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  1. Dear friend Nuhi , how have you been. I,m working on some videos and I need to talk to you , You know how to contact me One love Puck Channel48
  2. Nuhi ..how are you doing..long time .. After the first leaks came onto the net of Windows 8 build 7950 , i was of course curious to see if i could still make it lite..and yes i could.. Today i test the Dev test edition..the one MS Trow on the Net for every internet user to download as an Mp3 with not even a registration or what so ever..and that while they made a BIG deal of it..when guys showed the leaked 7950 on Youtube and many lost their channel because of that , and now this? Anyway i could load the Win 8 iso i urared to an folder and removed the things i could remember and at the rebuild proces i got 2 errors one was error 18 , and the others will show in the video .. I just continue and now i,m building the iso and will test it to see what went wrong and if the thing even runs.. I will post the Vlite file here later cause i,m on another laptop now. Any of you guys tried to make it LITE and NUHI..Good job as always.
  3. Go to systemsettings /advance settings and choose for best performance.. You will now have the classic theme for windows 7 Good luck!
  4. Open Vlite -READ FILES TO HARDDISK AND then open this preset file and just hit apply !! Have fun ! O yea this version is 3 cd splittable. And for 256mb ram Pc pentium 3 Last_Session.ini
  5. Just split the image..and burn it to 3 cd's. Good luck
  6. i think you have problem becuse you think you are a super hacker and you are a little bit gay .... when the only thing you do is using a program that you dont know how to use that another one have made ... lol a little bit Gay? Your a silly funny guy You sure have issues mate If you dont know the answer for the error..then never mind ! ! No need to get mean !
  7. i just hear from msfn worker its piracy to talk about things like this.. I hear
  8. Ofcourse we did that first .. I,,m wondering what your reply can help to solve this problem . Wondering what point Mr Knowitall wants to make here.
  9. How did you delete it ? Did you edit the iso file and what program did you do it with? Because i deleted the file aswel and did that with power iso and then burned the bootable iso.. It did not help in anyway to delte the file..so i,m wondering how you did it
  10. Yea then we have Nlite Vlite nd 7lite yehaaa!!!!
  11. HEre it is .. Thanks ! Last_Session_u.ini
  12. Ok Guys my final repport is here.. I could edit the iso with vlite but that would result in the error you see above in the picture that user posted..thank you thats the error i get aswel when i edit the win7 build 6956 with Vlite. Now i have 2 test pc's one is a tower i build a dual AMD 4600 with 1 gig memory. The other is a Compaq EPC Evo d512 with 2500mhz pentium processor. and 512mb ram Vlite helped me in some way read what happend In the compaq i had no DVD drive so i tought to be smart and selected in vlite only to create a bootable iso splitted in 5 cd's Because i was tired of the waisting of disck i burned only disk 1 of 5. and booted..let me give you some more history on this case. I have a usb dvd drive i can connect to the compaq and normaly i always install the OS this way but now when i inserted the full dvd of WIn7 build 6956 i get error code 5 at boot..cannot boot code 5- The same Dvd however booted without a problem on my second test pc the AMD dual 4600mhz and installed fine. I was like what the hell is the code 5 i get and booted with the disk 1 of 5 created with vlite and it booted just fine in the compaq. Ready to go an burn Disk 2 of 5 and i get a error insert correct disk bla bla and then it went back to the menu that say's Do you want to install Win7 ? THe same menu you get if you insert the dvd from Windows - When i saw that i concluded that i need a dvd drive for the compaq and pulled out 1 out of my old laptop. Inserted it and tought oke..now i can boot directly from the dvd cause the disk 1 is spoiled aswel. Booted the compaq with the dvd i get this error again..code 5 cannot boot. So i removed the dvd and inserted the cd 1 of 5 and booted till i get the error again and then it went back to the part..do you want to install win7. At that point i inserted the DVD (full) and clicked install. All went good and Win 7 installed without a problem and now thecompaq runs the 6956 --without this trick i cant see how i otherwise should have done it.. so Vlite helped me in some way ! Thats all for now folks.. Thank you for testing ! Regards Puck
  13. Here is my last preset file Last_Session.ini
  14. Hi all.. I created a lite version of the Windows 7 build 6956 and tought that it would work like a charm just as the windows 7 Lite build 6801 ..but i was wrong. I tried several ways spilled about 5 dvd's and waisted at least 12 hours on thsis (Silly) project i,m on but still i want to know what i,m doing wrong and if its impossible now to get parts out of this build. Maybe some of you guys could tell me what went wrong. Everything goes good..it boots installs well after selecting the drive etc it starts to copy ..then jumps to the next process and then at 100% i get this error "windows could not apply unattend settings during pass (offlineservicing)" Help is needed here from experts..] Hope to hear from you smart guys here..i will post my preset files aswel. Thanks in advance.. Best regards Puck
  15. For now its the one and only antivirus i advise for testing windows seven buil 6801 . Good luck

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