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  1. Thank. Do you have plan to do a AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi switchless intaller ?
  2. the /Silent switch does not install the sponsor
  3. The topic is "Is it Safe to Use Windows 7 RC as Main OS?" not about your concerns
  4. 7 is pretty good. +1 I wont get the chance to try vista SP2
  5. I checked the release notes for SP2 since the begining and I knew that I won't need to test it because it is just some new features. I'm using 7 as a main OS and only minors problem so far that i can deal with.
  6. The hardware may affect a lot the result.
  7. Why do you care about boot time ? It is not something you do every day, this is pure marketing speech
  8. Hi, i don't figure out what is the problem exactly. My laptop doesn't enter in screen saver mode despite I turned it on. Is there anything else to do ?
  9. Thank. yeah this is what i saw. it's all about the bit rate.
  10. +1 utorrent forever. I can't understand people still using azureus, vuze, bitorrent...
  11. As the topic says, i need some information. let's say we have a file size of 300 M, which one use more bandwidth ?
  12. NoScript ABP Hide Favicon Hide Menubar Stylish Download Them All BetterPrivacy Glasser FasterFox Lite TextLink Password Exporter MegauploadNotimeautodownload
  13. Yeah i got this error too with ajua switchless when i tried to sign for the first time but you try one more time it works.
  14. you do not have to worry about the command line above with mst. Just execute it and it should work. but to answer your question you can use Orca to make mst file. Ajua provide a skype lite you can use it because it is switchless installer. The only difference with mine is that i don't install the plugin manager.
  15. The RC build 7100 will be available next week for us MSDN and Technet
  16. usually i get skype.msi for business on skype website and use their own command: start /wait msiexec /i SkypeSetup.msi INSTALLLEVEL=1 STARTSKYPE=FALSE ALLUSERS=1 TRANSFORMS=:removeStartup.mst TRANSFORMS=:removeDesktopShortcut.mst /qr this result in no skype plugin manager, no toolbar, no ie and ff addon
  17. What's the need of that ping >nul 2>&1 ? and for the cache.ini and wlc*.tmp, do I let them in my msi source folder ?
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