIAL INTEL SPEC SHEET: http://www.intel.com/products/chipsets/gma950/index.htm There. Now you'll say that Intel themselves are lying in their specs? And where do you get this from? Refresh rate is response time?...You are totally, but totally wrong there... totally . The response time determins the maximum refresh rate, and the maximum FPS rate that the monitor can actually display. Running a lower refresh rate is only going to make things slower. You can contradict me all you want, i'm off to patch some stuff in a game, see you tomorrow.
  4. If you install Puppy to HDD you won't need to remaster the disc. But yes, if you can find drivers for all your hardware and don't mind a little compiling from source, it is a great mini-distro.
  5. Th3_uN1Qu3

    AMD Cool'n'Quiet

    CPU-Z, period. Since when did CnQ need a driver? As far as i know it just needs to be enabled in the BIOS, XP has no control on those settings (although Linux and Vista do).
  6. Well, it wasn't me who recommended a full reinstall or slimming down XP... I just told him what should be removed and what he should replace the removed stuff with (if needed). That, and a defrag does the trick in most cases.
  7. Don't bash Lite-On. They're the only optical drives still kicking in my rigs. I agree on the Memorex discs though, they had a bad batch which fried a couple of my old LG CDRWs - after burning those they would only burn at 8x regardless of media.
  8. Funny how you're talking about this but don't say a word about the cooling needed. Cooling has evolved. Today's big coolers are big because of the "silent PC" trend, and it's really better that way. I've had 4 P4s, still have a 2.4GHz Prescott clocked to 3.6 in mom's rig, and man does it run HOT despite it having a properly sized cooler fitted. The Northwoods were alright, but i remember the 3.0GHz HT Prescott. Its stock cooler went up to 5400rpm and sounded like a jet taking off yet the chip ran at 72C in the summer. A ThermalRight XP-90 took care of both heat and noise, and it's a cooler that can cope with any current dual or quad-core CPUs, just that it doesn't fit LGA775 as far as i know. Too bad i sold it a few years back, it would've done a nice job in mom's current PC. Did you ever see the coolers for the 45nm C2Ds? I thought "man, those look like they were pulled straight from a 486... Yet they're quiet, and they cool the chips just fine at stock speeds. When you're a computer enthusiast and like to squeeze every last MHz from your chip, of course you're going to need big coolers, it's always been that way. But the stock LGA775 cooler can even keep quads within their normal temperature limits at stock speeds. I can't say that about the P4 Prescotts. http://www.tgdaily.com/2006/07/12/epic_integrated_graphics/ You speak about integrated graphics. Intel's integrated graphics is what they always were - RUBBISH. You can't expect an integrated graphics solution to run demanding games. Intel's current CHIPSETS are awesome. Oh btw, your link is broken. Wow, SiS. Don't remind me how incredibly s***ty those were. There's nothing stopping you from buying a dedicated audio card if you're not happy with the onboard. And onboard audio has really evolved in the past few years. It's meant to provide a cheap HD-compliant audio solution for people that aren't audiophiles or performance gamers, and does that very well. Which is just an example of how you can. Of course you can. But such a rig is not everywhere, and it's not the standard. Of course. The Core Duo series is based on the Centrino architecture. But there's more than Core Duo out there, and generally the heat rises exponentially the more cores you have on a CPU, which means more cooling, which means more power consumption. The Q6600 eats less power than a P4 Prescott, and that's a FACT. 4 much more advanced cores using less power than a single core. Sure, the C2Q takes up 30W more than the C2D, but it's got double the processing power. And it STILL uses less than the P4 Prescott. The Core architecture is based on Pentium M. Centrino was a mobile PLATFORM, which contains a Pentium M CPU on an Intel mobo with an Intel wireless card. That once again shows how misinformed you are.
  9. TnL only enabled in later drivers? That means EMULATION... It only does software TnL and shaders. http://forum.notebookreview.com/showpost.p...amp;postcount=2 As about only needing 60Hz on a LCD, well, the only LCD monitor i have is my laptop's display. AND refresh rate = response time, so your 2ms monitor will be useless if you only give it 60Hz refresh. That is because your CPU is able to do all the work. I'm sorry to say, but you are wrong here. As Zxian pointed out, in this case it's not about the power output but the effciency of that particular PSU.
  10. You do know that for PCI-E you'll need a new motherboard, right? The 8600GT is not supported on 98 (and it's a piece of junk, i've had 3 of them die in 8 months), i'm pretty sure of that. 7 series cards should work however.
  11. GMA 950? Sheesh. Go away! It can't even support proper refresh rates... It has absolutely no TnL and pixel shaders, so it can't even apply video filters in hardware. Nice. The Rage chips were good, don't compare them to intel's GMA rubbish as they are a heck of a load older yet still had more features (considering their age) than the GMA.
  12. No, the C drive isn't part of the local system. Never. I agree on the older versions being memory hogs, but as i've been an Opera user for 3 years and counting, i don't have anything else to say.
  13. System Properties -> Hardware -> Hardware Profiles has what you need.
  14. The HD3450 will do fine. Onboard video started to suck since they started using system RAM, and they have sucked ever since. There is a reason they are not present on regular ATX boards anymore.
  15. I love it when people post before they even read the first post in the topic. He can't get any more RAM, and HijackThis shows that he had Firefox open at the time he posted...
  16. I'm not even sure if he has AOL. If he doesn't, then he has one more reason to remove that ViewPoint service. If he does, then he has one more reason to get a better ISP.
  17. I have a stack of dead LGs in the corner. All my Teac and Lite-On drives just keep going, and i never ever paid more than $80 for an optical drive.
  18. A hosts file is enough, if he uses that he won't need SpywareBlaster as it does exactly the same. As of the other ones, never heard about them and i have yet to be hacked, so i doubt they are useful. One thing i don't like about the hosts files is that they block all the free porn... TCP Optimizer: Have had mixed success with it. If he's on 1mbit+ broadband it won't make much difference. PC Decrapifier - when i saw that a "Purchase" button exists i closed the page. From what i read till i closed it it looks like CCleaner for money.
  19. Lite-On please. Otherwise you'll be surprised that after a few months it doesn't read half the discs your old drive handled just fine.
  20. Well, it's needed for using a function of AOL, and AOL is adware in itself, so it doesn't surprise me at all.
  21. PowerStrip is your best friend. It allows for custom resolutions on ANY video driver.
  22. Recommending CCleaner is a great idea, also BlackViper's services configuration guide is the best on the web. But some things he has might not uninstall if he starts tweaking services, so i'll drop a few more hints in. After you get rid of all the Symantec junk, also uninstall that ViewPoint thing if you don't have AOL as your internet provider (and if you do, please change it ). PCTelspk.exe is also safe to remove if you don't use the modem. Get rid of Adobe Reader and install Foxit Reader (same functionality and a heck of a load faster). Then run CCleaner, follow BlackViper's services guide and defrag. That would be about it.
  23. Yeah, and good luck finding double-sided 256MB SDRAM nowadays, i know how hard i've looked till finding 4 of them for my dual-PIII... Oh, and 512MB is the maximum memory size for the i815 chipset, do your research before you post.
  24. Poolsharkzz, i boot XP in 40 seconds, half of which are the hardware checks... And it's nothing much, it's the dual-PIII rig in my sig. If it took 2 minutes i'd start ripping my hair out. @ topic: Norton. No. Nooooooooo!!! This is the main reason why it is so slow. Uninstall it and see the difference. NOD32 is a very good and light antivirus.
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