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  1. Thanks for the replies. There are many positive external reviews of the 32-bit to 64-bit XP to Win7 upgrade with PCmover so I am going to give it a shot. I certainly wouldn't make the leap of faith based on the marketing propaganda posted on the LapLink website! When I installed XPize 4.7 I didn't have the option of using XPize 5 since I was running XP SP2 (and not 3). There were just too many horror stories at the time about SP2 to SP3 "upgrades" which went awry and I was not willing to accept that risk. Since I originally posted my questions above, I have learned a bit more about the PCmover process and I think I will be ok with the XPize 4.7 situation. PCmover collects data about one's applications and settings, saves them, and then installs them after Windows 7 has been installed (the new Win7 environment is essentially a clean install at this point). As part of the "move out" process, one has the option of excluding any programs not desired to be transferred to the Win7 machine. As such, I believe if I simply uncheck the XPize 4.7 box during this step of the program, I should be fine as nothing related to the program should then transfer when the "move in" process occurs. Of course, if things get ugly I will wipe clean and perform a conventional clean install... my applications, settings, etc. require significantly more than an hour to reload and get up and running! Additional thoughts welcomed and appreciated.
  2. As I mentioned, I plan to use PCmover Upgrade Assistant because, as you allude to, Microsoft did not provide a clean path for its XP base. Details at: http://www.laplink.com/pcmover/pcmoverupgradeassistant.html Still looking for answers to my questions. Thanks,
  3. Sometime over the next couple of weeks I plan to upgrade my machine from XP Pro 32-bit to Windows 7 64-bit. I also plan to utilize the PC Mover "Upgrade Assistant" program from Laplink so all of my current settings, etc., will carry over after Win7 is installed. My primary reason for using PC Mover is so I won't have to reinstall most of my programs. I have been using XPize 4.7 for several months and have the following questions: 1) Is there any reason to uninstall XPize 4.7 prior to the upgrade event? 2) If I were to uninstall XPize 4.7 in the next few days (well prior to the upgrade event), what risks, if any, might I encounter with my XP Pro 32-bit environment? I assume it would simply revert back to its graphical state prior to when I installed XPize 4.7, but are there any "gotchas" I should be aware of? 3) For one running Win7 64-bit... are there any advantages in installing an appropriate build of XPize (or does Win7 take care of all the deficiencies XPize was addressing in XP and perhaps Vista)? Thanks for the direction,
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